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  1. C& D has a long history if anti ford rhetoric, every other publication has been relatively praiseworthy. As for the Gladiator...pretty cool...but significantly higher MSRP with comparable equip...heavy, slow, gas consumption and a tiny bed...but C & Ds WINNER!...As for ride...90% of that is to due with tires....not a fan of Fords choice, and apparently one gets better mileage than the other with more off road chops...
  2. based on what what my dealer principle saw ( photos ) he verified these may be close to the real McCoy....nothing is set in stone of course....but based on what he saw...these ARE representative...
  3. gorgeous...just wish they would tone down the swathes of chrome , in the interior especially....
  4. start thinking ( stylistically ) Tesla X......
  5. they really need to come up with a competitive lease program if they want to move forward in sales numbers....right now the leases are terrible....
  6. will be interesting when the baby bronco hits to see which way the market will "sway"...because, on the surface at least,,,they will compete in the same segment...may even have exactly the same drivetrains....
  7. I wonder , as far as the roofs go, if the soft retractable, is an option for when the Hard Panels are removed, so you literally have the choice of two....like adding either a hard or soft retractable tonneau cover to a pickup?....I would say thats a coup.
  8. safe stylistically...vanilla offends no one...so I think it will sell well...just me or a little Tesla in the front end....and VERY happy the Escape in hybrid form is back....
  9. they are a tad too big...but unlike the previous Ranger...theres not rubber flaps hiding the issue....
  10. only complaint Ive had is the rear tailgate and gaps through which one cah literally see light through...one customer is even going so far as to fabricate some rubber flaps its driving him absolutely bat crazy...
  11. actually not 100% true...DMV can step in for suspect advertising practices....do they?....rarely...although I do recall them closing down Wilson Ford for their notorious $99 over invoice campaign....and I believe one can not even mention the word invoice in advertising any more....
  12. Bingo...and usually gets force fed Warranties and Maintenance on top of it...
  13. guys, I cannot emphasize enough, if something sounds too good to be true, 99% of the time its bogus....there is no sustainable business case that can be made for huge front end losses without something hiding behind a concealed corner...We have Dealers here advertising Raptors for MSRP...the market here is above that....then theres the asterix…*PLUS DEALER INSTALLED ADD ONS....read aftermarket $3995 running boards , $3995 custom bumper etc etc etc...and trust me...we get people telling us they can buy them at MSRP yet come hurtling back...it total BS, but gets people in the front door..despicable practice.
  14. lOVE to see that smoke and mirrors breakdown, given theres less than 2k markup in the top of the line units and ZERO rebates at this time ( California )
  15. Deanh

    GT500 powered Raptor

    we cant keep our hands on em...total stock right now is 2...and ones pimped out beyond rationality.