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  1. HofstraJet

    Headrest Tablet Mount

    Have you tried ProClip? Best mount for devices - been using them for over 14 years. Never tried the headrest mounts. Not cheap, but well worth it. https://www.proclipusa.com/category/car-headrest-mounts Google for 10% off codes or sign up for 15-20% codes from time to time.
  2. HofstraJet


    I reiterate what I said above. Slow and laggy on 18 Nav with new iPhone XSMax and latest OS and Waze app. Have to wait after you tap the screen for a response. Not impressed.
  3. HofstraJet

    Noisy cooled seats

    Mine always come on whenever I remote start (app or remote). If I leave them on when I shut down, they will come on when I start the car again regardless of how I start the car. Same for heated seats. The car remembers last setting, which is great. I always hated in my Expys that I had to turn them on each time.
  4. HofstraJet

    Noisy cooled seats

    Unacceptably loud and not very cool, especially considering the noise. One of my first gripes as living in S Florida I hoped to use them often.
  5. HofstraJet

    2018 Navigator Issues...Maybe?

    I have the liftgate closing and opening on its own when Im close by issue as well as the mirror issue. The liftgate issue caused it to hit my garage door and now I have a scratch on the door. Get the feeling that its not gonna be easy to get that fixed under warranty.
  6. Its the Bluetooth causing the lag. It has nothing to do with the speed of your card. Happens when watching video directly on an iPad and using Bluetooth for audio as well. Has been happening to me for years in various vehicles, Ford and otherwise. Dont know if there is anything to be done other than using a 3.5mm cable into the aux for the audio.
  7. HofstraJet

    2018 Navigator - RFID Blocking Windshield?

    My community transponder sticker didn't work on the windshield. They have an external sticker that they use for motorcycles which they put on the corner of my front right headlight. Can't see it (clear sticker on the white part of the lens) and works fine.
  8. HofstraJet

    2018 Navigator - RFID Blocking Windshield?

    This does not work in Florida for SunPass. I have tried it with different SunPass transponders and it never worked.
  9. HofstraJet

    Sound system - panel rattle?

    Shocking! I hate the Ford service appointment booking on the website. Too many times I get a call from the dealership saying they are too busy and that the website just sends a request to the dealer but doesn't actually make the appt. Well, then the site should say that!
  10. HofstraJet

    2018 Navigator - short homelink range?

    Agree with reprogramming. Mine works from a decent distance away. Sometimes the programming isn't quite right and the result is what you are experiencing. Does the remote you are programming from work from a distance?
  11. HofstraJet

    ahhh sweet bliss

    You can disable text notification - forgot where it is but I know you can as I did it. Will check tomorrow when I get into vehicle again. Agree on the volume screen - absurd. EDIT: its in Settings > Phone > Tezt messaging. Turn it off completely.
  12. HofstraJet

    Deep Sleep Mode?

    To bring closure to this thread, since the jump start, everything has been running normally. Guess the lights were the drain. Also, this incident fixed a problem I was having with my audio tone control settings not being remembered whenever I would turn the radio on or off, even if engine stayed on (tone controls always returned to flat). Now, the tone control settings remain. Weird that this fixed that issue as I tried a master reset before to no avail. That's my silver lining I guess.
  13. HofstraJet

    18 Navigator - Sync and iPhone Issues

    Since I don't use the USB connection for any of the UI features, I simply have the fast USB-C charger plugged into the AC port in the back of the center console and run the cable onto the front center console. That way, I get a fast charge, not the 1A the Navigator USB ports put out. Can't wait for ProClip to make a mount for the 18 Navigator.
  14. My liftgate closes at the slightest sense of something under the bumper. I'm in a wheelchair and whenever I'm loading/unloading, my front wheels go slightly under the bumper and cause the door to start closing on me. Very frustrating. May look to see if I can disable it.
  15. HofstraJet

    Unlock SIM

    Yes. Thats what I almost always do whenever someone in my car needs data and why the service is barely worth $10 for me. The only value is when traveling to places where TMO doesnt have a good signal and AT&T does. Marginal benefit, but possibly worth $10. Definitely not $20.