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  1. I have an 09 Limited with rear load leveling and due to work it sometimes sits for months at a time with no battery problems. I also had a 98 with four corner load leveling and the original battery lasted 10 years (and it also sat for months at a time)!!! I love the load leveling suspensions and got 160K trouble free miles out of my old one (just changed the front air shocks twice) and the the pump on the old system would run every time you started the car because of the kneel feature. The pump on the new rear only system hardly ever comes on because it doesn't kneel an inch every time you stop the car like the old system. The new system only comes on when you add a heavy enough load that it has to re-level, which hasn't happened very often so far, only when hooking up a trailer or loading the rear with really heavy stuff. I like always having a level truck with no 'headlights-to-the-sky'... plus I think it rides better than the springed models.
  2. CoolScoop

    2010 Escape Order Guide?

    When will the 2010 Escape/Escape Hybrid order guide be out? Can sombody please post it when it becomes available? Thanks
  3. CoolScoop

    2010 ford expedition colors

    What colors for the Limited? Any changes and new features/options for 2010?