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  1. Or maybe it is just this http://www.autoblog.com/2012/05/17/apple-granted-patent-for-steering-wheel-controls-to-curb-distrac/
  2. Didn't see anyone else post but there are links for the new ads on a website called "AutoAdOpolis.com"
  3. Richard, were you meaning that the ES doesn't share it's greenhouse with the Camry?? Cause every ES I have ever seen has had the same greenhouse shape/design as its plebian Camry cousin...Just wondering what you meant.
  4. I wish they would get rid of the "Flying M" and bring back the Mercury Head logo. Not that this would spark much business...But would to me look a lot better!!
  5. JShrave

    mkx spied with interior

    Could the Volume and Fan controls be touch-sensitive?