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  1. Here's a summary of November 2018 / some haven't reported their sales yet and GM only reports quarterly now: http://www.autonews.com/article/20181203/RETAIL01/181209939/ford-toyota-honda-sales-drop-on-weak-car-volume November 2018 Sales By Manufacturer Table: http://edit.autonews.com/section/usdcsales&nocache=1
  2. FCA sold 181,310 vehicles / 25% fleet Ford sold 196,303 / 25.9% fleet Driving FCA are Jeep and Ram, which is why Ford wishes to be more like them. http://www.autonews.com/article/20181203/RETAIL01/181209930
  3. https://marketrealist.com/2018/12/f-series-sales-fell-again-requires-fords-immediate-attention
  4. Not sure what the Thunder will be, however Ford did have a Ranger Thunder test vehicle years ago. One the of people on the team drove it to my house in Dearborn.
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    We need to fix this. All of the permissions changed - again with the new version.
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    There's a 15-minute time limit to edit a topic / post. Note sure that if that's long enough?
  7. Ford CEO open to investors in autonomous vehicles but cautious on VW I was in Detroit this past weekend and found some posters from the Daimler Chrysler "Merger of Equals" campaign - I'll have to snap some photos and post them up. While these Ford / VW talks are not a merger, rather a collaboration, it will be interesting to see where these talks go and if Ford is wanting that MEB platform. German directness, American euphemisms: the hell of cross-cultural communication: https://global.handelsblatt.com/opinion/german-directness-american-euphemisms-hell-cross-cultural-communication-891303
  8. 2020 Ford Mustang JOB1 Build Information 03 May 2019: 2019 Final Orders Due, 16 May 2019: Last Day to Change Orders, 16 January 2019: 2020 Model Year Order Banks Open, 28 February 2019: 2020 Model Year Scheduling Begins, 06 May 2019: 2020 Mustang JOB1 (start of retail production) Begins.
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    That hosting company assigned the same database name to two different databases (how that was done is still a mystery, although almost 20-years ago), so they kept rewriting over each other making them corrupt. We backup like a religion these days.
  10. You can also created custom activity streams, which will tailor what content you wish to read and from where. Here's how:
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    You're right - some of that data was lost from Jac the Knife era.
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    SORRY for the downtime. It wasn't the server causing issues, apparently is was some Google code. The next step is the make some site speed improvements and more.
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    We're back on track! 🤠
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    1971 Ford Mustang Order Guide

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    1971 Ford Mustang Order Guide