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  1. I don't know why you keep doing that. We definitely appreciate the information, but it's from time to time wound up not being accurate - and that's nobody's fault - info gets mixed up through the grapevine (telephone game), or sometimes plans change without your sources knowing. And it's also ended up right. You don't have to run away because a few have pointed out some info you've provided has wound up inaccurate. I still like hearing what info you do have - it gives us things to talk about, discuss, evaluate, etc. The reality is, no piece or shred of info is true or false until Ford itself officially confirms/denies such info. We just have to sift through the information, rumors, pictures, etc. and figure out what we can with what we have. You provide us with pieces to the puzzle, and sometimes they fit, sometimes they don't. That's part of life.
  2. If that's true, it's decreased my interest in Bronco. I'll still be interested, but I was eyeing the hybrid variant.
  3. I'll save you time - it's not worth trying to debate.
  4. Remember too, they still have the Semi, Roadster, and Model Y coming before they even get to a truck.
  5. rmc523

    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    But then we'd have a Bronco scenario - talk about a product 3-4 years before it comes out? That doesn't do anyone any good.
  6. Is that why RJ doesn't post anymore?
  7. They can "confirm" and even show it tomorrow. It'll be 3 years before they put it out, minimum.
  8. I thought we disproved that? I mean, we've known Bronco is unfortunately still a ways off, I don't know why this - a trim level on a model already in production - is your breaking point? That's not a good name.
  9. rmc523

    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    It'll be interesting to see when Lincoln's comes out. I think the Cadillac EV was pegged for 2023? If Lincoln's is out a year after Mach E, wouldn't it be 2022?
  10. rmc523

    Lincoln BEV

    It'd be nice for them to have a hybrid Navigator out before Escalade (assuming one is in the works) to make it look like Escalade is following Navi's lead.
  11. I mean, that's not surprising, but it'll be interesting to see what it looks like!
  12. rmc523

    Lincoln BEV

    Could be some of both. Plus who knows when they restarted the Expy/Navi program - weren't they put on hold?
  13. rmc523

    Lincoln BEV

    Sounds incredibly stupid to not include Expy/Navi with the hybrid program. I like the understated/quiet luxury mantra, but it'd be nice to see Lincoln push the design envelope a bit when it comes to the BEV. Well, they did debut alongside the F-150 refresh, so I guess that means they're stuck 3 years behind the F-150 refresh/redesigns? Unless they pull refreshes up a year until they're eventually synced or just a year behind F-150 to better piggy-back on its' updates. Kind of like how the GM trucks/SUVs are.
  14. rmc523

    "Most Reliable" ad pulled

    These (the entire "real people") ads are lowest common denominator ads. They're to go after people that don't know any better and don't look anything up. I always wonder how many people they have to go through to get their few seconds of video from people that have no clue.
  15. Interesting that they'd just throw out what makes F-150 F-150. Nobody ever said diesel would revolutionize the half ton market. F-E50? Guess that eliminates upsizing to Super Duty though eF-150? (ha, could still be pronounced "F-150") Would they just put batteries where the ICE would go? Or batteries within the frame (meaning between it where a driveshaft would go), allowing the hood to become a new lockable storage compartment for powertools, etc. without taking up cabin space? Seems odd that they'd just chuck basically the entire F-150 in the trash and start from scratch for an electric version. I mean, would it tow the same with a different frame setup? Do they shoot themselves in the foot making an "F-100" as the electric model - does it look like "oh they couldn't make something as capable as the F-150 in electric form, so they did something less?"