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  1. Audi-Porsche-Lamborghini-Bentley?
  2. papilgee4evaeva

    2020 Ford Explorer

    It's gotten good reviews in isolation, but I haven't yet seen it compared favorably to the 3.3 in the Ford or the 3.6 in the Ram.
  3. papilgee4evaeva

    2020 Ford Explorer

    At this point, offering the 2.3EB in the F150 would look like Ford was copying GM, and I think the Silverado actually hit the point of diminishing returns when it comes to engine downsizing in a fullsize pickup.
  4. papilgee4evaeva

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Probably my least favorite part of this new model is the rear liftgate. It reminds me of a 4Runner or older Highlander. Otherwise, I'm on board. Looking forward to the ST specs... and, of course, pricing.
  5. papilgee4evaeva

    Can we talk tires for a minute? I hate mine.

    We have Goodyear Assurance on our (my wife's) Fusion now. Next time it snows, I'll have to drive her car to see how they do. They've been pretty good in rain, I must say.
  6. papilgee4evaeva

    Atlis electric pickup

    Yeah, right.
  7. Interesting that, despite the RWD underpinnings, AWD is standard.
  8. FCA has only been a thing for 4 years. How disingenuous is this? 🤨 Anyway, good for them, I suppose. Surprised to see Charger actually post an increase YOY.
  9. papilgee4evaeva

    Ever hear of a Toyota Century? Neither have I...

    Interesting that this model is 52 years old but only in its third generation.
  10. papilgee4evaeva

    GM to close Oshawa (Canada) plant

    Noting how almost all the other luxury brands have dropped the SWB versions of their large sedan models in the US in favor of the LWB variants, Cadillac would be following suit in replacing the CT6 with the CT8 Escala. But that's just a wild guess on my part.
  11. papilgee4evaeva

    2020 Silverado HD

    That's the very definition of "butterface."
  12. papilgee4evaeva

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Debuts

    The press release says that these will be the engines available at launch. I'm guessing a true base engine will come later... 2.3EB most likely?
  13. Question: why not install only the more robust 6F50/55 across the board? Is there a technical reason, or is this a cost-saving measure?
  14. papilgee4evaeva

    Edge ST races Focus ST & Fiesta ST

    My fault, then. I'm very sleep-deprived these days. At any rate, I like the idea. The only other mainstream manufacturers that could make a competitor using off-the-shelf parts might be Volkswagen (Tiguan R) and Honda (CRV Type R), and I believe the latter couldn't care less about making a fun CRV. Someone else mentioned that the Kuga was getting the ST-Line treatment across the pond (read: no extra power). That would be a waste of time for our Escape here... either make it hot or don't bother teasing us.
  15. papilgee4evaeva

    Edge ST races Focus ST & Fiesta ST

    All you said was "SUV," though, so...