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  1. I made a mistake! Our Excursion is actually a 2004, not 2005. Will the 2005 front fit on the 2004? Thanks for the help!
  2. We have a 2005 Ford Excursion (our 2nd excursion) and will never get rid of it. It has low mileage and is great for long drives with the 4 kids. I am hoping someone will easily know if the newer 2006 grille, bumper and fenders will direct bolt onto the 2005, and if the hood also has to be changed. I want to update the front end, and I believe the last year was the 2006. Also, I want to change out the side view mirrors, and was hoping I could put the same mirrors as are on my 2008 F450 SuperDuty. If anyone can help, thanks!
  3. I am going to purchase a 2010 or 2011 Ford Flex AWD-Limited with the V6 Ecoboost. Can anyone help me with a Xplan Pin? My email is vince@reborncabinets.com. I am located in SoCal. Thanks! Vince.
  4. Has anyone out there had any luck raising an 08 F450 and not sacraficing the ride or towing capacity? I would like to raise it 4".
  5. vnardo

    Ordering F450 Time Expectation

    Mine comes in next week, better figure 8 weeks to be sure.
  6. vnardo

    Towing with F250

    Just bite the bullet and invest in a bigger truck like an F450. Don't be such a cheap skate.. :shades:
  7. Is anyone aware of any current issues with the 08 F450? I have one on order and another to order, and I have heard of turbo problems. Is there anything I should be aware of?