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  1. bbf2530

    Clay Bar Recommendations

    Hi jcartwright. Meguiar's, Mother's, Griot's are all excellent brands. I personally tend to prefer Meguiar's products and have had good luck with them, including the claybar. If you have no preference between those three, I would probably go with the one I could find on sale or least expensive, apples to apples, since they are all top brands and good for the purpose they need to accomplish. I'm sure others will jump in with their own opinions and experiences. Good luck with whichever you choose and your car detailing.
  2. bbf2530

    Finally spent time with new Aviator

    Car and Driver has the MKZ 3.0T AWD doing 0-60 in 4.8 seconds.
  3. Hi all. In case it has not already been mentioned, just a hint/FYI for those looking for very particular features in a new Fusion and are not willing to settle for close enough: If you have the time to wait, why not factory order what you want? In this way, you get exactly what you want, the options you want, no equipment you don't want, in the color you want, etc, etc (within the limits of the Order Guide, of course). Your new car will arrive at the Dealership, be cleaned and prepped and you will be the first non-Ford/Dealer employee to drive it. It hasn't been sitting on the lot for 6 months or more, hasn't been test driven by god knows who, etc. Dealers were originally limited in what they could order for Dealer stock, so many Dealers never caught up with their stock. So there are often not a lot of non-Hybrid Fusion choices out there. And yes, I understand there are those who don't care to factory order for all their own reasons and I respect their choices. And I realize not everyone can wait and they want/need a car right now. However, for those who can't find exactly what they want, can wait and/or did not know they could factory order (or were not told they could, perhaps because a Dealer hoped to clear out slow moving current stock), it is perfect. I have factory ordered every one of my cars since 1981. Hope this information helps and good luck.
  4. bbf2530

    2020 Lincoln MKZ Order Guide

    Hi bobbyd. DRL's (in the LED accent lighting position) have been standard on the MKZ for several years. Not sure if the DRL's were configurable on lower models, but DRL's were standard equipment.
  5. bbf2530

    Lane Keeping Aid hits before Lane Keeping ALert

    Hi Zooks527. I have the system on my 2018 Lincoln MKZ and you are asking for opinions, so this is mine: No, I do not think it is backwards. As long as the driver is still within the white lines, a gentle nudge back is all that should be needed. Then a vibration/rumble warning to wake the driver up if they still don't pay attention and cross the lane markings. Then if we are inattentive enough times, we get the "pull over and get some coffee" suggestion on the Driver Information Center. In my opinion, the first thing it should do is keep the car within the lines (a steering adjustment). Then if that is ignored or not enough, warn you (steering wheel vibration/rumbling) to wake up an inattentive driver. I prefer my steering wheel isn't rumbling every time my car thinks I'm too close to the line. I would use the analogy of the rumble strips now prevalent on major highway shoulders. They are just outside the white lines on the shoulder, not on or inside the white lines. So if we intentionally or unintentionally cross the white line and begin to enter the shoulder, our tires hit the rumble strips and vibrate the car. We don't hit rumble strips while still in the lane, only when we go out of our lane. Again, just my respectful opinion. Good luck with your car. 🙂
  6. Hi righttime. Can't help you with the cause of the hissing. Is your 2016 still within the 3 year/36,000 mile Bumper to Bumper Warranty or an extended warranty? If it is, call and make an appointment for a proper diagnosis and service. However, as far as what brake fluid specification to use: Use what your Owners Manual states to use. You can find that information in the Capacities & Specifications section. I always recommend people check their Owners Manual instead of relying on Internet strangers for this type of information. What happens if someone gives you the wrong specification information and you follow it? If you purchased used and do not have your Owners Manual, you can download the PDF version here: https://owner.ford.com/tools/account/how-tos/owner-manuals.html Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  7. bbf2530

