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  1. mackinaw

    Tesla Model Y Debuts

    Looks a little awkward to my eyes, but the Tesla faithful will probably love it. I don't think I'll ever warm up to that front end. I can appreciate that having no grille offers different challenges to a stylist. I'm not sure Tesla's solution is the right one.
  2. mackinaw

    Ford Taurus 2020 (CN)

    Yep, another generic front end. For that matter, the whole car is forgettable.
  3. Hmmmm, I need to get in my touch with my contact who works with EV's.
  4. mackinaw

    Rivian R1T electric pickup

    This is an interesting truck, but not a truck for the common man. The CEO has said "We want to get the guy who already has a Range Rover sitting next to a Tesla in the garage, or the Jeep Wrangler sitting next to the BMW i3..........." https://www.autonews.com/world-congress/rivians-scaringe-making-evs-hardest-part-being-automaker
  5. From today's Autoline Daily. Go to the 4:19 mark: http://www.autoline.tv/journal/?p=60259
  6. mackinaw

    C8 Corvette allegedly too powerful for its frame

    Maybe the frame couldn't handle the stress of putting gas in the gas tank.
  7. mackinaw

    IRS for the F-150?

    I'd go with a luxury version too.
  8. To be fair, UAW president Gary Jones, just gave his usual "fire and brimstone" speech at the UAW's recent Special Bargaining Convention.
  9. mackinaw

    C8 Corvette allegedly too powerful for its frame

    It was probably getting spanked by the Ford GT, and other mid-engine supercars in comparison tests, so management demanded more power. Not exactly a feather in the cap for GM engineering.
  10. mackinaw

    C8 Corvette allegedly too powerful for its frame

    Poor engineering on GM’s part. When engineering and designing a new vehicle, you establish design parameters, e.i., size, weight, price point, engine options, etc. and you then design and engineer the vehicle to these specs. The (alleged) fact that the chassis is flexing means somebody goofed, like big-time. This problem should have been caught months, or years ago.
  11. Meanwhile, my local dealer, finally, has its first Ranger. A Hot Pepper Red Metallic XLT. I'll try and drop by next week for a look.
  12. https://www.motor1.com/news/297524/ford-focus-pickup-spy-shots/
  13. mackinaw

    A not so nice view on Hackett

    I've soured on GM as of late. Even sold my stock. Barra has done some good things, like exiting Europe, but pulling out of India (the fourth largest auto market in the world, and growing) makes me question her priorities. And I really question GM's push to be a 'modern tech" company. Yeah, EV's and AV's are the future, but widespread public acceptance of both is probably decades off. In the meantime, their latest products seem to mediocre at best. Their new full-size pickup is a disappointment, usually ranking dead last in a comparison test with Ford and Ram. The Camaro is another botched attempt (so bad that GM is rushing through another styling update so as to make it more competitive with the Mustang and Challenger), and Cadillac's latest full-size SUV, the XT6, was met with yawns at the Detroit Auto Show. Maybe Barra will surprise me, but for now, this investor will sit on the sidelines.
  14. mackinaw

    Bronco mule

    No kidding, a billion bucks. Not exactly chump change.
  15. I always test drive. Over varied conditions too. Only way for me to find out if I can live with a vehicle for 5+ years.
  16. mackinaw

    A not so nice view on Hackett

    Ford has already said they'll be shifting significant resources ($$$$$$) from iCE to EV's. "Hackett said that Ford would be cutting capital expenditure on internal combustion engines by a third, redeploying that capital into electrification, on top of $4.5 billion (€3.8 billion) the company has already planned to spend on electric cars." https://autovistagroup.com/news-and-insights/ford-set-move-money-traditional-engine-development-ev-and-autonomous-programs
  17. Maybe this will help Model 3 sales, which plummeted from 25,000+ units in December to only 6,500 units in January. https://www.latimes.com/business/autos/la-fi-hy-tesla-sales-plung-20190201-story.html
  18. mackinaw

    Bronco mule

    It helps when Ford's Design Chief, Moray Callum, rides around in a 1976 Bronco. https://www.autonews.com/article/20170116/OEM04/301169960/moray-callum-s-retro-ride
  19. Agreed. They were the best team in the NHL for 10+ years, but that came at a price, no good, first round draft picks for several years. I like some of the young guys they drafted recently. It looks like they'll land a few more good picks this year too. I think the future is bright for the Wings.
  20. There's very little good I can say about aging, but having a long memory is one positive thing. I can still picture the front page of the Detroit News proudly stating "Lions win Championship!" This was back in 1957. The big, black, block letters took up the top 1/4 of the first page. Agree with you on the Red Wings, an A+ team.
  21. mackinaw

    Bronco mule

    So they're using coil springs in the rear?
  22. mackinaw

    A not so nice view on Hackett

    You should listen to last week's "Autoline This Week." They interview Jim Farley who discusses this very issue.
  23. mackinaw

    A not so nice view on Hackett

    I have one contact left at Ford. She's the sister of an old high school buddy who I see maybe once/year. She works in EV's and is very happy with how things are going. Not surprising I guess, EV's are one of the places you want to be right now if you work in the auto industry.
  24. mackinaw

    A not so nice view on Hackett

    It seems AV's have lost some of their luster during 2018. I think the realization of how difficult it is to build an all-season AV has finally sunk in. That, plus a few well-publicized accidents have caused almost everybody to pull back. The big news with Ford and AV's is if VW agrees to partner with them on Argo. That though, is still a work in progress.