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  1. bulltrout

    Wards '19 Best Engines

    My 2013 F-150 with the 5.0 has 130,000 trouble-free miles. It’s a great engine.
  2. bulltrout

    F150 EB on Ebay

    Uglier than the color are those terrible arched creases on the fenders. Who green lighted that styling disaster? The more I see this latest F-150, the less I like it. Still, best in class by a long shot.
  3. bulltrout

    03 Explorer parking brakes

    Thanks. I have seen the hole cutout and thought I might have to knock it out. Does Ford make a plug to fill the hole once I knock it out? I'll check with my dealer and see if they can help.
  4. bulltrout

    Faulty Explorer Part?

    It's clearly a design flaw. Mine was quickly replaced. In and out in a day.
  5. bulltrout

    Faulty Explorer Part?

    Had the piece replaced under warranty on my 03 Explorer couple years ago. The replacement cracked last winter. Does anyone know how to access the adjustment wheel for the small drums that serve as emergency brakes on the Explorer?
  6. bulltrout

    03 Explorer parking brakes

    Has disc brakes to stop the car, smaller drums for emergency brakes. Rear end is different from F 150 as it has IRS. Still can't find the plugs that would allow me to access wheel and adjust drums.
  7. bulltrout

    03 Explorer parking brakes

    Got my hands on a repair manual. Says it has drums, but I can't find a rubber plug to remove so I can adjust. Anyone out there?
  8. Anyone know how to adjust them? Pedal goes to floor, vehicle keeps rolling.
  9. bulltrout

    Modular Ford engines

    There's no doubt Ford shold have had a 351 V10 with a six speed in the 04 or 05 F 150. Ford's lack of action on this front has allowed Toyota (and the rest of the competition) to leap frog over it, and when the Hurricane/Boss finally arrives, it will be a seen as catch-up powerplant. Ford should never play catch up in the truck market. Period. I'm no engine expert, but having religiously read threads about the mods versus other Ford powerplants, I'm convinced of two things. The mods are solid powerplants that suffer primarily from a lack of development action on Ford's part, and that a new V8 with wider bore spacing is a good idea. This really isn't a case where it has to be one or the other. But frankly, Ford has failed with inaction on both fronts.
  10. bulltrout

    Modular Ford engines

    What are WCRs?
  11. I think it's understood that we're talking "wants" rather than "needs" with the Boss. It's just a question of which route to satisfy the "want" makes the most sense. I can't imagine I'd ever "need" more than what the 5.4 puts out in an F-150, especially if I can get it with a 6-speed. But I think Ford NEEDS to have an engine that satisfies the desire for a more power. You can't have Toyota blowing away your powertrain choices if you intend to stay on top.
  12. Not many, at least for F-150 drivers. I have a '67 Dodge PU with a 318. I believe it was rated for something like 230-250 fts when new, and 190 HP. And those are old, inflated specs. Probably puts about 100 HP to the rear wheels today. Still, it's great for Home Depot runs and trips to the dump. I've stacked quite a few bricks in the bed of that rig. Wouldn't put a trailer behind it and try to go 75 mph on the interstate, however. Heck, it gets a little scary at when the speedo bumps 60, without a load. As far as fitting a V10 in the F-150, they either should have engineered for it in the redesign, or built the Hurricane four years ago. One way or another, it's an example of confused, bad decision making at Ford. And this is Ford's most important vehicle. Same goes for the six speed. Build the tranny to fit your most important vehicle, or change the truck. But just get it done. I realize a redesign is a year away, but when your most important vehicle is finishing in last place in magazine test (no matter how bias), you've got problems. Engine and tranny upgrades would have made a difference.
  13. While the answer is "Yes," Ford needs a mod replacement, that doesn't mean the engine line is a failure. Part of the angst regarding the mods has more to due with Ford's dawdling in developing a more powerful engine for the F-150. It seems a V10 based on the 4.6 - displacing about 5.8 liters - could have been developed 5 years ago that would have served as a bridge until the Hurricane/Boss was ready. While the 5.4 in it's 3V form is a good truck powerplant, its design limitations - bore spacing et al - are obvious. The 4.6 is a great motor. It puts out decent peak power, and maybe a broader powerband than the competition. It's smooth and reliable. The 2V 4.6 in my Explorer puts out all the power I'll ever need, and seems perfectly matched to that vehicle. Ford does need a new V8 with bore spacings that allow for larger displacements for a high end engine for the F-150 and as a base engine for the F-250-350. If the company had acted a little faster I doubt the sectarian conflict between the Mod Mafia and - for lack of a better description - the anti-Mod Mafia would be so heated. Seems as thought the 4.6 will survive in cars and light trucks, as a previous post mentioned, with an emphasis on improving MPG. The Boss should replace the 5.4 and 6.8 - both good engines but with key limitations - in trucks.