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  1. I concur with the previous posts regarding the MKC’s THX system. It’s very good. The Revel Ultima system in the MKZ is outstanding and well worth the investment for audiophiles. Quality digital files on USB or Bluetooth are excellent, as is Apple CarPlay. I’m pleased to see that Revel has been made available on the Corsair.
  2. mrgdr57

    2020 Corsair

    I was really happy with my ‘15 MKC. Had I been able to postpone my current purchase until the Corsair became available, I’d have done so. I’m impressed with the interior redesign and my wishlist items (24-way seats, surround-view camera, Revel sound system, 8-speed trans, expanded rear legroom) all came true with the Corsair. A little disappointed that Black Label has been dropped but the Beyond Blue Reserve group is intriguing. Curious to see if there will be additional appearance packages available. If I ever tire of my MKZ, the Corsair is definitely on my list.
  3. White Platinum is still an option. The Ceramic Pearl really goes well with the gray rocker, wheel arch and bumper cladding. Very subtle and with less contrast than WP.
  4. Thanks, Allen! It’s Ceramic Pearl and has quite a gray cast. Seems to look different in varying light sources. I haven’t seen it in bright sun yet. Should bring out more of the pearlescent quality.
  5. With no word on why my father’s ordered Nautilus has been sitting in NoCal since before Thanksgiving; the dealer found a similarly equipped Reserve in Los Angeles. The biggest differences are that it is a 2.0L, not the 2.7L as ordered (and that he previously had in his ‘16 MKX) and the interior is Cappuccino, not Ebony. The alternative vehicle was transported on Saturday and he’s taking delivery today.
  6. Anybody hear anything about delivery holds on Nautilus? Dealer is telling my father that his vehicle is in Petaluma, CA (and has been since before Thanksgiving) but Ford has put a hold on Nautilus and won’t share why, so no explanation for the delay.
  7. Dealership updated my father yesterday on his Nautilus Reserve order. ETA has been pushed from October to November 23. He’s going to have to extend his current ‘16 MKX lease for a second time and has now also had to pay its 2019 CA registration renewal. C’est la vie.
  8. mrgdr57

    Ordered a 2019 Lincoln Nautilus Today

    Howdy back at ya! Hope all is well with you.
  9. mrgdr57

    Ordered a 2019 Lincoln Nautilus Today

    Congratulations! My father just ordered his fourth iteration of the (former) MKX yesterday - a 2019 Nautilus Reserve - FWD 2.7L in Ceramic Pearl and Ebony, Cargo Utility, Driver Assistance and Tech packages. He obviously loves this vehicle and is pretty excited about the 2019 updates vs his 2016 Ruby Red Reserve 2.7L.
  10. Thank you for the Hermosillo update! Got my VIN today and it’s scheduled to day of January 24.
  11. Thank you. Sorry for the late reply. Dealer placed my MKZ order four weeks ago and seemed to be under the impression that an idle at HMO was yet to occur, hence I could anticipate a longer than normal wait for production and delivery.
  12. Anyone have the two-week idle dates that were announced on 9/19 for Hermosillo assembly?
  13. mrgdr57

    Saw a MkC today.

    I got to test drive a preproduction 2.0L AWD MKC a couple of weeks ago and was VERY impressed. I've pretty much decided to order one later this year. Waiting to compare the 2.0L with the 2.3L but I'm leaning toward more power is always preferable and the fuel economy tradeoff is negligible for AWD models with CCD.
  14. mrgdr57

    MKC order guide?

    Thanks for posting. I replied in your new topic in the Lincoln section.