    '19 Expedition Tail Lights

    Hi Richard. Instructions for changing the taillight bulbs are on pages 346-347 of your Owners Manual. In the "Maintenance" section. Good luck.
  8. Hi John. I am not a tech, so just trying to help. Although the SiriusXM radio is already working, you can have Sirius send a refresh signal to your vehicle and see if it helps: https://care.siriusxm.com/retailrefresh_view.action#/refreshradio How long have you had your Explorer? Did Travel Link ever work properly? If you recently purchased your vehicle new, you could stop by the Dealership and ask your salesperson to walk you through the process to see if they can get it working. If things are still not working properly after that (and one of our tech members can not help), you will probably need to schedule a service visit. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  9. bbf2530

    2019 Ford Escape SEL - deactivation of Auto Unlock

    Hi again mpcmotorsports. After some further searching, found this: "Auto-lock and Auto-unlock Step 1 Enter the Escape and shut the door. Switch on the ignition. Press the door unlock button three times, then turn the ignition off. Step 2 Press the unlock button an additional three times, then switch on the ignition. Listing for the horn to chirp indicating you've entered programming mode. To change the auto-lock feature, press the unlock button then the lock button and listen for the horn to chirp. You'll hear a single chirp if auto-lock is disabled, or two chirps if auto-lock is enabled. To change the auto-unlock feature, press the lock button, then the unlock button. You'll hear one chirp if it is disabled or two chirps if it is enabled. Switch off the ignition to finish programming." Are those the full instructions you are now trying? Hopefully this will work and it can help others in the same situation. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ And also found this link: http://www.c-suvs.com/autounlock-226.html The link also gives two other programming options (three, including "See your Dealer"). Keep us updated and good luck.
  10. bbf2530

    2019 Ford Escape SEL - deactivation of Auto Unlock

    Hi mpcmotorsports. So are you saying the instructions you referred to in your first post now work, and when you turn the car/ignition on (but don't start the car), you can disable auto-unlock following those instructions?
  11. bbf2530

    2019 Ford Escape SEL - deactivation of Auto Unlock

    Hi Allen. Yes, I read all the posts and understood what the problem was before I replied, including when you mentioned the IDS system and a possible service bulletin. The Owners Manual information I provided was only meant to add to the already provided information, not contradict any of it. You and I both are assuming/guessing that the Service Tech "couldn't find" the procedure, which was why I advised the OP that his Dealers Service Department needs to contact Ford so they can "find" it. That is also why I gave the workaround listed in the Owners Manual, so his customer can at least override the autounlock feature when she feels the need to. It is not ideal, but since she is the worrisome type, at least maybe she will feel safer, until the Dealer does find the correct procedure for the permanent reprogramming. However, since they "couldn't find" the correct procedure, contacting Ford will assist the Service Department in finding the answer, right? Or perhaps the Owners Manual is mistaken and it can no longer be reprogrammed by the Dealer. The Service Department will need to figure all of that out, not us. I'm hurt Allen...sometimes I think you still believe I don't know how to read. All in good fun Allen. Good luck.
  12. bbf2530

    2019 Ford Escape SEL - deactivation of Auto Unlock

    Hi mpcmotorsports. Some information I found: Page 61 of the 2019 Escape Owners Manual states: "To enable or disable autounlock, see an authorized Dealer". I would assume that means there is a Dealer programmable procedure to disable autounlock (or why say go to the Dealer)? The Service Department needs to contact Ford and find out the procedure. Also on page 61 is a workaround. It states "Note:The doors do not autounlock if you electronically lock your vehicle after you switch the ignition off and before you open the driver door" So while it is not an ideal solution, it seems she can prevent the passenger doors from autounlocking if she turns off the car and presses the powerlock button before opening her drivers door. At least it is a temporary workaround to let her feel safer, until your Service Department can contact Ford on how to reprogram the locks. Hope this information helps and good luck.
  13. bbf2530

    How do you like the 2019 MKZ Hybrid?

    Stupid system here on Blue Oval does not allow editing after a very short time, so I am left to quoting myself above to add to my previous comments...lolololol.
  14. bbf2530

    How do you like the 2019 MKZ Hybrid?

    Oooops. Accidental double post.