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  1. I think the top safety pick and top safety pick + made the most sense. So you give a vehicle that structurally protects better in an accident a lesser grade than one that just gets and acceptable in same accident because of headlamps? The IIHS isn’t worried about better cars. They are just worried about lowering medical claims. Yet, make manufacturers install $1500 a piece headlamps, which raise premiums. Guess who wins in this scenario? The cars, they can put a price on and pay claims without worry because they are valued. But medical, they can’t put a price on pain and suffering. So raise premiums to cover expensive cars. But in turn they lower their risk of bodily injury claims. Sounds like a casino, the house always wins.
  2. If they get those headlamps to pass this would be even better. I don’t see anything wrong with the headlights. But I haven’t compared them to a “passing” headlamp.
  3. I would have to say Brougham is probably best left in the past. Unless you want coach lights and landau tops. The memories are always better than it really was in most cases. That’s why continental from the 60s is cool and so is the Chrysler 300. Fleetwood I don’t think needs a comeback. I would think Allante could work. Not sure about Seville. That’s why Cadillac went to STS/SLS for a while.
  4. fordtech1

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    Well I can see at least gm can use all those leftover greenhouses from the Cruze IMO. the side profile looks like a stretched Cruze. Welcome back the Cimarron!! Just kidding. I agree, not hideous, but definitely not looking too great. I’ll wait to see one in person. Btw all the pictures of car profiles are proof positive everything is a copy of each other. Only one that’s not, Lexus. Lexus new tag line. “If it’s not ugly, we don’t make it”!
  5. Well when the old Previous generations were an expedition in a cheap suit. Especially the 3rd gen. I’m sure the margins were decent.
  6. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/ford/2019/03/15/ford-ceo-hackett-executive-pay-announced/3166226002/ Damn that’s a lot of money! maybe take $1m from each executive and put it towards a supplier that can build a damn door latch.
  7. I liked the simple alphanumeric models then throw a 4 or a V to designate AWD or performance models. Most non car people won’t get it or care about if a XT5 has a 400 next to it. This reminds me of the “let’s put the GM square logo on the fender of everything”. Unlike most folks on here, I welcome change and new ideas, but I don’t think this is one worth the effort. Even Ford’s major loss in the “mobility” stuff, ie chariot. If you don’t try new stuff you will never change. I feel that’s what happened to sears. They had the biggest catalog sales of anyone. But instead of keeping with the times and taking some chances like amazon. They stayed the same and lost it all.
  8. fordtech1

    C8 Corvette allegedly too powerful for its frame

    The break down is indicative that the rumors are true. Problems seem to keep popping up.
  9. Interesting you brought up the grand Cherokee. I rode in one for with a uber driver. It’s was nice inside but the one thing I could not believe was how rough the idle was. I was on the back seat and at a light I could feel it running. It actually caught my attention. Felt like a 4 cylinder econo box. It had about 10k miles on it. Grand cherokees seemed to always have a plush interior even the older ones.
  10. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/03/14/chevy-corvette-c8-midengine-spy-shots-broken-down/
  11. fordtech1

    Cmax Oil Change

    You know I’m conflicted about going off the oil life monitor. Reason being, if you go by that it can be 7500 -10000. So the tires go 10,000 without rotating. Which in my experience can promote accelerated uneven wear on the tires. Also, if your vehicle uses oil, which a small amount isn’t abnormal, you may have to add some between services. If ford put oil level indicators in the vehicles and brake pad indicators, then I would be more inclined to go by it’s recommendations. Now if miles are racked up quickly, say a 30k a year customer that’s seems logical to go by the olm. But some folks 10-15k a year, means your car gets serviced once a year maybe twice. I see the worst of the worst so I’m overly cautious.
  12. fordtech1

    Cmax Oil Change

    Shop supplies are a normal charge. It does include cleaner such as brake cleaner to spray off any oil residue. However, I don’t complain about it too much. For $47.65 I suppose you got the works package that rotates the tires as well. Go to a quick lube and just an oil change without rotation will be more than that. Add a rotate and it’s over $60 for same service.
  13. fordtech1

    C8 Corvette allegedly too powerful for its frame

    Reminds me of the Vega. According to what I’ve read, it started coming apart on the test track and engineering had to go back and fix its weaknesses. Of course the corvette being different, no one wanted to work on the Vega project at the time.
  14. fordtech1

    C8 Corvette allegedly too powerful for its frame

    So a old chassis on a hellcat can handle 800+ hp but a newer more sophisticated one can’t? I call BS on that. Either the new chassis is like a noodle or this is a marketing scheme or straight out lie.
  15. A side note: these suv/cuv, whatever they are marketing them as now, are blending in so much with each other. Yesterday, I was in traffic and pulling up to a stop light behind a Cadillac XT4 and I literally thought it was a Honda CR-V for a short time. The tail lamps made me think that the way they turn in on the gate was the culprit. But the escape and RAV had same profile and so on. Pretty soon we will be driving the same vehicle with a different badge.