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  1. Hello, Interested in a 4x4 F150. I'd driven vehicles in snowy/rainy/freezing mixed/tricky driving areas in Pennsylvania mountains... really appreciated automatic 4WD mode. I noticed 2018 F150 has this available on Lariat+ models. I'd be happier with a XLT. Any way to get the Auto 4WD on a XLT?
  2. Hello, We've had Fords for decades. My 1st new car was a 1991 Ford Escort bought in Hayward Ford, CA. About $12k - pretty dark blue 2 door, grey interior and 5 speed stick. Dealer taught me to drive a stick shift in the back parking lot! LOL Today, leaning towards a 2018 F-150 SuperCrew 4x4 6.5" Box 3.5EB/10speedAT Lariat 502A, moonroof, max trailer. MSRP north of $55k {gulp!} Will be trading in 2015 convertible Mustang =( Don't know what an X-Plan would be pricewise. Any ideas would be appreciated. PM or email would be ok joihan777@yahoo.com Thanks! BTW - I considered a Sahara Jeep Unlimited- couldn't do it!
  3. joihan777

    Still mixed on how the bronco will look like.

    I hope Ford doesn't simply offer a "Ford Wrangler". What are the peeves of Wranglers? 1. Slow and not highway savvy. 2. Either soft windows that are criminal/ scratch magnets and a pain to remove 3. or a HEAVY hard-top that is not easy to take down. 4. Cramped seats. Back seat has no recline! I hope Bronco can: 1. Be quick & agile at highway speeds (while retaining decent off-road capability) 2. Offer a true convertible experience. 3. or have a folding top that can stay on in more situations. 4. Wider seats! And back seats that can recline a little (some of us have kids!!!)
  4. joihan777

    Still mixed on how the bronco will look like.

    Howdy everyone, long time no post. I am currently "in the market" for a small 4x4 that can get me to work in nearly all weather conditions - blizzards to fun & sun. I am leaning HEAVY towards a JL Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara (mostly due to auto 4x4 mode on transfer case). I plan on buying by this winter, but I may hold out if Ford's Bronco is a viable option. Any likely introduction dates yet?
  5. Still no word if Ford will continue the Flex? We LOVE our quick little wagon! Add opening rear quarter windows (like Sienna), offer a Flex style PanaVista sunroof and freshen up the dash and it'd be the cat's meow!
  6. Hi everyone, long time no see! Since posting last, we've bought a Flex. I had always appreciated the interior, but I have to say we've come to love the overall design. There are a few quirks we'd like to see improved, but overall we think it's a smart, functional, elegant design. What our 2011 lacks is power and mileage...
  7. joihan777

    Ford Celestia convertible

    Ford Celestia 5 passenger convertible (2+3) Pure electric or hybrid models Primarily a commute vehicle. Similar concept to C-Max Built on Mustang platform. 200 mile pure electric range. Makes an excellent 2nd car.
  8. I test-drove a 4dr Jeep Wrangler Unlimited a few months ago. Pitiful. Poor road manners, sardine-can-like interior, and gutless. Perhaps this is a selling point. Whatever. If a majority of new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited owners plan to drive them primarily on-road, I wonder what the draw is. For me, it was the removable roof, 5 seatbelts & 4WD. Sadly, these selling points were not enough to overcome the cons (in my opinion). I hope Ford indeed does something unique. Need it be a Rubicon Warrior? Maybe not. Something more "Isuzu Amigo" and less "Jeep Wrangler" would be good in my book.
  9. After a financial difficulty, our plans to replace our aging Toyota Sienna was postponed 1-2 years. However, for our suburban California locale, in a climate that gets pretty hot in summertime yet next to the Sierras; we figure a 4WD V6 Explorer will be our next family hauler. We also hope to purchase a pop-up <2500 lbs. to tow... an F-150, Ecoboost or not, is too big for our garage.
  10. joihan777


    Thunderbird is not a sedan. It is a concept of open air freedom, for two, in style. If Ford returned the Thunderbird, retiring baby boomers may recall the feeling of the original '55 Thunderbirds... (I willfully blot my memory of the 70-80s T-Birds). The Ford Thunderbird would compete with the Mercedes SLK & BMW Z4. Of course, SVT COULD make a 'Vette fighter.... =)
  11. It would be nice if Ford allowed users to customize some buttons. The 2012 Mustang SYNC doesn't allow one-button access to Bluetooth audio... ya gotta go through 4-5 actions to get to your BT music... aggravating!
  12. Just saw this on my homepage. Aluminum skins & natural gas factory options? COOL! http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2013/08/11/is-ford-about-to-build-the-greatest-truck-of-our-g.aspx
  13. My first Ford was also my first new car; a 1991 Ford Escort. No one had what I wanted, so the fleet manager (Phil Johnson, I can't believe I still remember his name!) worked with me to get the EXACTLY as I wanted. For a 19 yr old kid with all his savings of working all summer & Christmas, it was an exciting process! 2 months later I had the car exactly as I wanted. They even had to show how to drive it because I had never driven a stick shift before. LOL it was a *jerky* few miles home. That guy was cool. Years later we ordered our minivan the same way. If you can wait, it's worth it.
  14. It's now on the Chebbie website: http://www.chevrolet.com/city-express-small-van.html (Don't ask why I was there)
  15. joihan777

    US Chevy Trailblazer may return.

    The idea is nice: A 5/7 passenger BOF "real" SUV that will ideally out-tow the Traverse. Would be useful in some regions. But it seems to me the Tahoe is very appealing and the Traverse gets it done for the soccer-mom crowd, based on what I observe in the greater Sacramento region.