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  1. dave91gt

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Beat me to it. Evan Smith has already started swapping one before its even released to the public. Tell me Ford isn't behind the scenes on this one? That fits in there as easy as the Windsor in my own FoxBody.
  2. Funny how many forums that mule has reached. Ford got their moneys worth with that abomination. The Jeep JL forum is talking about it in their “Looks like Ford is serious with the Bronco” thread.
  3. Not a bad idea imo. GM has the Trailboss and it’s the least ugly of their new trucks. Watched an off-road review and it actually has some performance. Not Raptor performance but the clearance and traction for hunting leases or mild off-roading many do. I see more of them than any of the other versions. Lots of owners throw a leveling kit and off-road accessories on their trucks. I am one of them. Ford would be smart to have it as an option. Really glad they are doing the Super Duty.
  4. Seemed to be a good comparison test. We are a Ford-first family (two Super duties and two fox body Mustangs currently) with two Wranglers. One is a 2018 Wrangler JLU that will likely get replaced by a Bronco. The other is the wife's favorite- her 98 TJ. Anyway, regarding refinement of Jeeps Pentastar, I'm mixed. It does deliver pretty good overall power, the 8 speed auto is decent. But the programming is not what Id call exactly smooth . The engine feels at times like it goes through stages of power delivery that isn't linear and the transmission will hold gears at times before commanding an upshift. It delivers pretty good mpg though. Its the rest of the Jeep we have issues with. Love the interior layout and seats. But the hardtop squeaks, the radio has blinked out multiple times, and the steering is horrible. As in her 98 Wrangler steers better. Lots of wandering issues and death wobble (at 5400 miles). Jeep has a ton of documented quality concerns and all of ours are on that list. Ford did good getting this version of the Wrangler to market as a stopgap until the next iteration comes out. I would expect it will address a lot of the concerns noted in this comparison. Id bet a Raptorized version will be out as there is a market for it. AND I would expect a second and maybe a third engine option. Imagine a 2.7 in a Ranger? That would be stupid fun.
  5. I am split on the whole SFA/IFS direction. We have two Wranglers in our household. Both lifted. The first is a 98 TJ with a 4" lift and the other is a 2018 JLU with a Mopar lift. Jeep has a well documented issue with their SFA and death wobble, steering wandering, etc. They have numerous "fixes" in the pipeline. Ours has already received a new stabilizer shock and a tracbar. With 6,000 miles on it- and prelift. Big forum argument about the Bronco right now. Several owners are chomping at the bit to see it. They want the "lifestyle" vehicle but don't need the hardcore capability of the SFA.
  6. My personal thoughts on the Bronco: Chevy just reintroduced the "blazer". Which turned out to be just another crossover. Its $52K for the TFL video example- and its an Edge competitor. At least with the Edge ST in that price range, you get a niche with the performance crowd. The Wrangler is unchallenged. My wife has a 98 TJ that she adores. Its lifted and a really clean example of a TJ. We tried the JKU back in 2010. She didn't like it. We are in the market now for her a daily driver and she really wanted to like the JLU, but kept asking about the Bronco. Unfortunately we cant wait and it looks like an Edge ST is in our future (not a bad choice). I have been following a YouTube channel called "litebrite". Its a married couple that has been chronicling their JLU through various build stages and they then go to all sorts of trails. They drive this Jeep on 38's all over the place. They wheel it (hard) and in most episodes its a whole community of cult Jeepers. They beat the snot of these things. Flexing them over rocks, going through mud, snow, etc. Ford doesn't have that vehicle- yet. To