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  1. And it snowed in duluth minn again on may 19th...i think we now have a trend that the atmosphere has behaved badly over a long period of time and is now cooling...nasa data seems to even support that
  2. 24mpg is good in fact really good....i average about 14mpg now.....we took delivery of our 19 3 days ago....20 is being discussed....issues in the fleet is power steering system failure....1800 clams for a 50 clam sensor.....you are stuck buying the whole system as no aftermarket yet and ford wont sell just a sensor......we are hearing from others of same issue....threw all parts in box as we were told recall maybe coming soon....i can tell you the panthers we just ran until they wore out.....explorers have done ok but minor stuff like peeling door interior panels....carbon monoxide issue...awd clutch pack issue...power steering unit...not bad really with all the abuse they suffer every day......we are completly phasing out all mopars....top end oil issues (non HEMI engine) being biggest issue on mopars (cam bearings)...cramped interior common complaint...mopar is just a huge headache in the fleet
  3. You do know it snowed 11" in duluth minnestoa on may 9th????...is crazy mary blaming global warming for causing a cooling effect now???
  4. those kali growers can grow some dam fine sensimilla...i will give the peoples republic that
  5. Me as well....last i heard uaw guys are telling customers to buy wranglers....
  6. Our 2015 focus transmission just bit the dust....but ford only sells trucks....rav 4 in driveway soon.....i still have 2 rangers left.....low mile...one going to be traded in soon for f150 or ram.....will never buy another ford car but ford kinda seen to that....ford really screwed the pooch on that transmussion...30k on our focus and transmussion is gone...
  7. Sadly when one thinks hybrids its yota...ford is not even on the radar of those seeking hybrids....and yes the current prius design is hellish looking...
  8. Bob i respect all your insights in regards to what is reality on dealer lots and dealer frustrations...but i would never push these small trucks for there towing ability....they will pull a small trailer with mulch but load them up with a couple dirtbikes and gear and it is quickly becomes apparent a limit has been reached...the taco is just as bad as is anything relative size related (think 4 runner)....yes the f150 and tundra are impressive with towing...but hitch up a tow hauler and u realize you are in need of f250 or larger..summary, i would not purchase the ranger or taco for towing ability..gear and dirt bike they do fine....add trailer and more gear and bikes and its a white knuckle trip to the trail for either truck.....
  9. I think there is concern about the asian ranger...otherwise the entire ford marketing team in charge of promoting this truck needs terminated...the asian truck us not a taco killer..may be when we get a real ranger it might be
  10. Meh...ford pushes the turbos and the coyote issues are well known.....not surprising....$5 gas is on the horizon and many will soon wonder why the hell ford ended fiesta production....
  11. I have yet to even see one...the ones i have seen advertised are over $40k...that may be a contributing factor.....
  12. They insist on this...lets see how far ford can go down that rabbit hole.. Ps...looks like feces....no other way to describe that feces....
  13. Broncho scout is rumored to have a chebby sourced motor.....just what i heard
  14. Taco buyers dont care about anything on the ford lot....how they can still sell $40k wranglers also fits into this mindset...ranger should have stayed buried until they were ready to release a usa spec vehicle as going forth as what we have now will forever remain on the minds of small useless truck shoppers...in summary yota luvs you...ford not so much....summary continuation, yota buyers will continue to buy a second rate taco and still be able to smile.....wranglers buyers will freeze to death in a wrangler and smile about rain dripping on them at other times....ranger buyers will never understang these why's of these universe truths in regards to taco and wrangler buyers...
  15. Navistar and scout light line own the scout name...i doubt u see a BRONCHO Scout....i give ford credit here.....just putting scout out there alongside BRONCHO has seriously driven up interest........BRONCHO WAS IH'S name for bronco in 1964.....it rhymes with rauncho.....evidently inside IH it was refered to as BRONCHO for quite a few years...and that is some legit historical trivia from one of the scout forums