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  1. MKX1960

    F-150 Aero-X Fastback

    I agree; I'd buy one if it were a little less expensive.
  2. MKX1960

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I think it looks good on the ST, but the Platinum is another story. It should get an Elite treatment like the Edge.
  3. MKX1960

    "Most Reliable" ad pulled

    Is this supposed to be Chuck Norris 3/4 into the ground? Seems how dated Toyota trucks are.
  4. Not sure if it's harder or easier these days, but I did this with an 07 MKX. I forgot to order it and just got my order in under the wire, so too late to change. My dealer added the module and it operated same as it would have from the factory. I don't recall what the price was.
  5. MKX1960

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I think they took about 3 inches from the rear area to give more room in the 2nd row. The 2nd row seats are now easier to operate as well.
  6. MKX1960

    2020 Ford Explorer

    They all pretty much look that way, but they've been out long enough that I've gotten used to them. The vertical screen should be easier to follow maps without the need to lean over and squint at the current sized screen.
  7. MKX1960

    New Slogan? Ford Proud?

    Wait until the first recall and people on Yahoo go wild with is this what you're proud of?
  8. MKX1960

    New Slogan? Ford Proud?

    It sounds like a ripoff of a military slogan.
  9. The 53 reminded me of when I was a teenager, one of my friends and I "borrowed" his Dad's 53 Capri convertible. He put a battery in it, but didn't anchor it in place. Those that remember the 53 know the battery goes under the floor on the front passenger side. At one point he made a fast stop and the battery tipped. There's me sitting there with sparks flying all over the place and the cables eventually got red hot and melted off the battery. He had to get it towed home. His Dad had a real temper and it's a wonder he survived that incident.
  10. I notice it also has separate volume and tuning knobs. I always hated that one center knob. The Stealth package on the Expedition looks good in black. I particularly like the red stitching details.
  11. MKX1960

    2018 F-150 Raptor Photos

    A lot of people have wised up and discovered there are plenty available $1-2k below MSRP . Many order them and fly out to drive it home or have it drop shipped at a local dealer for a small charge.
  12. I think a lot of potential customers don't realize most of the sedans are still around for a while. They see it as Ford being in deep trouble and don't want to buy from a company that they think may soon be out of business. It's becoming clear that Ford announced too soon the plans for discontinuing models when replacements are so far away. I won't be surprised if things get worse before they get better by 2020-2021 when new products arrive.
  13. MKX1960

    Fusion Hearse

    Saw this on the news.
  14. I wish they'd stop dragging every name from the past and put on another product. If they want to keep doing this, they might as well bring Pinto back and put it on this. At least, it will be in the right size category.
  15. Don't they have front parking sensors? The Explorer I had put the illustration of a car on the NAV screen and showed with green, yellow or red lines how close I was to the sides or front. Same thing backing out. I really miss that feature.