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  1. Ram doing just fine.... some issues on 8 speed auto reported but its kinda expected on initial release (ford has there issues as well)...53:1 crawl ratio is nice with 8 speed but i would still opt for a leftover 2018 w/6sp auto...but guys are luvin the 8sp who have em........what the real gripe is lately is dial type auto trans coming in 2020....i am kinda anxious to see what they put on theTRX though...may end up cutting into craptor sales..... i have not seen as ugly a chebby truck since the mid 80's...chebby needs truck guys (and gals) and its obvious some worthless committee was involved in that truck design Big change for ram is all new eco diesel....should be a significant upgrade for towing which previous small diesel lacked
  2. Should have reached for the ultimate insult...mullet heads would be explodin if they grafted a camero body on the bronc frame....prolly would have increased camero sales cause its way mo better than is what chebby currently builds...could have gotten out of the trailer park without scrapping the floorboardz too...
  3. snooter

    New Escape

    Looks mazda 3ish.....
  4. Any possibity or thoughts to a bronc Cyclone??? (Just leave raptor to f150 - why muddle the name)....it would work with a cale yarborough theme or are the broncs only to be limited to those that actually drove the bronc??..really none of those names have little or any household recognition (outside stroppes i cant name a one)....i know chebby had used "syclone" in the past but may be that would not cause any internal conflicts for reuse of the Cyclone name....would also like to see a unique black color called "leaded black".....
  5. snooter

    And the GT500 is how much?

    Wow....but if the market forces tolerate it then well capitalism...i will move on down the road personally to chebby...heard the silverado aint sellin well....
  6. snooter

    And the GT500 is how much?

    Not a 1 of em will be left rustin on the dealer lot....
  7. I would have hoped they would have left raptor to f150...the is no raptor named historical basis for bronc like the Stropps Baja broncs and the Denver Bronc speshuls later on....last thing i want to see stickered all over a bronc is raptor lick and stick.....i aint ever buying a full size bronc again either (rode and drove like hell - when discontuned in 97 it was the right decision by ford to move on)..if ford has already morphed the bronc into after 77 size they can stuff it.....we will stick with our wranglers and the scout.... never going down the full size bronc rabbit hole ever again (ate front end parts faster then any truck based vehicle i had ever owned-undersized junk parts from the get go).....best left for the mudder crowd..useless on tight trails....almost assured a useless committee has decided to use raptor...probably not a dam one of em has any idea of bronc history...or even over 25 years of age...ask em..they know everything bestus for ford yet not a dam one of em could even put a lug nut on with the line rollin...keep bronc true to form ford...useless rant off
  8. None...u dont buy a wrangler for its power...inline 6 in a wrangler and it would still keep the heep fans happy and the line moving..we will soon know what market ford intends to chase with the bronc...not completly convinced it will be a wrangler buyer...
  9. No 2 door...looks 300ish...Mirada front grill would be the sure winner
  10. Prolly no chance in hell they put in a v6 or a v8
  11. how did that ever get approved for publication???...electric cars are a good thing in the metro areas....self driving makes me want a f450 for the inevitable impact...i fully intend to be able to walk away...the author seems to want gov't mandates to force technology he deems appropriate..he obviously thinks centralized gov't is the answer..stalin offers his approval to this approach.....id have more respect for the author if he would have just come out and admitted he likes centralized gov't...but hey, people took mein kampf as gospel
  12. Beacuse saudi ships oil west thru there pipeline to red sea ports...capacity issue and remainder leaves on tankers in persian gulf..philly was rumored to being permantly shut down..it was factored into the market before the spolshin...bottom line is no spike in gas price
  13. No its not...but 70%+ of saudi heavy crude (called sour in trade - expensive to process) goes to asian markets....asian markets would collapse...kiss your 401k goodbye...the scout gets feed WTI (aka sweet) dino shell 20w50...the dinos in texas (and pennsylvania) must have been well fed.....my Beta gets fed Motul synthetic....if there is disruption trucks are going to sit and get real cheap quickly...orange man is aware of this
  14. snooter

    Camaro may go on hiatus.

    As it should be...price out a mullearo and you are close enuff in price to a vette its just not worth plopping the cash down...may be chebby can hack the back off and give us a new el camino to keep it going