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  1. No. But they did expect most buyers (non budget) to buy an F-150 supercab instead. Ford didn’t deem the development cost of a US Ranger worthwhile nor did they want to risk F-Series crown. Reality is a lot of people don’t want a truck as big as the F-150 has become. Not to mention the price is getting further from median income.
  2. blazerdude20

    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    You can download map areas with google maps. Then you can start any route you want within that area without service. I use it for work, I keep about the top 20% of California downloaded in the app.
  3. Still can’t touch the fire sale on the GM twins though. My father in law bought a new truck last week. Trying to decide between a new ranger and a canyon, he went with the Canyon Diesel due to pricing. With factory rebates and dealer discount it was over $10k off MSRP. Got a fully loaded truck for under $35k out the door. A lot of folks will take that deal.
  4. Yes they did, perhaps out of necessity. In the last recession ford was paying Ford dealers to save Lincoln-Mercury dealers. The dealership I worked for got 60% of a remodel paid for by Ford for taking on Lincoln from a dealer going under.
  5. blazerdude20

    Easter Jeep Gladiators

    Like body color spray-in bed liners?
  6. Just add some fake teeth inserts. Then it’s just trying to eat traffic in front of you. 👍
  7. blazerdude20

    Explorer PHEV?

    If Ford does build a PHEV Explorer, for the love of god, please let it tow the full amount the V6 can. Got burned on that one for the 2.3L in our Explorer. Should have checked, but assumed it would have the same transmission. Turns out it doesn’t.
  8. blazerdude20

    Explorer PHEV?

    It’s a bit smaller, but if you can manage a Focus it’s a good deal on a BEV. You can find 1-2 year old ones for under $10k. Then you pay zero for gas.
  9. blazerdude20

    Tesla Model Y Debuts

    Probably all for marketing and/or insurance. You can seat 4 in a mustang too. Doesn’t mean anyone over 4’6” can truly sit there.
  10. I’m not one to typically claim “fake news” but it’s Bloomberg. Are we just going to pretend they have any credibility after their China tech spying articles were debunked last year?
  11. blazerdude20

    2020 Transit info

    Double post
  12. blazerdude20

    2020 Transit info

    Don’t believe it is. The current Transit has this as well. Haven’t heard any complaints from other contractors about it.
  13. blazerdude20

    2020 Transit info

    Man even the E-series got an updated interior today. Guess the old girl will be around for a while. New steering wheel, gauges, and radio.
  14. blazerdude20

    2020 Transit info

    Are they not? It’s Fords website under future vehicles, with the crew van as an option. Along with the Diesel.
  15. blazerdude20

    2020 Transit info

    The crew van seems like a great idea. I like the cargo divider behind the second row.