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  1. I got an FSA notice on Ford Pass that the headlight control module needs to be reprogrammed. The field service number shows 19B11.
  2. I'm 6' 2" and about about 290. I needed to move the seat way back and the steering wheel up to get in and then readjust them when I got in. If the car had the automatic adjuster, I would have been fine.
  3. According to my dealers website, they have 27 of them, in most trims and configurations. IMO, it's a really nice looking truck, but short on a few key features like cooled seats, moonroof, power tilt/teli wheel. They had a black one with black running boards in the showroom. Didn't have many options and stickered for $31 and change.
  4. I had one overnight last week while working on getting my Edge. It was an SE with 5k on it. Too hard for me to get in and out of, but drove pretty nice once I managed to get in.
  5. Not gonna happen on these. I just bought an Edge ST. It stickered about $50k and I was out the door for about $42k. Plenty of incentives on them and the Explorer ST will be the same in a short time.
  6. I got my question answered from my salesman yesterday. He can sell Lincoln and right now, he's on his way to Texas to deliver a $104k Navigator to a customer. I went in to buy an Edge ST and he let me drive a sold one from the Ford location up to the Lincoln location for the customer to pick it up. I liked it and bought one. As far as the Lincoln store, one thing I noticed that I never noticed before is the amount of foot traffic there. It was very busy and they had a good selection of vehicles in stock. It seems that interest in Lincoln has picked up.
  7. MKX1960

    Model 3 fender bender

    $6,193 to fix the car and $2.00 to touch up the paint on the building.
  8. About 10 years ago, my dealer had both a Ford and a Lincoln store. The Lincoln store also sold Volvo and the Ford store sold Ford,Mercury and Lincoln. I think it was easier when I could view all on 1 lot and move either up or down models instead of driving back & forth between dealers locations to compare. I liked shopping at the Ford location and was looking at the Edge in 07, but it didn't offer cooled seats then, so I bought the MKX. They still have both locations, but sell only Ford at one and only Lincoln at the other. I'm not sure if I could go into the Ford location and ask to buy a Lincoln today. It was still possible in late 2012 when I bought an MKT at the Ford location, quite some time after they moved all of the Lincolns from there.
  9. It looks really nice. Much better than I expected. As I suspected, it's in the Ford page instead of Lincoln.
  10. I was talking to my salesman a couple of days ago. He said Ranger is selling pretty well. Many are asking for a moonroof, cooled seats and damped auto release tailgate to name a few things.
  11. MKX1960

    F-150 Aero-X Fastback

    I agree; I'd buy one if it were a little less expensive.
  12. MKX1960

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I think it looks good on the ST, but the Platinum is another story. It should get an Elite treatment like the Edge.
  13. MKX1960

    "Most Reliable" ad pulled

    Is this supposed to be Chuck Norris 3/4 into the ground? Seems how dated Toyota trucks are.
  14. Not sure if it's harder or easier these days, but I did this with an 07 MKX. I forgot to order it and just got my order in under the wire, so too late to change. My dealer added the module and it operated same as it would have from the factory. I don't recall what the price was.
  15. MKX1960

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I think they took about 3 inches from the rear area to give more room in the 2nd row. The 2nd row seats are now easier to operate as well.