really invigorate this base and attract Jeep folks, it needs to be relatable. A modern day Jeep is honest. It has a fancier interior but getting out of a TJ and sitting in a JL, you know you are in a Wrangler and not a Grand Cherokee. Ford needs to appeal to that market. It should be a throwback shape with good departure and break over angles and class leading ground clearance. It doesn't need to be exotic inside. Any ecoboost V6 will already destroy the Pentastar. But above all else, in my opinion, it needs the strength and simplicity of solid axles front and rear that can take abuse for those that want to really wheel it. Not a poser. You cant take an explorer and drag it off boulders like you can a Wrangler. Ford seems to be "getting it" lately so I am optimistic they don't waste the opportunity. The Expedition and Navigator have hit the marks they needed to hit. The 7.3 pushrod motor has sparked a resurgence on every enthusiast site I frequent. Its the holy grail of the motor world right now and it hasn't even been dropped between the fenders of anything yet. The Edge ST is awesome and the new Explorer looks strong with a full frame and RWD architecture. Maybe Ford has found a way to appeal to all sides. I just hope the Bronco retains an honest image and capability and they don't try to appeal to everyone. If they do, it will not excel in the core market they need to hit.
  7. I had a 2013 Raptor with an MBRP exhaust. It was burly sounding. It also ran strong. Went to trade on a new 18 Raptor (long story- wife and I were trading the Raptor and her Expedition in on one vehicle as I received a company car). All was good until the test drive. Had the family of 4 in the new one and while it ran good, the sound didn’t fit the presence of the truck. If it would have had a quiet exhaust, maybe I could have convinced myself to spend $75k. Ended up buying a loaded F250 diesel. For far less money im personally stoked about a “big block” pushrod motor hitting the lineup. Yes, the example they are building is tuned for heavy truck use. But being pushrod, it’s a cam and intake change away from turning it into a stronger motor suitable for performance. I built a 351W to replace my 302 in my 91 Mustang. The stock from Ford 351 was also tuned for truck use. Guess what? I changed heads, cam, intake, exhaust and I tell you it’s stupid fast for such easy changes. This motor (7.3) has a forged crank and 6 bolt mains. The heads have to flow well. So, the architecture is there for easy changes to move the powerband around. Even the LS guys on the Sloppy Mechanics FB page are excited to get their hands on it. Not that they are an authority but the LS has a cult following due to their simplicity and affordability. This 7.3 may give us Ford fans a way back into the same grassroots conversations. It’s undeniable a used Coyote motor is at least 4x the cost on average compared to a LS. Then to swap into our older Ford’s is a challenge due to space and controls. Let alone hot rod it before the swap. And then there’s the Hemi. A buddy has a 71 Duster. Pulled a 150k Hemi out of a Ram and changed the cam and valvesprings (cheap). Dropped it in, upped injectors, added a cheap China turbo, and tunes it himself with a $500 microsquirt. Put down over 800 hp and runs 5.90’s in the eighth. He drives it everywhere in the summer. He has spare motors he has been hoarding and got them cheap. That market has went away for some of us Ford guys and arguably we started it with the old 5.0 motors. Ford really gave it away to GM and Chrysler starting with the 4.6. Im not saying the current Mustang isn’t competitive- the new 5.0 has shown it’s capable. Ford has nailed it with their OHC program and ecoboosts. But they have left a void for a large group of customers that enjoy the torque rich nature of a pushrod motor and the simplicity of maintenance and modifying. I say offer both the pushrod motor in a performance variant for the Raptor and Mustang along with their current offerings and let us choose. I’d buy a Raptor in a heartbeat if it had a V8 again.
  8. dave91gt

