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  1. bbf2530

    5W-30 oil in 1.5L Ecoboost?

    Hi Atlee. What akirby stated. Use the proper, manufacturer specified oil. Good luck.
  2. Hi Mel. It is not unusual in any and all cars with leather interiors, and is more visible on lighter colored leathers. You can purchase any top name leather cleaners and conditioners to clean your seats. Brands such as Meguiar's, Mother's, Tanners Preserve, Griot's etc. Keep in mind that modern automotive leather seating surfaces have a clear, thin, protective micro-coating. You do not want to do anything to damage or rub off that micro-coating. Whatever you use, do not rub too hard. Better to apply two or three times than rub hard and damage the leather coating and leather. There are one-step and/or two-step products. One step products combine a cleaner and conditioner in one bottle. An example would be "Meguiar's Gold Class Leather Cleaner and Conditioner". Two-step products have two bottles containing separate cleaners and conditioners. An example would be "Tanner's Preserve Leather Cleaner", and "Tanner's Preserve Leather Conditioner". Some people prefer the one-step products as they are quicker and easier to use. Other people prefer two-step products, feeling they do a better job overall. I use the products named above for many years and are happy with them. Either will take off your blue jean dye if you follow the directions correctly. I am sure others will jump in and recommend their own favorite products. Take all the recommendations, go to your automotive store and pick out one you like. You can even use a mild soap and water to clean the leather. Periodic conditioning is always a good idea. Hope this information helps. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  3. Hi Dan. Glad you were able to find a solution and thanks for posting back. Good luck.
  4. Hi requa. Okay, had time to go into my cell carrier account and here is what I found, so give it a try if you'd like (hopefully the procedure is similar for your carrier): Open your cell carrier account > Go to the menu > Click on "Devices" > Find your device and click on "Manage" > Scroll down and click on "Device Nickname" > Follow instructions to change your Device Nickname. I realize this may not be the cause of your issue and/or your carrier may have a different process to perform this change, but I figure it is worth a try at this point. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  5. Hi requa. Meant to add: I set my carrier name some years ago and forget how I did it. If I have a chance, I will go into my cell carrier/account settings, see if I can remember how to navigate the menu and post back with what I find, in case it may help you. In the meantime, call a landline and let us know what name comes up on the caller ID. Good luck.
  6. Hi requa. Try this: I believe you are correct and it is a "phone Issue". Or phone carrier issue, as Trailhiker mentioned/cell phone nickname issue as akirby mentioned. Through your cell phone service carrier account, you can choose the cell name/identifier which shows on caller ID. I think that may be the issue here. At some point, It seems your cell phone may have been assigned that unwanted identifier. That is why it keeps popping up no matter what changes you make in your phone directory. Out of curiosity, if you call a landline, what name shows up on the caller ID? Is it the same name you are trying to get rid of? If it is, then you need to change the name/"nickname" that is assigned to your phone. I would recommend accessing your carrier account, finding the settings for your phone identifier name, changing it to what you wish and see if that clears up the issue. Or call your cell phone carrier and ask them to change your cell phone identifier name, or ask them how you can do it. See if that helps and let us know. Good luck.
  7. Hi Texas. As fuzzy stated, vehicles are randomly taken from the line for QC test drives. I had a 1985 factory ordered Mustang GT delivered to me with similar mileage as your Navigator. However, my Mustang GT was delivered with a sticker from the factory, specifically stating that it had had been randomly selected for a QC test drive and listing the odometer reading when the test drive was completed. I would hope they would still provide that information today, especially on a Lincoln. Perhaps you can contact the Lincoln Concierge for more information, if you are still curious. As far as the condition it was in when delivered to you: The Dealer is paid to properly clean and prep delivered vehicles, as fuzzy also mentioned. Did you let the Dealer know at the time of delivery that you were unhappy with its condition? You should politely insist they properly detail your Navigator, since it was not done properly the first time. Keep us updated and good luck.
  8. bbf2530

