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  1. Again, though, they're only selling because of massive incentive packages to get them to sell. Without those incentives, you'd see a vastly smaller take rate.
  2. https://elbil.no/english/norwegian-ev-policy/ Norwegian EV incentives: No purchase/import taxes (1990-) Exemption from 25% VAT on purchase (2001-) No annual road tax (1996-) No charges on toll roads or ferries (1997- 2017). Maximum 50% of the total amount on ferry fares for electric vehicles (2018-) Maximum 50% of the total amount on toll roads (2019) Free municipal parking (1999- 2017) Parking fee for EVs was introduced locally with an upper limit of a maximum 50% of the full price (2018-) Access to bus lanes (2005-). New rules allow local authorities to limit the access to only include EVs that carry one or more passengers (2016) 50 % reduced company car tax (2000-2018). Company car tax reduction reduced to 40% (2018-) Exemption from 25% VAT on leasing (2015) Fiscal compensation for the scrapping of fossil vans when converting to a zero-emission van (2018) Allowing holders of driver licence class B to drive electric vans class C1 (light lorries) up to 2450 kg (2019)
  3. EVs are also heavily subsidized in Norway. Obviously people will pick them if they have a variety of tax breaks, etc. to do so. The quote thing isn't working properly, so I'll post the rest below. https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/04/world/norway-zero-emission-vehicles-trnd/index.html
  4. They're "so far ahead of everyone else" because they know people wouldn't buy their products if they couldn't go anywhere with them. Ah yes, that makes sense now. I agree and meant to put this in my last post too - I think it's crazy each company has their own charger design; until there's a universal charger, there can't be any sort of truly nationwide charging network/infrastructure. It's not realistic to expect each brand to develop their own nationwide charging network to accommodate their specific plug type. I suppose "neutral" parties like gas stations that install chargers could have changeable "nozzles" but that's also ridiculous.
  5. "There are no quotas" .....
  6. Isn't BEV a "full EV"? --- I believe Ford was/is working to install chargers at its dealerships too.
  7. I wonder when they'll finally reveal the results of that?
  8. I really wish we'd institute better driving tests/requirements and/or better driver training before you get the license. Not only would that help with traffic, but also mileage (and therefore fuel usage), time saved, etc. Signal programming is another issue - why do we have lights that change, only for the next one a block away turn red right away.
  9. rmc523

    Jaguar Land Rover record losses

    So, write a blank check and JLR will succeed?
  10. Yeah, I deal with Miami traffic daily, and people here are idiots.
  11. I dunno. Just thinking out loud
  12. But there's going to have to be some sort of retooling. And if they truly aren't continuing Fusion/dropping sedans, why would they bother maintaining production if they're already having to retool to produce a new platform? Maybe? Was it Bronco or Mach E? I thought it was Mach E (unless it was both?)
  13. Hm. I see it still says "coming in 2020" , but I'm guessing means they'll show it toward the end of 2020, and it'll be a 2021 MY. I don't see why it being similar in size to the outgoing Escape would matter? Features, sure, but I can't see Europe putting up with that with a lack of features either. Oh, well that makes sense.
  14. They're probably counting on the c-pickup to unlock an untapped market. I wonder what happened in 2015 that caused so many TC sales that year, and why sales have dropped since? It's at 11,966 through April, which is on pace for just under 36k this year. I wonder if being produced "locally" (NA) will help sales numbers, though.
  15. Oh you might be right. I haven't been in his truck in a while. They ought to change that - guess they don't want you watching the camera while driving, though.
  16. I'm surprised they don't just take the Escape/baby Bronco approach - offer the Puma (as pointed out, it's being built "down the street") and then a blocky "off road" companion model. I presume any US-intended product would be on the same platform and built alongside the Puma, no?
  17. rmc523


    To be fair, wasn't Fields the guy that pushed Ford Performance to expand?
  18. Whoops, I for some reason was thinking they exited South America altogether - it was just the trucks.
  19. rmc523


    It's been reported that Hackett himself told them to start over on the Mach E design because it sucked. So while on a day to day basis, he's not sitting in the design room saying yes or no, he still can influence those decisions if he wants.
  20. This doesn't jive, though. baby Bronco in CY 2021?? And it's supposed to come out before Bronco? That'd make Bronco a 2022 product then, which makes no sense - that's another 2 years from now? Plus the talk of Fusion living until 2023 now. Where would Puma go from Mexico though if it's not coming here?
  21. They could include a button to view the camera on the dash. I know you can access the front (and I think 360 view too) camera at any time via the dash-mounted button on my dad's truck. Hm, it still could be up higher - we're just seeing the opening in the camo.
  22. Yeah right. Camry drivers have no idea that guy exists - hell, I have no idea who it is. You're lucky if they're only doing 2 under the limit! Around here it's at least 10-15 below the limit. Throw in Corollas into that category too. If there's traffic congestion, I look ahead and 9 times out of 10, its some sort of Toyota (usually Camry or Corolla) going 10-15 under blocking traffic. The worst is when 3-4 of them all decide they're going to drive next to each other well under the limit so nobody can get around.
  23. rmc523

    Chevy Bolt "EUV" (crossover) Spied

    Lol. So second in a pool of like 5 models (2-3 of which in its price point) is good? If anything it should be doing better with so few entrants. It's on pace to sell about 18,000 vehicles this year.
  24. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/05/17/chevy-bolt-euv-electric-crossover-spy-photos/ Another ho-hum econobox doomed to fail.
  25. Yes, I know that. But the mirror itself is still shorter than the current one and mounted lower on the arm. The top of the current mirror goes to the top of where the black plastic meets the window line (where the camo piece goes in the spy shots), the new one is about 3/4 as tall. They already have that. They've had it since at least 2017, if not 2015 (my dad's '17 Raptor has it).