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  1. markfnc

    2013 SEL water pump

    twice , 130,000 and 160,000
  2. markfnc

    2013 SEL water pump

    around 130,000 and 160,000
  3. markfnc

    2013 SEL water pump

    Ford did the repair of my water pump. that was at 88,000 miles. now I'm at 164,000. Did the repair extend the life, or am i fast approaching another $2,200 repair, or worse? anyone know?
  4. markfnc

    2013 SEL water pump

    Bad design having it internal. I saw yesterday that a class action law suit has been filed against Ford over the water pump issue. It would be a nice surprise if they issued a recall in response and i got reimbursed for some of my cost. 2013 Taurus (166,000 miles) a ton more issues than that of my 2007 Explorer (235,000 miles), and my wives 2005 Freestar (200,000 miles) Now rear passenger side door lock is having issues and door wont open from inside or outside. Unless you pull up on lock at the same time i hit the unlock button. Radio /cd randomly doesn't work after start. Have to remove key, get out of car and wait 10 sec then restart. then sometimes it will work again. Ready to be rid of it and get something else.
  5. markfnc

    2005 Freestar

    200,000 miles today. Roll on Freestar
  6. markfnc

    Is Ford in trouble?

    I'd think you could get to this format: Platform small Car looking 4 door hatch SUV looking 4 door hatch Fiesta Eco Sport Platform A Car looking 4 door hatch SUV looking 4 door hatch Van Focus Escape Transit connect Platform B Wagon looking 4 door hatch Car looking 4 door hatch SUV looking 4 door hatch Fusion/Mondeo Edge/Taurus Explorer Platform C Truck SUV Ranger Bronco (off road /towing) Platform D Truck SUV Van F150 Expedition Transit Platform E Truck F250/350/450 Platform F Sport Premium car like 4 door hatch Mustang Flex/Taurus
  7. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-ford-gran-torino-4/ 451 Miles, that's crazy. very nice. Not mine, just thought it was pretty amazing.
  8. thanks, i like the looks of the wagon a lot better. i'd really look at that.
  9. So, is that the difference between a wagon and a 4 door hatch, the window in the back area?
  10. markfnc

    C Max issues

    There are some really good deals on used C max with leather seats. Are there any issues with the 2015-2017 versions? Why are they not selling many?
  11. markfnc

    Leather, leather, leather ...

    My 2007 Eddie Bauer Explorer with 235,000 miles, "leather seating surfaces" still look good. clean condition about once every other month.
  12. markfnc

    Ranger Build & Price Site

    Still a lot. I bought a 1992 Ranger XLT regular cab, 4 cyl, 5 speed. a/c, sliding rear window, am/fm-cassette, that was it. $8,500. Drove fro 2 years, put 75,000 miles on it , sold for $7,500. I loved that truck Adjusting for inflation tht is $15,278 today.
  13. I am a Chief Estimator for a General Contractor. I'll get an e mail from a recruiter saying "I saw your resume and thought you would be a great fit for our insurance sales rep in Ohio" . I've never worked in insurance or sales. I've e mailed them with the question, "what in my resume leads you to believe id be a good insurance rep?" No reply. They are just mass e mailing. drives me crazy.
  14. markfnc

    2005 Freestar

    2005 Freestar now has 185,000 miles. Had the front end rebuilt. No other issues. roll on.