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  1. escapeman

    order date to production date query

    Thank you for the explanation. I will contact the dealership this week and check on the status of the order.
  2. I placed an order with my dealer on Dec 25 for a 2019 Nautilus Reserve, and was hoping that it would be available Mid March. I just noticed that Ice Capades in the production section has Nautilus scheduled build this week for the week of March 3. How long will it take for my order to get a serial # then a build date. Am I looking at an April May delivery. My dealer is the Largest Lincoln dealer in the Toronto Ontario area. Thx.
  3. Yes , I am aware. When I ordered my 16 MKX it was 5 weeks from order to delivery. That is not the norm. Dealer is telling me that nautilus are just barely trickling in . Plant working much slower in production and shipping.
  4. I was just at a dealer looking at a Nautilus Reserve, and almost ready to order. I am going to order Blue Diamond with Coffee interior. The dealer said that they will amend an order that was just serialized last week with a production week of Mid February, otherwise I would not take delivery till end March. Sales manager told me that they are just an ebb and flow out of the factory. Does not know why they are not producing more ,as they have many on order for stock and they are just trickling in.
  5. escapeman


    Thank you Kirby. That is the best I should be able to do then , shy of getting an A pin from someone. I certainly hope that Lincoln has not shot themselves in the foot with pricing of the new car. It is a nice car, just the same a four cyl turbo as a base engine , that does not have the refinement or quietness of the old 3.7, then asking $3000 for the six cyl is a big ask.
  6. escapeman


    Hi Kirby. I always lease my Lincolns from my dealer . He uses his invoice price as the cap cost. He told me he would use the other price that is on the invoice if I can get a pin for him.( was appx $1800 or so difference from the invoice price) Maybe I am asking for the wrong pin. My issue here is I do get friends and Family on Infinity, and a total loaded qx 50 will cost me $100 less per month, it is not the same car, yet that is a lot of $$$ difference.
  7. Good Morning All . I live in Canada and presently drive a 2016 MKX Reserve, I am presently looking to get a 2019 Nautilus, the dealer I work with wants $$$$ more for much the same car. I do not want to go to a competitive brand (Infinity QX50). Hoping a reader here could help out a fellow Long term Lincoln driver. Thank you in advance. Shoe
  8. escapeman


    I Have no inside info at all , other than to think that near end October for Job 1 of 2017 MY , and 2016 the first year of this new generation is a very long model run . Do a protracted 17 model run and then do an early 2018 with the new face. They did a similar thing with the new generation of Explorer , as the 2011 model run the first year was a long run , ended early and the 2012 run started in early June . This was my thoughts.
  9. escapeman


    Does this mean that the 2017 MY is to be a short model year run? with a possible 2018 re fresh in June?
  10. escapeman

    Road trip recommendation on west coast?

    Wife and I did the PCH trip from LA to SAN FRAN three years ago , never had a better time with all the sights, stopping along the way at Big Sur was great , saw tons of seas Lions. 17 Mile drive we saw 2 deer just chewing on a green at Pebble Beach we stopped and watched them for almost 15 minutes , they saw us and could not care less. We took 4 days to do this trip and enjoyed almost every hour of the drive. Planning on doing it again this June.
  11. Is this available as yet. Very little to choose from in Toronto area, in my color ways etc, maybe wait for 2017. If there is a difference in option groups etc. Thx
  12. escapeman

    A tribute to the Taurus and the people who build it

    ford should only hope in my lifetime they hit another grand slam,like they did with this one
  13. escapeman

    Last Taurus bulid?

    my wife gets a new taurus sel every 3 years as her company fleet car,we are on our 5th right now,we have an 05 sel,and where it may not be the best looking interior or most advanced tech wise we have never done anything more than oil changes and brakes as far as maintanance ,and it is one of the quietist mid size sedans I have ever driven.They have always been truly bullitproof.She now has an Impala or a grand prix to choose from,and I can tell you how many of those are in the shop from her company weekly.R I P
  14. escapeman

    underhood mat

    The work that all of you in Kansas is first rate ,I have had my escape for only 3 weeks and have already put 2 thousand miles on it,and it is one of the best screwed together vehicles I have ever owned ,much better than my wifes 2005 taurus sel ,and the seats are miles more comfortable ,and just as quiet as her taurus on the highway.GREAT JOB KNOW I know why I always buy FORD KEEP IT UP AND WE WILL START READING BETTER NEWS
  15. escapeman

    underhood mat

    I just picked up an 07 escape limited and it is very comfortable but a little noisy,is it possible ,and if it is would it make a difference,to put a hood liner in.When i picked mine up I noticed that they do not have one ,but the holes are there as it looks like ford took it out at one point ?(more de content)