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  1. fordtech1

    2020 Corvette revealed

    By the way, I wonder is that’s just a promotional car. The rear is way too high up like it’s missing weight.
  2. fordtech1

    2020 Corvette revealed

    I don’t see much advantage of the convertible compared to the targa top. There’s still a bulkhead behind you. Only advantage I see is it’s probably power operated.
  3. fordtech1

    2020 Corvette revealed

    I think everyone is in the same mind set as to where’s the catch!? Mid engine car, numbers sound good on paper, and starting at less than 60k. Fiero? I figure the base price is a marketing scheme to get you interested, like most marketing, then add one option and the price rockets. All automotive enthusiast are thinking the same thing, why is it so cheap? What did they cut to get it there? I think most of the comments have been positive, so I think gm did a good job on this one. Can’t wait to see the pricing.
  4. fordtech1

    2020 Corvette revealed

    Only problem I have with the interior is the wall with the buttons. It looks like the passenger would be uncomfortable sitting next to an airplane bulkhead where their leg and elbow are hitting it. I don’t know for sure obviously but that’s what it looks like.
  5. fordtech1

    2020 Corvette revealed

    The price is impressive. Only question is this going to be like the non existent Tesla model 3 with a “base price”. The corvette is the only GM product I like and would own. Especially the C7. That’s a pretty car.
  6. fordtech1

    2020 Corvette revealed

    I don’t hate it at all. It looks like a mutt of a vehicle. Reminds me of a Camaro, has some nsx in it among some other styling cues that mimic other sports cars. I’m interested to see it in person. However, I like the current C7 looks better so far. Also, “most technologically advanced gm” that’s scary for the first year buyers. As I was reading the technology details, electric brakes, first time GM uses a DCT, new electrical architecture. This thing has bugs written all over it. They may beat BMW as far being in the shop. Gm wants to be European! Not to poo poo on the whole thing. I think it’s cool they took a chance. Grab the popcorn and let’s see what’s going to happen in the next year.
  7. fordtech1

    Exhaust Noise/Air Filter Change

    Hey I applaud people that want to do their own maintenance. Simple stuff like air filters, cabin filters, wipers, etc. Go for it. However, unless you have a lift and a drain buggy, why would you want to deal with an oil change. Most stuff now is extremely hard to do on the ground. Not to mention the mess. Plus, other than the satisfaction of doing it yourself and knowing it’s done correct, there is no cost benefit. Ford’s works package is very reasonable. Personally, I would find a place I trust and let them deal with the belly pans and oil runoff the control arms etc.
  8. It’s not German or Asian so the buttons will be atrocious according to car rags. Domestics always get ragged about too many buttons. If it’s anyone else it’s a piece of art dash design.
  9. It’s not the mistake. It’s the resolution that counts. A mistake that was just an oversight or a design flaw is one thing. Knowing that a problem exists and proceeding without change then trying to cover it up is pure negligence.
  10. http://www.metalrecyclersusa.com/advantages-reusing-aluminum.html I knew aluminum is easier to recycle than steel.
  11. Evidently there is an advantage to the consumer. Have you seen the full size truck crash tests? There must be some benefit If Audi, MB, Cadillac, Jaguar, Land Rover are all wasting money using aluminum on frames and on bodies. https://www.aluminum.org/product-markets/automotive I wonder how much cost benefit they do receive from being able to recycle the scrap aluminum from production waste.
  12. I don’t think those two are In the same category of problems. Granted the heads should have had more threads. However, the failure was much much lower by comparison and most of the issues were resolved with proper torque and maintenance. However, You are correct, it was an issue that should have been resolved 1-2 model years into the design. Not left to linger on for years and let the customer deal with it.
  13. Because how can they afford to give ceo a golden parachute when you spend money on products!!!! It truly pisses me off. Ford does this crap. They are such a yo-yo company. One decade they are up high. Next decade they are down low. It’s like someone with a bipolar disorder. They don’t learn. It’s next generation pinto.
  14. fordtech1

    2004 Ranger, 4.0, FX4, Level II, No Shift

    How many acorn shells? Like 5-10 or a bunch? I had a 2.3 ranger that was so under powered, more than normal, and the airbox was stuffed with acorns. Cleaned out the box and it was back to normal.
  15. I wonder if they are subletting the design department to Lexus?