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  1. I think I recall them saying Lincoln would be calling hybrids GTs going forward.
  2. Uh. Trucks are the one area where the domestics have never let up and never suffered a bad reputation like they did with cars. If they’d do any research, they’d find 1) the domestic trucks are the best around and 2) domestic brands overall don’t make crap anymore. You’re wrong. It’s been well documented that a new Toyota model will come out and it’s alreasy recommended (based on “previous reliability”) but the same doesn’t happen with a domestic brand even if the previous model was recommended. this is the same outfit that called the Model S the most reliable vehicle ever tested, completely ignoring multiple issues they had with it (door handles that wouldn’t open etc).
  3. VISUALLY the cab was the same aside from the stretch. My point in mentioning that is that's what I expect for a redesign - visually, I think the cab will be the same, but every other panel aside from the cab will be new.
  4. lol. Stylistically it was the exact same, aside from the mirror cap. I know the cab was lengthened 6" so technically it was different. Stylistically it was not. Same creases, cutouts, sculpting, etc.
  5. It may do better than CTS - partially because that's not a high bar to jump over, but also because XTS will be going away, and buyers will want something in this pricepoint.
  6. I'm talking strictly the cab. Between the bed and front quarter panels. The exterior panels didn't change.
  7. rmc523

    Bronco mule

    And here's the Wrangler PHEV..... https://www.autoblog.com/2019/03/20/2021-jeep-wrangler-phev-spy-photos/
  8. rmc523

    Flat Rock to build BEV

    I didn't get that impression at all. Just sounds like additional BEV models. Well, if the current one is built in Spain, and this new one will be built in Mexico, that means most TC parts content from that point forward would be North American built/sourced. So presumably, more content of it would be build in the US or Canada, but assembled in Mexico. It is an odd statement, and comes directly from Ford's press release - you'd think it'd say "US, Mexico, and Canada vehicle content"
  9. Ok, so it was different structurally - doesn't change the fact that it looked identical (aside from the 6" stretch) and used the same door skins. That's what I was getting at.
  10. Maybe they'll have "SUV MONTH" every month?
  11. You're correct. I think I've stated before, a name does not automatically equal a sales success. Just like an alphanumeric doesn't either. A named product can be successful, as can an alphanumeric, or they could both be failures. What matters is the product itself, and the quality, value, performance, etc. that that product delivers. That's what determines success. That said, a proper name can create an bigger emotional connection to a product. Which creates more of a response? ---- I have a "Navigator", or "I have an "ABC123". And that's not to say a connection can't be developed with an alphanumeric - the success of the Germans points to that, but I think a proper name generates an easier/quicker connection, whereas you have more of a time/buildup with an alphanumeric to create that connection, at least IMO.
  12. rmc523

    GM Sales February 2019

    This is true, but I've heard a ton of ads lately about it - and after a bad month.
  13. rmc523

    GM Sales February 2019

    Just figured I'd add...... March just happens to be Chevy Truck Month....
  14. I don't think Phantom or Vanquish sound old. Mulsanne maybe, but those products also cater to a different clientele than a Cadillac does. Cadillac is trying to push/market itself as a "cool"/modern luxury brand. Using names like "Fleetwood" and "Brougham" and "Seville" just sound old and conjure images of grandma's car. Conversely, Elmiraj, Ciel, etc. sound more modern. Lincoln's names don't sound old to me.
  15. Hasn't hurt Tesla, with them all being Model __ --- Most people don't have any idea what a Corvair is.