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  1. On the foot operated lift gate, try touching the top of your shoe to the bottom of the bumper about halfway between the center and one side. Like you were punting a football. This works better than waving your foot back and forth.
  2. Ford has encrypted their window stickers so you can't just change a vin number on an old URL any more, but I found this dealer webpage that works: http://mcmahonford.com/Look-Up-Window-Sticker/
  3. akirby

    Jaguar Land Rover record losses

    JLR succeeded because Tata injected a boatload of capital.
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    I’ve seen the future of mobility services with 5G and we haven’t even scratched the surface of what is going to be capable in another 2-3 years. All that early research and investment will pay off.
  5. Mach-E sales will depend a lot on pricing. The lower the price the higher the sales and vice versa regardless of everything else.
  6. Agreed - Mach E will be lucky to sell 2K/month and will probably be closer to 1K. Which is fine - it's not supposed to be a big volume seller.
  7. akirby

    A new petrolengine with CGI in the block?

    You're on thin ice, just so you know.
  8. So they are basically just throwing money away. I guess they don't get very many of these so they get lost in the shuffle.
  9. The only reason not to sell it in NA is if they have a better product to fit that market space.
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    Which is why he's not CEO. At least he seems to know his limitations.
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    Correct. The CEO can absolutely influence how the designers and product teams operate. He didn't come up with the styling but he said this sucks start over and it needs to be bold and beautiful. It's all about setting expectations and guidelines for the folks doing the work. I sincerely doubt we would be seeing the Aviator GT with balls to the wall performance under Fields.
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    IT is traditionally a cost center and brings in no revenue on its own so it's a prime target for cost cutting, outsourcing, etc. Traditional IT that takes 6 - 24 months to deliver monolithic projects are not going to work in today's world. You have to move to an agile devops model where IT supplies platforms and tools (or you use public cloud) and each team uses those tools and platforms to develop and deploy their own applications in a self service model. Whereas it takes anywhere from 3 weeks to 9 months to install a new server you can go to Amazon or Microsoft and get a new Linux virtual server literally in a few minutes and have your software up and running in hours or days. And you only pay for it while you're using it. Of course that requires a completely different skillset than a traditional IT/development shop and it requires support from upper management to implement it. If you do it correctly with proper training and oversight (and hiring folks who already have those skills) you can really transform and enable the product teams to move so much faster and you can get new insights with machine learning/AI and big data. On the other hand if you do it wrong it will be far worse. But doing nothing is a recipe for disaster.
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    All of the platform things (BEVs, RWD hybrids, etc.) predate Hackett I'm sure. But what he's brought to the table is a fresh perspective on styling, features and packaging. He took one look at the Mach-E BEV and said start over and the new one was a knockout (or so we've been told). I'm sure he influenced Aviator GT performance. Because you can't get high margins on ho hum vehicles that look and perform like everything else.
  14. A better feature for me would be to have a second camera on top of the tailgate (or have the current one rotate 90 degrees) so you can see as you back up with the tailgate down. It looks strange looking at asphalt or concrete as your backing up.
  15. So you're saying the depreciation estimates used to calculate residuals are wrong on high mileage leases? That means they're just throwing away money. Why would they do that?
  16. akirby


    The only way to fix that type of behavior permanently is to get rid of the executives and middle managers that think that way and to hire/promote people who think and act appropriately AND you have to ensure the compensation rewards good behavior and punishes the bad ones. I had a VP who demanded that everyone do what's best for the company not just for you or the organization. It was ok to make mistakes and it was ok to escalate issues as long as you followed the right process and were trying to do the right thing. As long as you did that you were golden. If you didn't do that you were told to go find a new job. Mulally forced people to change while he was there but he didn't change the culture. So when Fields took over he allowed those people to revert to their old ways. I hope Hackett is trying to fix that permanently.
  17. I was thinking it could be used any time. If it’s only used in reverse then it’s not much better than the tailgate camera (other than the fifth wheel use case).
  18. Definitely go by the total of payments either way including down payments and other fees.
  19. Bed cameras are extremely useful in super and crew cabs since you can't really see the bed contents (at least I can't). Almost a no brainer.
  20. Why? Not accounting for differences in rebates/subsidies you're paying for depreciation either way. My rule is if you're going to get a new vehicle every 2-3 years then leasing is easier. If you want to keep it longer then purchasing is better or you could lease with the intent to buy it out. That way you can keep the payments lower and you have the option to walk away from the lease if you don't like it.
  21. That was my assumption as well and that was Cuatitlan not Hermosillo.
  22. I thought the retooling was for Maverick and other C2 vehicles?
  23. Or taking a longer route that actually ends up burning more gas just to get a higher mpg number.
  24. akirby


    To be fair I think Fields was fired based on results (or lack thereof) not based on his mgt style. I suspect if Fields had delivered good numbers he’d still be in charge.