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  1. Sos the Transit Connect if I recall.....
  2. I found the exact opposite given transmissions. we had two Fiestas, one a 1.6 manual and one with the DCT...contrary to the window sticker estimates the manual was 2 -3 mpgs better...everytime...
  3. Ive had zero problems getting a combined 28 on the Fiesta St ( with a tune ) 33 on a trip with cruise set at 70 -75....
  4. Deanh

    Ranger sales estimate

    wait till Fords advertisement which shows rollover testing gets air time....lol....
  5. Deanh

    Ranger sales estimate

    they are relatively new to the party no?...at least compared with Toyota which soldiered on and basically had the segment to themselves...
  6. Deanh

    Ranger sales estimate

    dont agree....it was the only real "game in town" for a long time...the only competitor was nissan...
  7. Deanh

    Ranger sales estimate

    lol...thats funny, so removal of doors etc and making a car less safe is covered by "offroad use only"....first sign of a fatality would be a lawsuit IMO.
  8. Deanh

    Ranger sales estimate

    I have, noisy, bumpy, lots of road noise, and thirsty....but enjoyed the retro and quirky....not sure I could live with one long term though...these are areas I believe Fords upcoming competitor will adress... .
  9. Deanh

    Ranger sales estimate

    Gladiator is cool, but im guessing it may wear thin over time...and I swear...how the HELL does Jeep get around selling vehicles with removable doors, Roofs and flip down windsheilds,,,,,rolling death traps in my opinion...like giving a middle finger to side intrusion and roll over....
  10. Deanh

    Ranger sales estimate

    Bingo...I don't thing ultimately sales numbers are a true sign of success...I can attest we have people wandering in asking about the ranger constantly....
  11. Deanh

    Ranger sales estimate

    I too am waiting...the 7 speed manual hooked me...even if it is on a basic model...Colors?...funny you stated that, and its an area I thin Ford missed the boat when it comes to the ranger....wheres the Camo green, the Lead foot?
  12. Deanh

    Ranger sales estimate

    Yoda customers are interesting beyond compare...loyal to a FAULT....how else can one explain Camry and Corolla sales?...I rightfully don't know if there will be conquest sales...but Im quite sure there will be a lot of first time truck buyers not "Toyota brainwashed"....especially if the head to head comparisons mimic what we already know....the Tacos are extremely antiquated....
  13. Deanh

    Ranger sales estimate

    its coming in the guise of the bronco....but I would lay $$$$ on it improving substantially on the jeep as far as QC, drivability/ livability and dependability than Jeep.....
  14. Deanh

    Ranger sales estimate

    probably close to reality as our initial allocation was abysmal...read ONE stock unit. Hopefully once production ramps up, so will the numbers...
  15. Deanh

    Ranger sales estimate

    ?...Ford didn't abandon the Crown Vic and Grand Marquis...the buying public did....the last few years of production we had a couple that had two year birthdays...and that was WITH 5k in rebates....why on earth Ford would continue manufacturing a car that barring PI units sat and rusted I have no idea. Cant believe there are still people "grieving: over a vehicle whos time has long gone.