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  1. By making Blind Spot Monitoring standard, as part of a package of features, and making mirrors all one color, a gloss black, for all exterior colors and trims, Ford reduced the possible variants of exterior mirrors to 25. --- The article specifically said they're all one color.
  2. I love how they used the 2019 Fusion as the example for cutting delivery times. --- Meh on the gloss black mirrors for Explorer......guess they did that on Navigator too (except BL models which get chrome caps). I don't understand how there are still 25 variants though if they made BLIS standard? The only variations I can think of are power folding or manual folding, which is 2. I guess if there's the 360 camera system, that'd add another 2 variants, for 4. Ah....turn signal equipped may be a variant (I think side turn signals should be standard, FWIW), so that's 2, for a total of 6. Not sure what the other 19 variants of mirrors are. They don't have manual mirrors anymore do they?
  3. rmc523

    2020 Jeep Gladiator Leaks

    I know why, just interesting, as I'm surprised they're able to put it on a removable panel.
  4. rmc523

    2020 Jeep Gladiator Leaks

    Did you expect much different style wise? It's a Wrangler with a bed. They didn't even change the rear doors. Interesting that the CHMSL is on the tailgate above the handle.
  5. https://www.autoblog.com/2018/11/14/jeep-gladiator-pickup-truck-leak/
  6. Just saw my second Nautilus of the day. This one was black, and going the other way. It too looked good!
  7. Not sure why they'd put it in there as a reference if it weren't to scale.
  8. I saw my first Nautilus on the road this morning, so it's out now. It's funny, I came up behind it and was like oh look that person put clear taillights on their MKX, and then realized it was a Nautilus. The front looks nice and elegant too.
  9. I missed it too until now. Except the FJ was hideous. This actually looks good.
  10. Can we merge this with the other thread?
  11. This isn't it. Look at the differences The windshield is almost vertical on Ford's teaser, and more raked on this one: this has to be the baby Bronco. I like it as a baby Bronco.
  12. That's different than what I expected.
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    Find "My Content" Link

    Oh look at that! Perfect! Hopefully it remembers my settings.
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    Find "My Content" Link

    Hey look, there I am! --- Is there a way to limit the unread content filter to certain subforums like before? Say, for example, FMC discussion forum and competition forum only, while ignoring other subforums like the Crown Vic forum? Also, it seemed my preference of taking me to the first unread comment reset from last night to this morning. Is that an issue people are seeing? Thanks in advance.