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  1. madime39

    sub pay W-2

    I wondered the same thing yesterday, never saw anything about this at Livonia.
  2. madime39

    Rumor mill

    I was shown that exact same image (cracked screen and all) at Livonia. Was told it's from FRAP.
  3. madime39

    Verizon Discount

    They'll set it up if you go in to a store, or you can call them and they'll do it over the phone. You just have to send them a copy of your paystub.
  4. madime39

    Sub pay

    While I agree with the sub pay debacle, you don't have to contribute, just opt out. It's bullshit that we have to do that now.
  5. madime39

    3 day rule

    Pretty sure it would depend on the infraction.
  6. madime39

    Definition please

    This isn't related to bonuses. Is TLO considered active? Are you "active" for any length of time if you're placed on ILO? I'm just wondering if it's actually written somewhere.
  7. madime39

    Definition please

    I am reading the contract and don't see anything in it that actually defines "Active Employee" or more specifically "on the active employment roll". I have all volumes of Agreement books, as well as Letter of Understanding, going back to 1987 and none of them actually define those terms. We all know everything in these book is "up for interpretation". Anyone know how/where I could get a definitive answer? I know I'll get the suggestion to ask at the plant - that hasn't worked. Thanks in advance.
  8. madime39

    2015 Ford $70,000 retirement incentive

    Everyone that is ELIGIBLE for a buyout will get details in the mail.
  9. madime39

    Livonia Trans

    It's not bad at all. Last week they canvassed people to take unpaid (no sub/no unemployment) time off, this week and next. Never heard of them doing that in all my time with Ford.
  10. madime39

    Retirement Incentive

    Committee man I talked to today said we probably won't hear more until after the first of the year.
  11. madime39

    No profit sharing if on medical leave???

    He'll get profit sharing, it just won't be as much as if he had worked the entire year.
  12. madime39

    More TLO's coming up at MAP

    I can't remember exactly where I read it in the contract, but it was my understanding that TLOs are eligible for any signing bonus if you are on the active roster WITHIN 90 days of ratification, as in 90 days prior OR 90 days after. No?
  13. madime39

    Changing of Veterans Day holiday

    That's how I took it as well, just worded poorly.
  14. madime39

    Surprise Surprise!

    Considering that they "voted" on Wednesday AND handed out the highlights to members (and the media) the same day, I'd say you're right - it's been done for weeks.
  15. madime39

    UAW managed health care

    Turkeys? What turkeys? lol