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  1. BoomerSooner

    Chinese Taurus Got a Facelift

    I wonder what they did inside? It was never really the exterior that needed the work-over, it was the interior. Such a cramped interior for such a large car!
  2. Evidently, Ford's Ecoboost engines perform better in lab settings than in real-world applications. Magazine tests, reports of customers, and my own experience owning 3 Fords with Ecoboosts all suggest that reaching EPA estimates is frequently difficult and, with some drivers (say, my wife, for instance), probably impossible. That being so, I see other car makers who have not just the "sport" and "normal" drive modes, but also an "economy" setting. Given that most of my commute and driving uses considerably less than 50% of the available power (in other words, I don't need all the engine offers), I wonder whether the direct injection/engine control management/turbo management could have a separate configuration that would maximize economy at the expense of power. Perhaps the system could be set to run a Miller Cycle at times or deliberately short-shift, or back down the FI system for instance. It seems like a worthwhile venture given that the Ecoboost seems so sensitive to throttle input and load.
  3. I've never done a master reset but now I'm really curious: What's with the headlight on/off/auto procedure? What going on there?
  4. I can't decide if the failing Prius sales figures are because sedans as a whole aren't selling? Or because gas prices have stabilized? Or because Toyota out-weirded even its own quirky customer base with the "it hurts my eyes to look at it" styling?
  5. BoomerSooner

    Challenger takes no.2 spot

    I'm not surprised to read this. The Camaro will forever be linked to the cartoonish introduction in the "Transformers" movie. What would have been kind of cool as a one-off hot rod was too compromised as a daily driver. I've spent about 1,000 miles behind the wheel of one and can say it's a great driving machine: a great car to be seen in, but a lousy car to see out of. You sit in a deeply recessed bucket that's further marred by gun slit windows and wide roof pillars. While decently spacious in the front seats, there is an amazing absence of storage for, well, anything. Just try to find a place to plug in and store your phone. I dare you. But, once you fire it up and hit the road? I'm sure it would make great track numbers. Still, how many times do you take your car to the track? The vast majority will never see a track. By comparison, the retro Challenger is half-decently spacious and has a usable backseat. Not a bad compromise. Just don't tack it to a track (unless it's a strip).
  6. BoomerSooner

    Huge rebates on Chevy 1500s

    I'd be the first to admit that not every version of the F-series is a visual work of art, but the lines of the Chevy are ghastly. The Chevys remind me of the hideous Nissan Titan, and the Titan reminds me of something Homer Simpson might design. While I admit I was interested to see GM's new flip-flop-flap-flip tailgate, now that I've seen it, it makes the tail seem needlessly busy with all the seam lines. By contrast, I think there are certain series of the RAM that are quite handsome. So, "Go for Silver," indeed, RAM. GM apparently phoned it in on this redesign and deserves to have heaping mounds of "please-take-this-off-our-hands" cash on the hood of every one of their trucks.
  7. Sadly, he's not wrong. The same gauge cluster in my 2017 Edge that was cool when I first saw it in my 2013 Edge is now really dated and looks low-def in 2019. The undersized and blurry tach (whether as a "gauge" or a tiny little vertical strip) is particularly underwhelming. The mish-mash of climate control buttons mounted on a slab of matte plastic is also unintuitive. I look forward to the refresh.
  8. BoomerSooner

    Fully Electric F-150 on the Way

    Throughout the 400 mile range on a tank of gas in my Edge, I still have 280 bhp (which, nominally, performs better when I've lightened the load by 16 gallons (6.3 lbs x 16 = 100.8 pounds)). However, with an EV, particularly a pickup used to haul or tow things, wouldn't its abilities diminish in lockstep with its state of charge? Thus, hypothetically, the EV F150 might be able to pull the 18 foot boat up a mild grade while at 80% charged, but not at 30% charged. When the EV is used as a toy to prove you're "woke," some minor degradation of performance at 20% charge is no big deal. But, when it's a truck used for a job, I'm not so sure "toy" status is sufficient.
  9. BoomerSooner

    TFL, Ranger at Moab

    Calling burnt orange "baby poop" would be the first reference to that color (by me) that wasn't profane. I'll stick with red (or black, or silver, or blue, or green, or gray, or white, or basically anything not orange), thank you very much! 😎
  10. There is definite Cadillac style; attractive if you think it is. Cadillac definitely has high performance available; cool if you think it is. But, I was always suspicious of GM's effort to turn Cadillac into BMW/Audi/Mercedes. I think they overestimated the American people. People only said they wanted a high performance sedan as justification to purchase a slightly nicer Bimmer or Merc than their neighbor had, because, seriously, they were never really going to take it to the track anyway. Has anyone honestly ever seen a Cadillac "tracked" on a road course? Worse, I am reluctantly consigning myself to the unavoidable truth that sedans (even really fast Cadillac sedans) don't sell and the future looks like a box on stilts.
  11. BoomerSooner

    2020 Ford Explorer

    So no one is going to mention Jim Farley's high-water pants?
  12. My experience with Continentals is limited to instances where FoMoCo used them as OEM tires. On each car, they have proved noisy and to have low treadlife. We too have an Escape ( 2017 Escape Titanium), but ours came OEM with the Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires. I'm a fan. They have proved quiet, very stable in the rain, surprisingly good in light snow, and to have worn well.
  13. BoomerSooner

    2019 Ford Ranger First Drive

    What a pleasant surprise to see such glowing reviews of the Ranger! Given the late-to-the-party introduction and the borrowed basis for some of the truck's parts, I had concerns. Compare these reviews to Car & Driver's absolutely brutal review of the Silverado in the Silverado/F-150/Ram comparison test in the January 2019 edition.
  14. Sitting at a red light today beside a 2007 Explorer, I noticed the Explorer's circle-dash design in its taillights is perfectly mimicked by the headlight/running light design of the Maverick. Also, big thumbs up if they use LED to light the big FORD letters in the grille like the picture seems to suggest. I haven't seen anyone else do that yet.
  15. Isn't the Tesla fanboy the same guy who would previously only buy a Toyota because they were the most reliable cars? The same guy that would only buy a Volvo because they were the safest cars? The same guy that would only drive a BMW because it's the "ultimate driving machine" (and then goes out and buys one with an automatic. The heathen.). Never overestimate the buying public.