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  1. Any insiders know how the Explorer production is going? Yesterday marks 2 weeks worth and I'm assuming no Ok To Buy yet. Curious on what type of issues they are finding.
  2. blwnsmoke

    GM Debuts New Electrical Platform

    Well from a non IT professional, I do know that GM stuff should be in the competitor forum lol.
  3. I think $60k is very high when you can get a nicely optioned Aviator for $62k.
  4. blwnsmoke

    2020 Explorer

    Goodmorning again, Posting for a Tuesday update. Not sure if I have to wait till the 21st or supposed to wait for the 22nd. Just ignore this if it was for the 22nd and I'll repost again. Thanks for all that you do for everyone. 1FM5K8GC7LGA02284
  5. Already posted in the Lincoln forum.. ya know, because it is a Lincoln.
  6. blwnsmoke

    2020 Ford Explorer

    May 6th... we are going on 2 weeks of production come this weekend.
  7. Maybe 1 of these would entice her to make up her mind lol.
  8. blwnsmoke

    Bad Fuel Injector 2019 Ranger

    Just because it doesn't throw a code doesn't mean they cant diagnose it. They can hook up their computer and command each injector to turn on/off while running. They can drive it or rev it and see all the injectors performance. There are plenty of things they can do to check each injector/cylinder performance. I hate the "if we dont have a code, there is nothing we can doc excuse. There is plenty they can do.
  9. blwnsmoke

    Bad Fuel Injector 2019 Ranger

    11 days till you can file lemon law. I'd politely notify/remind Ford Corp of that.
  10. Could it be because of this? "This Bronco wears the same license plate as the one in our last set of spy shots, and it doesn't look any different."
  11. blwnsmoke

    NEW 2021 F150

    I have no idea what you are talking about... MFT worked just fine after APIM replacements and 7+ updates over 7 years time.
  12. Right.. there will be roughly 45,000-50,000 STs built this year lol.. they are crazy.
  13. $500 under invoice
  14. blwnsmoke

    GM Unveils Mid-engine Vette....Sort of

    As I had posted earlier, they are auctioning off the last 2019 C7 which will be a Z06. There is no reason to auction off the last 19 C7 if there will be a 2020 C7.
  15. Goodmorning, Could you look this order up? Wondering if a build week or day has been assigned yet. VIN 1FM5K8GC7LGA02284 Thanks