    2020 Silverado HD

    We test drove a used Taurus SHO at a local Chevy dealer last week. We were in our 18 F250 Lariat. Salesman was all over it as we were checking out the SHO. As we were test driving, I asked him how the new 1500's were selling. He admitted they haven't been doing well. They are selling a ton of the older body styles due to lots of cash on the hood. I asked if he saw pics of the 2500's and he said he was worried. I admit, I do not mind the side profile so much (1500's). They rounded the fender-wells some. But to see that grill and front style in person it is just ugly and mismatched. Its like they started at the rear and when they got to the front, they just started stretching body and trim panels to make them attach. The whole truck doesn't strike you as a GM in person. At least it didn't me. They had a black trail boss and the black hid the ugly better than other colors. I don't think there will be enough black on a 2500 to make that front end tolerable. ALL of my GM buddies are shaking their heads. Even the diehards.
  9. dave91gt

    Best one-ton review

    Ok- so I cant figure out how to post a link. Its in the "tag"
  10. We bought a new 18 F250 Lariat Ultimate PSD last month. And I tell you- its the nicest vehicle we have owned. While I will likely never test its max towing abilities, I hate to see reviews like this.
  11. dave91gt

    '18 EcoSport Reviewed

    Not a flattering review for a vehicle Ford is planning to be one of their entry level vehicles.
  12. In a society today where everybody wants to protest and resist- I'm not surprised. Personally- an automaker would be foolish in any environment to not offer consumers options around fuel mileage and capability. It is a consumer driven market period. Innovation will always exist (as it always has) due to competition. The funny part about the Excursion- we had an 01 4X4 Limited with the 7.3. It got an honest 20 mpg on long trips. It was comfortable, safe, and capable. Yes- I understand that's not the only measure of efficiency and environmental impact but nevertheless it was what it was. Again- my 0.02- I don't want the government dictating what I drive. I have been overseas and have seen all of the little econoboxes roaming the highways. Didn't see a single one pulling a 40ft fifth wheel. We have a Japanese coordinator with us for 3 years. I helped him pick his vehicle- he wanted an F150 badly. So got him hooked up with a 2016 Screw 4X4 Sport. He loves it and says he honestly considered trying to ship it back when he goes. But- the cost is too high.
  13. dave91gt

    2019 Ram 1500

    Ram definitely has my attention. They have quietly smacked GM in the face with better small details in their redesign. While the design is pretty conservative, their front end doesn't look like a geometrically challenged project (new Silvy) I can see GM struggling to compete honestly. Ford? If I were designer for a day- Make the FX4 relevant as a Rebel and Trail Boss contender. More lift, larger tires, etc. Make it cost competitive. No chrome- Sport package inspired. A true bad a$$ macho look. All about the stance and off-road capability on a budget Bring back the 6.2 as an option. Its already in their portfolio. While I am a huge EB fan, I get stoked when I fire off the 6.2 in my 13 Raptor (MBRP catback). Couldn't imagine the fun with the 10 speed. The 5.0 is competitive but the 6.2 has down low grunt Consider boosting the 5.0 instead of the 6.2 option. Imagine 500 easy hp While the back seat is very roomy, add the reclining feature. Nice touch for those of us with kids. My Raptor already dwarfs the wife's 15 Expy for rear seat room. The reclining feature would just be icing Improve marketing. Ford hasn't really had to do much here so they play it safe. Show some burnouts, off road crawling with mud slung up the sides, pulling a heavy boat up the interstate. You know- America.
  14. dave91gt


    As a Ford guy- my personal opinion is that this is overall the best looking Silverado in several model launches. I think they went very "un-Chevy" with the update and in some cases went over the top. I like the Trailboss idea. I had a 14 F150 with the appearance package and literally did the same thing. Front level with Duratracs. Race Red with black wheels and I always said Ford should offer that option. I am also shocked they went rogue and chose an inline 6 instead of a v6 for their diesel. That could be popular with the Cummins crowd. Their dashboard I think is putrid. The front end in some pictures is ok until you look at all of the geometric shapes going on. Its like they started with a bumper, hood, and headlights and pretty much stretched everything to fit. But in some colors and configurations it blends in. I think Ford builds the best trucks and only wish they offered a tougher version as an option besides the Raptor available with a reasonable price tag. The Trailboss will draw lots of people into the showroom if they price it right. So many new 1/2 tons are so low it looks like they will scrape the airdam on a speed bump. That's fine for the general buyer but some of us (me included) want something more bold out of the showroom without Raptor pricing (or capability for that matter). I drive a 13 Raptor and I really don't need a baja truck to drive to work but like the ground clearance and 6.2 V8. The past two F150's I had prior to this were leveled with larger tires. In my humble opinion- the FX4 should be a real off-road option similar to the trailboss. 2" higher with 34" BFG AT's and Bilstein shocks.