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  1. chris532

    Wayne Assembly

    Wayne will only be used to support MAP operations. Little early to talk about third vehicle for MAP. No way of knowing how much capacity Ranger and Bronco will actually need.
  2. Yes. Ranger is a slower line speed, about a 100 units a day less. So you can take 25k a shift off that. My opinion is mostly based off a interview with Joe Hindrichs saying Ford could sell 120K Rangers a year without effecting F150 sales. Ford is not going chase a sales crown with the Ranger if any chance of hurting F series sales. Right now Ranger prices are probably help F150 sales. People coming in for Ranger and being sold F150 ounce they see small price difference with available incentives.
  3. It's possible, with Ranger and Bronco coming out of one plant, even on a 3 crew schedule, I think unlikely. Taco has 2 plants able to produce. If Bronco is a success I think it will get priority over Ranger. If Ford gets 100-120k a year in Ranger sales they will be more than happy. I would be happy to be wrong though.
  4. chris532

    Ford building a new factory?

    WAP general stores is still used somewhat for storage of large items. It will now become one, MAP general stores is coming to WAP. With all the overhead conveyors at MAP they just don't have enough room for the needed stock for both Ranger and Bronco.
  5. Don't think Ford will ever have enough available capacity to build enough Ranger's to outsell the Taco.
  6. chris532

    Ford building a new factory?

    Don't know the full plan for WAP, but there will be 50 sequencing jobs coming for the Bronco (Focus was only 30). We were given 4 weeks to completely empty the building. There relocating General Stores and tearing down the old Union offices. Sounds like almost every square inch is going to be used within the next 2 years.
  7. Saw first ad today in southeast Michigan
  8. chris532

    Bronco mule

    MAP paint shop will be getting new spray robots sometime before Bronco production starts. Currently paint shop can only paint Rangers at half the speed that Final runs at. That's why there on 2 shifts. Still using same spray robots as Focus. Painting a Ranger cab and bed is like painting 2 Focus.
  9. 440 is the scheduled build number per day for all last week. 400 crew cabs, 40 super cabs.
  10. Took a look at a Ranger today. You can do it without removing the tire. Turn the wheel all the way to the right, remove two push pins on the rubber shield, fold it up and you have full access to the filter. Push pins are the type with a philips head were you can screw the center out to remove. Has a nice drain tray to route the filter oil just behind the sway bar. Looks like it will be cleaner and easier to do than my Ecoboost F-150
  11. TFLtrucks has many towing videos on youtube. No Ranger towing videos yet.
  12. chris532

    Union Dues?

    Should be 1.5%
  13. chris532

    MAP changeover rumor thread

    July and December off
  14. I'll add my fuel to the fire. Talking to a usually reliable source at MAP, was told the Everest will be a future third vehicle for the plant. Will depend alot on the success of Ranger and Bronco. Hopefully this rings true. A rebadge Everest as a Bronco would be a waste. My hopes would be: Bronco goes back to it original roots. 2 and 4 door removable hardtop, removable doors not a deal breaker. Regular models front IFS suspension. Would be great for most who will just cruise to beach and never go off road. SVT version solid front axle and coilovers on all 4 corners. Will be what the true off roaders will want. To me that would be a great start to a Jeep Wrangler killer.
  15. chris532

    MAP down weekz

    Jan 23 and 30 is what my boss told us last week. That's why keyword it tentatively. Will probably change 4 more times before it actually get scheduled