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  1. Deanh

    2020 GT 350R Upgrades.

    screw that...if Im spending 100k on on a car Im contacting Earl Schibe.
  2. Deanh

    2020 GT 350R Upgrades.

    sidebar...PAINTED over the top stripes on the GT500 are $10000 …...yes...10 grand!
  3. Mustang alone...Bullitt, Performance Package, California Special package, Black accent package, etc etc ...Expedition...Stealth, Texas edition Special Edition package...etc etc.......
  4. King ranch and Eddie Bauer were just two tone and slightly different interiors... nothing too complex about that...much like the mustang Bullit...
  5. maybe they will be distinctive interior and exterior kits, ala King Ranch, Eddie Bauer.....etc etc...
  6. Deanh

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    like it...only questionable design issue in my opinion is the hip flick and the corresponding dip in the roof....haven't like those design features since they first saw the light of day...
  7. Deanh

    New lawsuit $1.2B

    I swear these M'F'ers just get on blog sites of people complaining about Vehicular issues....Im quite sure if someone googled Mileage let down for eco boosts there would be a plethora. Fact is people HAPPY don't post very often...just people think when they bleat on a website they think they actually have a voice that's heard....ie Hargens Burman. And lets face reality...I witnessed a bunch of people saying they cant get close to what the Window states as mileage...which has absolutely ZERO to do with individual driving habits. Accountability apparently only applies to the "deep pockets" of the manufacturer. GRRRRRRR.
  8. Deanh

    New lawsuit $1.2B

    nothing chaps me more than Ambulance chasing Law Firms with class action lawsuits...blatant go after deep pockets hoping something sticks...and the owners eventually get a check for 50c if the suit gets settled. Bunch of WANKERS. I do wonder what their culpability is if the lawsuit and subsequent costs amount to zero.....
  9. Deanh

    2020 Transit

    sincerely would not be surprised to see Diesels eventually get hybrid replacements in the future either...Fords publicity stunt with the F150 kinda debunks any whims about capacity...albeit grandiose...
  10. Deanh

    2020 Transit

    yet to see and bodies on a Ranger Supercab chassis here....
  11. Deanh

    2020 Transit

    load height of a Transit Van is a mere 28 inches...even adding the bed onto a chasiss I would guess that's substantially lower than the same flatbed on an F series....
  12. Deanh

    2020 Transit

    all over the place here...lower bed height and enough payload for their purpose...they may even be somewhat shorter and thus easier to park and manouver...
  13. Deanh

    2020 Transit

    along those lines...the 1.5 diesel in the Transit connect never saw the light of day....I swear...I see diesel death knolls...hybrids make more sense.....
  14. Mulling over the 2020 Transit ordering guide....well, Encyclopedia Britannica ( 42 pages )...scratching my head on a couple of things. AWD is now avail...good. May not sell in huge numbers but a good "have". Diesel is now a 2.0...that's questionable IMO..then again its not avail on 54 body variants...( yeah, figure that one out ) And one BIGGIE is they have come back with the Crew Van...bout bloody time ( its a second row bench behnd the two front buckets in a Cargo van. 42 pages...let the nightmare continue....
  15. Deanh

    2020 Corvette revealed

    big difference between the cars you are mentioning and a vehicle that will, in comparison, be on the roads in numbers atune to Fords escort in comparison.