    Apple carplay

    Hi fuzzy. Make it a 32GB flash drive then. That is what the Ford/Lincoln Owner websites specify as necessary. Some people have stated they used 16GB drives, but Ford says minimum 32GB. Good luck.
  9. Hi Michael. I would strongly recommend starting your own new thread. The title of this thread is "2018 Reserve L -DRL out, Trunk Opens on its own, 1 week old". It has absolutely nothing to do with your question, so is less likely to attract a reader who may be able to help you. Good luck.
  10. bbf2530

    last date able to order

    Hi Allen. Yes, a very careful Facetime might show most cosmetic issues. However, as I stated earlier, I would also be worried about engine, transmission, electronic/electrical problems, which no amount of Facetime or video will uncover. And this car is not "exactly" what he wanted, it is simply close. The big issue here is the 380+ days this particular vehicle has sat on a Dealers lot with no one else willing to purchase. If this Taurus had just come off the production line in the last few months, no big deal. Not saying it is a reason not to buy. But it is a reason to exercise a little added caution. If U251 decides to purchase it, I hope the car is perfect and he is happy.
  11. bbf2530

    last date able to order

    Hi Allen. Just out of curiosity, would you purchase a new car sight unseen, knowing you are locked into the purchase no matter what? I would not. But again, this is only my opinion. Yes, the fact it is a new car sale with the full Factory Warranty is good news. Better than a used car with no warranty. However, if having a factory warranty was all that mattered, none of us should bother looking over or taking a test drive before buying a new car. I factory order all my cars. But I still look them over carefully and take them for comprehensive test drives before I sign the final paperwork. Once I even had a major paint issue (on a 1982 Mustang GT), which I insisted be corrected before I would purchase the car. I was young then (ahhh, the good old days). In retrospect, knowing what I know now, I would not have purchased the car. Well, enough about me, back to U251. Yes, a test drive is no guarantee. Problems can and do pop up later. But buying sight unseen eliminates one of our safety nets as buyers. Buying a car sight unseen always carries inherent risks. As U251 has said, there may or may not be some reason this Taurus has sat on the Dealer lot for 380+ days. What if it was damaged in a test drive and needed major bodywork (an extreme example, I know)? Major, noticeable engine, transmission, electronic/electrical issues? Maybe those who have seen and or test driven it in Orlando know something we don't? Then again, the car may be perfect and the buy of the year. A factory warranty is great, but the prospect of buying a car sight unseen and then finding out it has a major issue is something to think about before signing on the dotted line, not afterwards when it is too late. No one wants their nice new car immediately needing to spend days, weeks or more in the shop. I am certainly not telling U251 not to buy, just throwing out some things to think about before signing on the dotted line. They know what they want better than I do. The tires, battery and physical damage are certainly concerns, but not the only ones (in my opinion, of course). Major issues (or any issue) which would have kept us from buying a car in the first place are also concerns. Not arguing with you Allen, just want U251 to take everything into consideration. Good luck, as always.
  12. bbf2530

    last date able to order

    Hi U251. $1,000 transport fee? Yikes? Do you have to sign the purchase contract, loan applications etc, and fully purchase the vehicle before they will ship it to you (I'm assuming the answer is yes)? And what happens if the car gets to you and there is a problem serious enough that you don't want the car? Another suggestion: Find out how much a one-way optional rental car would be. Drive down and pick up the car. If something is wrong with the deal and it falls through, drive back. Would certainly be less expensive than $1,000 shipping costs. And much less expensive than a problematic car, if you purchased it sight unseen, there is something wrong with the car and you don't want it. Or bus, plane, as akirby mentioned. I guess I am actually less concerned for you about the $1,000 than I am about what happens if there is an issue with the car and you are stuck with it when you get it. If there is a need to back out of the deal, better you find out before you purchase. If it were me, I would drive and make an adventure out of it. Or even a mid winter mini-vacation, if you have the time. Keep us updated and good luck.
  13. bbf2530

    last date able to order

    Hi U251. Essentially none, other than some surface rust on the rotors, as fuzzy stated above. Take the car on a long test drive (not an around the block once or twice, salesperson test drive). Ask the Dealership if you can take it home for the night to fully drive it. I have been able to do that, even with Dealerships who did not know me, where I had never purchased before. If you decide to purchase, have them change the oil, the wipers and preferably replace the battery. Of course, bring all of that up after you have negotiated your price (if they don't offer to do so on their own) and go from there. And give the tires a good look. Sitting like that for a year can lead to quicker dry rot and cracking. Also, check the engine compartment with the hood open and from underneath as carefully as you can, to try and ensure there are no animal nests. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  14. bbf2530

    Order lead time

    Hi Mace. According to the latest information provided by "ice-capades" (one of our members), Navigators scheduling as of the week of 1/28 have a build week of 2/25/19 or later. When yours is scheduled will depend on when your Dealer actually places the order, order acceptance by Lincoln, your Dealers allocation, scheduling and material constraints, weather delays, etc etc. You can see his post if you scroll towards the bottom of this thread: Hope your wait is a short one and good luck.