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  1. rmc523

    Tesla Model Y Debuts

    I misread the other topic, and saw there wasn't a Model Y thread https://www.autoblog.com/2019/03/15/tesla-model-y-unveiled/ Comments on the quick ride they gave: https://www.autoblog.com/2019/03/15/tesla-model-y-ride/ I think it looks a bit more proportional than the 3. There's no way the Y fits 7 adults:
  2. https://www.gminsidenews.com/articles/cadillac-badge-models-three-number-designation-based-torque/
  3. rmc523

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Hm. Didn't see that on the order guide. Makes even less sense that you can't order one on the ST then.
  4. Right, but I'd think even "regular" models have a more sporting perception too with all the EcoBoost engines, aside from a few exceptions like EcoSport. Sorry, I should've clarified. I remember the cab stretch. But otherwise the door sheetmetal, windows, etc. remained the same. That's what I meant, and that's what I see happening for this redesign - using the same doors/cab structure, with all new front clip, quarter panels, bed, tailgate, etc., and of course changes underneath.
  5. Because American = BAD; Foreign = GOOD. And then Tesla is an island of its own.
  6. All the ST products? Raptor? The GT? I think you don't give people enough credit. I'd be against calling it Mustang Mach E. Mustang-inspired design? Sure! Pony logo (not Mustang's, but a new variation)? Sure! But using the Mustang name? No. --- Interesting about F-150, but makes sense with some of the info we've been getting - especially in regards to the hybrid/electric models supposed to be out soon. I'm guessing it'll be a '09-type redesign, where they kept the same cab but made everything else new. Unless changing for electric capabilities required changing everything. They likely haven't finalized the alternate horse logo and don't want to jump the gun (imagine that), so as a way to tie into Mustang and generate buzz, they'll use Mustang's logo for now. They get easy marketing out of a line of horse-branded models - come see Ford's new stable - Mustang/Mach E/Maverick/Bronco. HA - that made me just think - don't we kind of have to see King Ranch models of Maverick and Bronco at least?
  7. Overall, I don't think it's terrible. The front looks good - the headlights are a bit different (they remind me of the 1st gen Chevy Cruze how they "bumped" up into the hood area), but otherwise it's good. The front hasn't been a style problem for Cadillac - it's been from that point back, where the cars have looked like they were done by completely different design teams and put together at the last minute. In that regard, it's a better effort on the rear here. But WTF is with that massive dead space between the taillights and trunk lid? Maybe it's smaller in person, but it just looks odd. I don't like the C-pillar at all. Hopefully they at least made the black panel glass or at least gloss black plastic and not a flat/textured plastic, which would kill the look, and definitely give it that cheaper car look/feel.
  8. rmc523

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I forgot about that - I remember reading it in the order guides months ago, and thought it was bizarre, and I'm still thinking the same thing. I get that ST and Platinum are marketed to "high end" buyers. But that doesn't mean those buyers don't want/need that extra seat. If you want to make that the standard setup, but offer a bench for those that want it, fine. But for it to not even be an option to swap to a bench is ridiculous. It's not as if they don't make the bench already.
  9. rmc523

    Tesla Model Y Debuts

    The S (and X for that matter) has that small slit/chrome "spear" that flanks the badge which helps give the front end a design element and a sort of thin grille, whereas the 3/Y don't have this, leaving it a complete blank space. In certain lighting conditions (like the blue one above), the illusion of a grille is almost there, but it still doesn't have the same effect as even the Model S look would give it, IMO.
  10. WOW! They should be touting that from the rooftops!! Who cares?
  11. Yeah, it sounds ridiculous. Let's announce something, then backtrack then change again after that. Makes complete sense to me! Actually sounds like where I work haha.
  12. The problem is not that they're trying to set up a performance/power level hierarchy. If they want to do that like other brands have, go for it. The problems are: 1) Its ANOTHER modification to the naming scheme they just came out with a few years ago, 2) This new system is designed to literally "show off" the car's power (which is fine).....only, they use a system nobody in the brand's home market (the US) uses (NM), and it's generously rounded on top of that. Your average person is going to think it means horsepower (the only figure most people are vaguely familiar with), and I guarantee that your average salesman will tout the number as such (horsepower) - themselves having no clue what it means. OR best case scenario, they DO present it as torque, but they say it has 400, when that's not the US figure.
  13. Edge got the same amount of changes design wise as Nautilus - a new front end, new taillight graphics, etc. Edge went to the rotary shifter, while Nautilus' interior change was going with the full digital cluster.
  14. They had a sale last month, it'll be another 3 before they sell another one!
  15. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/03/13/fca-recall-900000-vehicles-emissions/
  16. Well. They could always show a powerpoint with some rocks trees in the background with "coming in 2020" over it.....that worked before, right?
  17. rmc523

    Rivian R1T electric pickup

    https://www.autoblog.com/2019/03/15/rivian-modular-swappable-pickup-beds/ Apparently they want to have swappable beds:
  18. That's true, and would make sense. Would they announce that ahead of time? Or just surprise here it is! That's why I said IF it were done at a show, it'd be LA. But I think I agree with you about it needing to be at its own event. Yeah, I think the Y is somehow more proportional than the 3, but we'll see. It's certainly not as practical a shape as a more traditional 2-box design, but STYLE! Guess I can't say much, though, since I considered an X4 had the price been better. Well, in lieu of a Super Duty, maybe they do show F-150.
  19. They could show it at the Texas State Fair, which starts in late September. Don't they often show trucks stuff there? And then save Bronco/Maverick for the Detroit show (LA doesn't seem like a good fit for those models to me). Another question - will we see a "concept" (Aviator preview-like) Mach E or a full production model? Because we could also see a "concept/preview" of Mach E soon, and a production model at LA (a show that better fits the "green" image Mach E gives, IMO). Yeah, no kidding! About time. It'll be interesting to see if they're shown at the same show. My guess is if they did that, they'll probably show one (probably Corsair) before hand on its own, and then the other (Escape) actually AT the show. Although given how they show things lately, they'll probably show one weeks before, and then show the other AFTER the show starts for some inexplicable reason.
  20. Escape and Corsair still have to be revealed too. And it's going to have to be at once of this years' remaining shows. The schedule gets crowded if you add a Mach E debut to it.
  21. This new one is? The photos look completely different than what that green looks like in person.
  22. Something to keep in mind - next year's Detroit show is in June. --- There's no way the Y fits 7 adults.
  23. Yeah, it's too yellowy or something. The outgoing green looked decent.
  24. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/03/05/2020-chevy-trax-spy-photos-looks-like-blazer/ I actually like what I"m seeing for the most part, except: -that hideous split headlight thing.....WHYYYY is that a trend, it looks horrible. -blank hatch - I've never liked when it's a vast expanse of blank/empty sheetmetal there - ex: 1st gen Traverse, Jeep Cherokee pre refresh -Holy C-pillar - that blind spot is going to be massive. Otherwise, it looks decent - it has a Kia Soul vibe to it. -- Hopefully "Puma" arrives sooner than later. Here's a question - Bronco obviously doesn't fit the "E" naming scheme. Maverick wouldn't either. Would they allow another non-E crossover/SUV? (Ironically Mach E kinda sorta fits with the E theme too).
  25. I don't think Edge/Nautlius can go 4 years. Had they gotten interior refreshes, maybe, but 3 needs to be the max.