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    Chicago Auto Show

    Yup! Before then, Chicago was where they revealed the mother of all debuts, the 1986 Taurus and Sable, back in 1985! I actually flew out for the day just to go to the show from NJ while in college! Chicago slowly lost its stature over time, and now if Ford shows any thing there it tends to be truck related. Being 8 miles from NYC I’m happy to see the NY show has kept its importance and for Lincoln, has risen to be their top show for big debuts.
  2. From a Lincoln dealer sales staff meeting last spring (2018)
  3. Actually switched back under Lincoln in 1958, as the unique Mark II was under the Continental division, but the Edsel disaster and the 1958 recession scared Ford (a newely publicity traded company at that point) into closing the Continental division. What followed were the soon to be forgotten “Marks”. Oh what could have been!
  4. I say make a new Zephyr as a 5 door coupe (think Audi A5 4 door hatch) making it practical still and sporty but elegant. Then offer a...wait for it...4 door convertible based on this! Think about it...in the general public Lincoln is remembered for the 1960’s Continentals with suicide doors and being 4 door rag tops...well they brought one back already, why not tap into the other iconic Lincoln feature?
  5. Great news thanks! Well they did show the dealer sales force sketches of cars (aka not cuvs) last June (as mentioned here) at a sales force presentation in Detroit, would be really odd if they did that for no apparent gain, so this news makes sense. If they announce this in NY that would cap off an already impressive auto show season, and the Corsair will surely be in NY as well. Plus, I get to attend press days, so I can’t wait for April to come!
  6. I was feeling decadent so I added the $1750 chroma caviar paint! Lol
  7. A non hybrid Black Label fully loaded is $84,000...a similarly fully loaded Continental BL is like $82,000, I’m not surprised the Aviator has a small premium over the sedan. The Grand Touring model does command a hefty premium beyond this, but let’s not forget what it’s bringing to the table...pretty amazing hp and tq stats plus other unique benefits of being a hybrid, Btw...Over at Automotive News a recent article mentioned how the head of the Lincoln dealer group fully expects the Aviator to outsell the Navigator 3x, making it Lincoln’s best seller by far!
  8. Depends how you define success...if by sheer volume then no, but in this instance, it was always about creating a buzz and stirring the emotions of the public who fondly love and admire the 1960’s Continentals. It also signals that Lincoln is willing to be daring and unexpected which again goes a long way in the eye of the press/public. It’s all about building the brand, step by step, in ways unique and applicable to them.
  9. Might the success of the Continental Coach Door Anniversary edition encourage them to keep it around, develop a CD6 successor?! "$110,000 Lincoln Continental sells out in 48 hours" https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/2019/01/21/exclusive-lincoln-continental-sells-out-48-hours/2619307002/
  10. spudz64

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Yes, it gets 365-hp/380-tq vs 400/415 for ST.
  11. spudz64

    2020 Ford Explorer

    It is nice to see the Aviator gets less black trim there as std, and when getting the Grand Touring model, its all body colored...
  12. I just rewatched the Lincoln 2018 NY Auto Show press event to go back to exactly what Lincoln said was coming ahead...Aviator counted towards the first one (2 all new luxury utilities by 2020) Corsair will be the other. Then after 2020 4 all new luxury vehicles will join the lineup. I’m expecting Lincoln to debut the Corsair in NY this year, which will be quite the display with the recently debuted production Aviator joining the Corsair, plus the coach door Continental..and the still strong Navigator, just wow!
  13. At the 2018 NY Auto Show they announced "2 new SUV's by 2020 (Aviator and Corsair in 2019) and then after 2020 we'll have 4 new vehicles (note they didn't say SUV's or crossovers) arriving."
  14. spudz64

    2020 Ford Explorer

    The problem is in a crash it could/would go flying about and become a misslle!