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  1. all stock units so far...not one retail order....
  2. I could supply a list of differences, but they are all under the skin...the Ranger is most significantly a STRONGER Truck...the Colorado 4x4, if you go off roading, requires removal ( for approach angles,) of the front air deflector, but they warn it has to be re-installed for road usage ( potential overheating, gas mileage issues )...the front suspension A arms are forged on the ranger, stamped on the Colorado,,,the chassis is fully boxed in the Ranger...the bumpers are steel to deal with abuse better...the list is long, but a majority of the diffs are under the skin...the tow hitch, the mounts for the cabin to chassis....yadda yadda, yadda...THSES are things Ford should point out in their info....
  3. Rangers will take off when Ford A) starts advertising, and B) has some semblance of a lease program...whilst residuals are strong, the money factor SUCKS and thus the lease payments are NOT competitive...and irony, just saw a Toyota lease add with $999 down and a sub $300 a month payment. And my guess is, that's shots fired AT the ranger introduction....game on.
  4. savings will come more in the way of Rebates from the manufacturer than discounts off MSRP...margins between Inv and MSRP max out at $2000....not exactly a lot of wiggle room.
  5. IMO those round headlights need a slight relocation inboard...not a lot just a smidge.
  6. guesses...round headlights...maybe semblance in the grill...the Bronco Concept may supply clues...kinda wondered why the concept showed up in a "rock" movie....gauge reaction perhaps?...
  7. like I said...optional, either factory direct, or more likely aftermarket...but I had confirmation from a pretty good source.
  8. not a big deal to me at all, and adding a swingout bracket for the spare ...along with a flip down tailgate just sounds un-necessary along with just additional weight. I recall slamming that bracket shut on the old Bronco...weighed a ton and the tailgate itself had to be beefy to stop being caved in.
  9. I was told a SFA will be a available option ( don't k ow from the factory or aftermarket )
  10. going out on a limb here, but I would say the Gladiator IS just a jeep with a bed tacked on the back...
  11. not enough...ive got your back....lol....
  12. careful...we show 12.....11 haven't hit the ground yet....
  13. Deanh

    Bronco news?

    yes. yes, yes....manual transmission.....
  14. finally got to drive one...little rocket...only gfripes...agricultural sound at idle. But that was it....interesting the rangers Fan is not electric...clutches again...wonder what the thinking was on that...I think its electric in every other 2.3 application..as for markups, things are going to go two ways, with ever decreasing margins youll have deqlers not discounting as much, or discounting and putting the screws down in Finance in the form of add ons. A LOADED $466 Ranger has but $2000 "wiggle room" between MSRP and invoice...sadly this is happening across the board and the biggest savings is becoming in the form of Rebates....
  15. "Will it be better?"...could it be any worse?...Im sorry, but there is no place in the US for the 1.0...its failed in every application here. And even with the 2.0 engine, the Ecosport is burdened by weight...or should I say WAIT....1.5 eco would have been the ticket.