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  1. Rob052067

    2017 Escape Order Guide

    Thumbs up! Very nice to finally see daytime running lights standard!
  2. Rob052067

    2016 Edge Order Guide

    Thumbs up! Very nice to finally see daytime running lights standard! Thumbs down! But, not happy that the only way to get cooled seats is to get a pkg that includes Navigation and Sunroof!
  3. Yes, Ford does now offer incentive protection for custom orders. The dealer does have to note the current incentives at the time the order is placed and request protection. So, if you were told that your incentives are "locked in" when you placed your order, you will still get those incentives at the time of delivery even if the latest incentives have decreased. And, better yet, if there are better incentives available at the time of delivery, you can get those instead.
  4. Rob052067

    Mitt Romney View New York Times

    I rarely, if ever, agree with anything that Mitt Romney has to say, but he does make a good case for (Chapter 11) bankruptcy - if it is done right. KeyPoint: With federal guarantees, Chapter 11 reorganization could work out well for Detroit in the long run. But, without federal assistance, the likely result would be Chapter 7 liquidation. *********************************************** Beyond the conservative ideology that favors free market forces above all else, regardless of the outcome, it seems to me that the Republicans in Congress are eager to see Detroit fail, if for no other reason than it will put a nail in the coffin of organized labor. Regardless of all past mistakes by the Big 3, I believe the only real reason they are in such dire straights today is directly the result of the financial and credit crises. The auto industry is completely reliant on their customer's ability to access credit in order to sell their products. When customer's can't get loans, the auto companies cannot sell vehicles. It's that simple. Detroit is spending their cash reserves just to keep the lights on, and federal loans would help them stay in operation until the credit market improves and consumer confidence is restored. That would be my preference, but I can see Romney's side too.
  5. Rob052067

    Seen a flex on TV

    I've seen a Flex on Fringe a couple of times. Also saw one last night on Desperate Housewives. Toyota seems to be aggressive with product placement these days, too. But, they have gone a little overboard this season by having the FBI use new Sequoias on Bones and Prison Break. I could be wrong, but I think the federal government only buys domestics.
  6. Rob052067

    2009 Escape & 2009 Escape Hybrid Price Increases

    Looks like FordVehicles.com is about to update the Escape page with 2009 info - could be any day now. The title of the webpage across the top of my browswer says "2009", but the details on the page are still for the '2008' model. I've seen this before in past model year changeovers, and it's not long after the new year starts showing up in the page title, that the page actually gets updated. http://www.fordvehicles.com/suvs/escape/
  7. Rob052067

    2009 Escape & 2009 Escape Hybrid Price Increases

    Ice, are you able to confirm if the Mariner prices have also increased?
  8. Rob052067

    2009 Escape and Mariner

    You can build and price 2009 Escapes & Mariners on KBB.com. http://www.kbb.com/kbb/NewCars/2009_Ford_Escape_SUV.aspx http://www.kbb.com/kbb/NewCars/2009_Mercury_Mariner_SUV.aspx (Note that KBB doesn't include Holdback in their invoice pricing.)
  9. Thanks Viper! "Earth!" (oh boy!)
  10. Hi Viper. Please post the sticker for 1FTSW20576EC69199. Thanks a bunch! Rob
  11. Rob052067

    Got my 2008!

    Looks sharp! So Ford gave you a brand new one without having to go thru lemon law process? I didn't realize that the muting of the stereo volume when reverse sensors beep was a new feature. It's a smart idea. My volume is often pretty high and I wouldn't hear the beeps otherwise. (To clear up any confusion for readers, the volume mutes, but the stereo doesn't actually shut off and you can still hear the music.)
  12. Rob052067

    2009 Expedition Order Guide

    I may be the only one that ordered an '08 with the standard front bench seat. The '09 shows front buckets standard on all models, and no option for a front bench. Bummer.
  13. Rob052067

    Black or Vapor Silver on 08 Limited?

    I got the red, but silver was my 2nd choice. Between black and silver, I'd prefer silver. It doesn't show the dirt as much, and stays cooler in the summer sun.
  14. Rob052067

    Expy might finally be going away!

    Tiffany, you scared me with the title of this thread! I thought there was news that Ford was going to discontinue production! :o You should be able to get a great price (ie: a steal!) on an Excursion via an auto auction. The used market for big SUV's right now is practically on life support and prices have plummeted. One good thing about your current lease is no worries about a plunging trade in value. Along those lines, I can't even fathom buying a giant beast like the Excursion with today's $4/gal gas prices. :eek5:
  15. Rob052067

    Do you have Stock 20's, I've got a ?

    I thought you were going to lemon law that thing, anyway... did you change your mind? If the tires are worn to a point where they are unsafe, you should consider replacing them now. There should still be a warranty on them of some kind after barely more than 18 months and 20,000 miles. That's ridiculous to wear out so fast. If the tires are not unsafe to drive on, I would say not to replace the tires before turning in your vehicle at lease end. If you are within your lease mileage limits, I can't see FMC charging you to replace 2-year old tires. Especially if you are going to be getting that new Navigator you were thinking about. If after you turn in the vehicle, and they come back with a wear charge for the tires, you may try to dispute it with your rotation records. If the tires are at 4/32" of tread or better, I don't think that is considered excess were according to the lease. If they are 3/32" or less, that is what they consider worn.