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  1. One thing I would like to see changed is vacations . We should be able to use all of our time when we want. If the company chooses to shut down it should be considered no work available and give everyone unemployment. Everyone I talk to agrees . It's their time to use when they want.
  2. bustedknuckles

    Job transfer postings

    The company posted production job openings at Vandyke yesterday. They posted 250 at Chicago, 40 at Lima and , 47 at Romeo .date tbd . Many will just wait at bump to Sterling .Local 228 put out a letter at Sterling to inform low seniority members they can put in for the postings due to layoffs at Vandyke
  3. bustedknuckles

    Skilled Trades assigned to Production Work?

    Not if you've been reduced from trades . I honestly don't know how it would work in a non permanent manner.
  4. bustedknuckles


    I don't have any real issues with most of the contract. My only real bitch is why do they need to pick on trades again? We're not asking for a raise just to keep doing our jobs. But the company and the union want these mechanical teams so that they can cut 1/3 to 2/3 of us.How is that necessary when we're not costing anymore money than we already did? I understand the wage rate and staying competitive but honestly this is a joke. They think that we're stupid and believe that any savings do to efficiencys will not translate to immediate layoffs. The worst part is that we as trades don't even have a real vote . If every trades person company wide said no production can still pass it. I really wish we all had equal representation with the union . This all just gives me nausea .
  5. bustedknuckles

    New Agreement

    I understand times are tough, but the fact that they couldn't do more to guarantee skilled trades doing skilled work and not production is a total joke. We worked long and hard to learn our skills . To throw us in production jobs is an insult. I know many would say at least it's a job . Unfortunately I will probably be forced to adopt that attitude.I will do a job that I'm over qualified for just like so many others on the line already do. I will live with it till my responsibility to my children is done . Once I get to that point I will leave and if it means less money to do a job that uses my skills so be it. Get used to give backs its the way of the future for the union . What matters to them now is increasing memebership and nothing else.
  6. bustedknuckles

    Skilled Trades Going Back To Skilled

    We're screwed, skilled trades is the minority. Production controls the vote and most of them really don't care about us . What the company really wants is trades working the line, and repairing it as well. Now thats cost savings. I hope I have enough time to keep me in the mechanical teams but I'm not counting on it. What I do know is when my kids are done with school and on their own I will jump ship if I'm working production. Until then all I can do is hope for the best , I hope we're all wrong but I doubt it . I really would love to see all trades working in trades. It's not asking for that much is it ? Good luck to all my skilled brothers and sisters.
  7. bustedknuckles

    Equity of Sacrifice Grievance

    I was curious if there has been any further news on the grievance? I'm hoping they have some resolution prior to presenting us with a contract offer.
  8. bustedknuckles

    You are so lucky

    By fascinating you must mean ridiculous , childish , and embarassing . Saddly many of the people on this site reflect very poorly on the majority of good hard working people on Ford's union work force .
  9. bustedknuckles

    prescription co pay increase recently ?

    That explains why the bill would have been $157.00 for 6 tablets. Damn I thought migraine meds were bad. We're in the wrong business the pharmaceutical companies have it going on !
  10. bustedknuckles

    Some people...

    Very well said !
  11. I was curious if anyone has heard about our co-pays increasing for any reason? My wife went to Walgreens yesterday to pick up a prescription for me and the co-pay was $17.00 . I have H.A.P. for my medical and my highest co-pay is supposed to be $11.00 . Also they said H.A.P. would only allow 6 doses in 21 days. I was a bit stunned when she told me " Walgreens just said "we charge what H.A.P. tells us " .
  12. bustedknuckles

    Discussion between Local 228 & 400

    The issue is dead with 2280 memo on the floor as of today says "no deal" It is not in Vandykes best interest so that should end some speculation!
  13. bustedknuckles

    Van Dyke RTU

    I have a friend there that tells me february, alot of equipment still being installed
  14. bustedknuckles

    2 tier wages

    :shades: Thank you, My whole point of this thread is we as Americans need to demand some accountability we are losing our way of life . No matter what the goverment says we can not move on to a service based economy it just isnt feasable .They have given away the farm but still want the produce . I just feel so frustrated by the whole situation . I do not know what it will take to turn the tide but I only can hope it will
  15. bustedknuckles

    2 tier wages

    I make a wage comparable to what my "education level "and experience would bring me in any non union company 20 years of continuing education and experience The only thing that drew me to Ford in the first place was the pension and benefits not to mention no longer traveling all over for service calls. M :reading: y home was a wise choice as for my tesphe it was none the worse I assure you as I have made several very wise investments over the years . I have nearly enough college credits now to qualify for my engineering degree to go along with my associates degree in liberal arts . Also just a little reminder this is an employee forum is it not?