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  1. blazerdude20

    Spring rates

    To that end, since you will apparently need a vin to get different (softer) springs, I would find a base model 2014 flex with the same drive train you have (AWD/FWD). Copy the vin down and try those out. I’m kind of surprised your flex rides stiff. Ours and every other I’ve been in ride very soft. I’d maybe also drive said base model flex to see how the ride feels.
  2. blazerdude20

    2020 Super Duty Spied

    Well what are we paying you for?
  3. blazerdude20

    FCA opening new assembly plant?

    FCA being ahead of the curve? the good news is global warming should be in full retreat soon, what with hell freezing over and all.
  4. blazerdude20

    2020 Explorer Spied

    Sounds like they are trying to reduce complexity on builds. Perhaps to try and speed the line up further?
  5. https://www.autoblog.com/2018/11/20/2020-ford-explorer-spy-shots/
  6. A lot of nighttime charging, when homes and businesses arent using the same load. Houses and businesses with solar panels are becoming more common as well.
  7. Youre confusing that with mayor Ford in Toronto.
  8. blazerdude20

    Silverado I4 only rated at 21 combined

    True but keep your foot out of the accelerator and youll get the stares economy. You also have the power if you do need it on occasion. Just a smaller engine means you dont have the power, ever.
  9. https://www.leftlanenews.com/ford-to-use-graphene-in-f-150.html
  10. Excited to see Wieden+Kennedy come on board. They do good work in advertising and aren't afraid to push boundaries. Something Ford needs desperately. They do a lot of work for Nike, Honda, Samsung, etc.
  11. blazerdude20

    FCA Us September 2018 UP 15%

    Its not a mild facelift. I had one for a week and it was a very competent and well appointed vehicle. If I were buying a vehicle in that segment I would purchase it over an Escape. Think of it like the 2010 Fusion. It may be a heavy refresh, but it comes off as a brand new vehicle for consumers.
  12. blazerdude20

    Honda CRV Engine issues

    Different, though similar, engines. Accord and Civic 1.5L is the same though.
  13. blazerdude20

    RANGER 270HP/ 310 TQ

  14. blazerdude20

    150 MPH Cop Explorer

    FCA has a special edition police rated Durango package. Supposedly its headed towards permanent production.
  15. blazerdude20

    Musk backs out of SEC fine agreement

    https://www.leftlanenews.com/musk-settles-sec-suit-will-pay-fines-and-step-down-as-chairman.html Out as Chairman for three years and total payment of fines and penalty at $40 million.