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  1. When is build out for current mustang ? When will orders for 2015 be built?
  2. Could you check on status of my 2013 Explorer - Thanks ! 1FM5K7D88DGC90263
  3. W84Me

    A New Low at Chicago Assembly!

    musical chairs 2013 edition
  4. W84Me

    What is this?? Anyone Know

  5. W84Me

    testing for flat rock

    if anything like Louisville. They over manned all 3 shifts with new hires but they dropped like flies when the line speed took off
  6. W84Me

    new to this forum and Vin number trail please

    Wow a Shelby 500 & a Cmax quite a pendulum swing in your garage :-)
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    This week on the Leno Show there will be a "green" race involing only the hybrids that will be built at MAP. Ford landed a BIG gig with publicty & perhaps MAP might get some air-time :happy feet: :hyper:
  8. W84Me

    2010 Fusion 81.5 mpg

    What? :shrug:
  9. W84Me

    Sold out ????

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    DTP Email

  11. What's your seniority?
  12. W84Me

    AAI News

    Was'nt invited to the party, What 's that about? :stats: