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  1. It may be a fantastic product but it is one ugly vehicle. The side profile/lines look terrible with the unibed/cab.
  2. Hennessey.. pass Another product of a tune, exhaust and suspension with a $20k price tag. Along with that price, it will also take 1 year plus and a high probability rate of never getting your truck.
  3. blwnsmoke

    Model 3 fender bender

    I prefer 20:43 - 23:35
  4. blwnsmoke

    Jeep gladiator starts at $35k

  5. blwnsmoke

    $2,000 Incentive

    Just get the $2,000 PCO through the guy I told you about. Far better then the conquest and is combinable with all other offers (except ADZ plans).
  6. blwnsmoke

    $2,000 Incentive

    Just get the $2,000 PCO through the guy I told you about. Far better then the conquest and is combinable with all other offers (except ADZ plans).
  7. Both ST and Platinum get the same 12.3 cluster. Their may be graphic changes or different gauges it may show but it isn't an exclusive cluster.
  8. blwnsmoke

    Ford under emissions investigation?

    It's been posted at least once (about 6 posts down) and Inremember it being posted when it first came out on here and that Ford voluntarily reported it.
  9. Amazing that Chevy is already advertising on TV their ugly ass trucks.. $5,500 rebates plus $500 more if financed through GM ($9,015 total value including MSRP discount) or 0% for 72. It is TRUCK month lmao.
  10. If anyone is interested, I have a guy who can get people the $2k for Rangers PCO (not eligible on ADZ plan). PM me for details. There are others too like a $6k Expedition, $3500 Fseries and $5k Escape/edge/explorer.
  11. Ford cmax - $24,000 base, 40mpg Model 3 - $36,000 (after tax credit) base Granted 2 completely different vehicles. So if you are saving $600 a year in fuel (40mpg instead of 31 in your example equates to $1,065 a year in fuel cost), it would take you 20 years to break even (taking maintenance out of it). Just saying..
  12. Great video posted of the Explorer. I think it is the best walk around yet. Check out 7:20
  13. Someone needs to realize that I said it because of the magazine posted above said it, not because I believe it.
  14. That's because it is a rebrand Escape.
  15. blwnsmoke

    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    My understanding is you need to replace the APIM with the Nav version and then you can activate it via forscam. Not sure if the GPS antenna is included in all vehicles or needs to be added but it wasn't as hard as one thought.
  16. Have to ask.. I am pretty confident in my answer but wanted reassurance. Someone on one of the police boards that helps with feedback for the PIUs (not a Ford employee) stated that he knows the QC manager of CAP and was told that Explorers built prior to the "ok to buy" is given are crushed and cant be sold. My experience is once production starts, all vehicles built are for dealer stock and sit on a lot till "ok to buy" is given. Once given , customer orders start getting mixed in and the previous vehicles go through 1 more inspection and then ship out. No way Ford crushesbhundreds of vehicles per week till it is given lol. To quote him "Everything built before the OK TO SELL is given MUST be crushed and cannot be sold to the public." I understand prototypes and preproduction, but not once productions starts on May 6th. Fuzzy? Anyone at a plant chime in?
  17. blwnsmoke

    Tesla leases

    I've leased before and I never put money down. The fact that this is required just shows Tesla wants to grab more consumer money upfront that they desperately need. $3,000 down payment minimum on top of $4,000 due at signing. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.caranddriver.com/news/amp27126356/tesla-lease-model-3-model-s-model-x/
  18. blwnsmoke

    GM Unveils Mid-engine Vette....Sort of

    I was waiting for the pic of the hood up and them looking for why it won't start.
  19. blwnsmoke

    GM Unveils Mid-engine Vette....Sort of

    If they continued the front engine version, was this going to be the c8 as well or still c8? We have not seen a c8 front engine running any of the streets. So this then leads me to believe they are done with it just like the article I posted said. Why would they auction the last 2019 c7 z06 at auction if it was continuing for 2020? If the front engine c8 was even existing, we would have seen them in prototype version by now.
  20. blwnsmoke

    GM Unveils Mid-engine Vette....Sort of

    Just read an article that the final c7 will be auctioned off in June. So the rumors about the front engine sticking around with a mid engine were wrong. It will only be a mid engine for c8. Unless if course the article is wrong. https://www.yahoo.com/news/last-front-engined-chevrolet-corvette-004500041.html
  21. From what I saw the other day, the engine parallel saves room under the engine because the trans/and unit doesn't have to be under the hood, it is under the floor pan.
  22. Ahhh yes indeed, thats when 3 months of the new and improved 2020 Superduty sales will be published.
  23. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/03/28/ford-explorer-plug-in-hybrid-spy-photos/?ncid=edlinkusau