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  1. Albertabound

    2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve

    Hi escape man Interior is Capacino and goes well with 2 tone dash and material on doors. Only problem is light coloured has tendency to stain from dark colored Jean's etc so had protection package put on inside. Yesterday had stone and paint film placed on front, hood and mirrors as we get sand and gravel on roads with snow storms up here. We just drove 45 minutes on highway into Calgary and the vehicle drove like a dream. Previous vehicle MKC and one before MKX and neither can compare to this one
  2. Albertabound

    2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve

    Cyberman A large thank-you for hanging in there with us until we took delivery of the Nautilus today after ordering it on June 27. We felt like you should have been there with us when we took delivery after everything you did to help us out
  3. Albertabound

    2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve

    VIN:2LMPJ8LP5KBL15302 BUMP Dealer has given no further info. Once again Thank-you.for doing this and dealing with my frustration
  4. Finally got notification that my Nautilus was placed on shipping dock on Dec-13 and ETA is Jan-3-2019. When I get it will check the build date sticker to see if this is the vehicle produced on Oct 23 or a different vehicle, particularly as Lincoln Concierge notified me the vehicle was in production last week.
  5. Albertabound

    2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve

    VIN: 2LMPJ8LP5KBL15302 Oh where oh where has my Nautilus gone Oh where oh where can it be Produced on Oct 23 And seems to have run free Sorry for the attempt at humour Any further information. Thank you for bearing with me
  6. My Nautilus Reserve was produced on on Oct 23 and nothing. Dealer had no information. Finally last week I contacted Lincoln Concierge as I was going to cancel order. Last Wed they advised that vehicle was in production. Don't know if this is to fix problems or to start over again. Was advised that they would monitor the situation and would advise when vehicle was in transit. Also Lincoln extended free maintenance for additional 2 years for inconvenience.
  7. I hope that your build and delivery goes much better than mine has. Ordered Nautilus Reserve with everything but towing and DVD in late June. Vehicle was produced on October 23 and then appears to have vanished. Dealership; and Lincoln Area Rep have said they are actively working on it but so far nothing. Finally contacted Lincoln Concierge last Friday and they said they will do their best to get me info by today. Would have cancelled order but received $5971.00 discount when ordered. If nothing by end of week will cancel .
  8. I placed an order for Lincoln Nautilus Reserve with everything on it except towing and DVD in early July and it was produced on Oct 23. Since that time there has been no movement. I know that there is a steady movement of Nautilus vehicles into the three Lincoln dealers in the greater Calgary area so there can't be a hold placed on the Nautilus. My dealer has no information and supposedly has asked the Area Lincoln Rep to get more info but that was a week ago. I am worried that some serious problems have been found and don't want a Lemon on my hands. I am thinking of cancelling the order but am wondering if others have run into this type of situation and what was the outcome.
  9. Albertabound

    2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve

    VIN: 2LMPJ8LP5KBL15302 Bump for any movement Thank-You
  10. Albertabound

    2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve

  11. Albertabound

    2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve

    *VIN: 2LMPJ8LP5KBL15302 BUMP : For any updates Thank-you
  12. Still only getting the first post. I spent a couple of hours experimenting with a number of walkarounds but had no luck.
  13. Albertabound

    2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve

    Thank-you once again.
  14. Albertabound

    2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve

    VIN: 2LMPJ8LP5KBL15302 BUMP, Please.