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  1. https://www.cummins.com/engines/cummins-67l-turbo-diesel-2019 Both configurations have the same block in CGI. Some 60 lb less. To carry more weight and use less diesel.......💪
  2. They are poured at the Typy Saltillo foundry in Mexico by High Tech from Sintercast Sweden. The markets only reliable CGI. Same CGI as Cummins use in their 5 l V8 and Ford use in 6.7 Power Stroke and 2,7 and 3.0 EcoBoost engines with CGI. The market is growing https://www.sintercast.com/market/sintercast-passenger-vehicles
  3. https://www.hdrams.com/2019/01/13/introducing-the-new-2019-ram-2500-3500-heavy-duty/ Will Ford be able to reply with its 935 lb/ft ? GM is lost behind with their antique greyiron Duramax 6600 with 910 lb/ft
  4. It would fit perfect in a F-150 as it´s spreadning in the Fords family. Good for Swedish Sintercast that has it´s CGI under the hood in this engine that originally came in 2017 just för Lincoln Continenal
  5. CGIron

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Can this thread return to topic "New Ford 7.0 L." ? Or is it lost for other drivelineissues? What about the mill?
  6. CGIron

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    " getting a little ridiculous. " 💪 Use a mirror
  7. CGIron

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    I think if it´s going to be multi purpose, to Superduty trucks and high performance Mustangs and Raptors it might share the CGI-block with those more than 80 % of NASCARs that´s racing with it. With CGI you can make a smaller block with the same displacement If it will have some true potential as a racer too it will be CGI. The estimated production numbers at 125.000 annually are to big for just being used by Super Dutys Nut pure speculation
  8. CGIron

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Back to an old question. As Ford's use of CGI has been growing over the past several years. Both the 6.7L Powerstroke V8 diesel and the 2.7L EcoBoost V6 petrol feature CGI blocks. Is there any possibility for Ford to cast this new 7.3L block in strong, light-weight, CGI? Are there any signs of new machining lines? https://www.svtperformance.com/threads/update-return-of-the-pushrod-fords-new-7-3l-engine-is-actually-an-ohv-v8.1160212/
  9. CGIron

    F-150 with a new engine making 44 mpg

    You are like the old countrywoman that on her first visit at Zoo watching a giraffe and said " such animals doesn´t exist" Watch the video and understand that modern tech like the Eaton TVS air pump and the Sintercast CGI in the block didn´t exist 70 years ago. 90% reduction in NOx and a 15–20% fuel efficiency improvement. doesn´t sound like MORE emissions right? There´s a new sheriff in town.
  10. Is it Ford that´s behind this lines about " OEM is tooling up" or is it just a coincidence that Achates picked a F-150 to install their new engine in? https://www.wardsauto.com/engines/achates-opposed-piston-engine-makers-tooling and https://www.motortrend.com/news/at-least-one-automaker-plans-to-produce-an-opposed-piston-engine/ First drive. Listen to the SOUND https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usmauFigpzk Massive roar without sound of strokes 😲 270 hp, 479 lb/ft , 44 mpg with diesel and 37 mpg on petrol, cheaper to produce, lighter. less parts. So what are we waiting for?
  11. CGIron

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Remember that with presumably CGI in the blocks the length can be made smaller due to the thinner but stronger cylinderwalls . Hope for a official debute soon.
  12. from Mike Levines Twitter ( Ford North America Product Communications manager. ) "The mighty 2.7-liter EcoBoost is the top-selling F-150 engine - out of six engine choices!" ---- with CGI in the block, same as PS 6.7. and the new 3 l diesel V6
  13. CGIron

    Info on new gas engine???

    https://www.svtperformance.com/forums/threads/update-return-of-the-pushrod-fords-new-7-3l-engine-is-actually-an-ohv-v8.1160212/ Smaller in size, may fit in more enginebays.
  14. http://​​​​​​​https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/2020-ram-cummins-to-get-a-cgi-block.482/ This engine may have superior facts. The blocks will be poured at the Tupy Saltillo foundry in Mexico. Will the current Super Duty Power Stroke follow by upgrading?
  15. The company said workers likely would end up with less time off this summer to make up for the shutdown. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2018/05/16/ford-restarting-f-150--super-duty-production-ahead-of-schedule.html Up and running tomorrow