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  1. akirby

    X-Plan Rules Question

    Go to fordpartner.com and enter code MC405. You can’t generate valid pins using that code (mustang club of America) but you can view the rules.
  2. Interesting. 2nd one used a Tesla powertrain and only lasted 3 yrs.
  3. Actually I agree with hybrids being the better short to mid term bet which is why I like Ford's strategy of hybrid utilities, F150 and Mustang. I do think they're missing out on some important R&D by not having at least a token BEV.
  4. Somebody has a serious fetish about meaningless awards.
  5. akirby

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Not this version. When they decided to go RWD/CD6 they decided to go upscale with both Explorer and Aviator based on the success of the previous gen Explorer Platinum and Limited. Aviator will go even higher - pushing $80K - $90K.
  6. akirby

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Oops. 2019, 2020 - whatever it takes.
  7. akirby

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Nope - they’re part of the cold weather package and optional on both 200A and 202A XLT. But with 202A you have to get the moonroof and 20” wheels.
  8. akirby

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Looking at the expected retail mix, it’s 5% base, 10% XLT 201A, 29% XLT 202A and 64% Platinum/Limited/ST. They are clearly marketing this as a premium vehicle.
  9. I agree about Chrysler in general but not about RAM and Jeep. Jeep has a big faithful following and people (especially youngsters) love them. They were smart to come out with several smaller crossovers which benefit from Wrangler appeal. RAM has stepped up their game with interior and exterior design and features even if the engines are ancient. They're very competitive. I agree they don't seem to be prepared for the future with electrification and smaller more fuel efficient engines and quality is still an issue, but they've done a lot of things right the last few years.
  10. akirby

    Eco Boost engine cover

    You can ask the dealer but I think they’ve deleted that on current models.
  11. Ford has encrypted their window stickers so you can't just change a vin number on an old URL any more, but I found this dealer webpage that works: http://mcmahonford.com/Look-Up-Window-Sticker/
  12. akirby

    5W-30 oil in 1.5L Ecoboost?

    If they specify 5W-30 for all the other ecoboosts but 5W-20 for this one they must have had a good reason. If you use 5W-30 and have an engine problem under warranty they might not cover the repair.
  13. akirby

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Nope. But it shouldn’t be too hard to get one and swap it out if you really want it.
  14. Sometimes a change like that snowballs - to change the cluster you have to change this module. To change that module you have to change the steering wheel. And so on. And what seemed like a 30 day $10K effort turns into a 6 month $200K effort. Or they just decided it wasn't worth the effort. Who knows.
  15. It’s not inexcusable, just disappointing. And where this will really hurt them is returning leasees. If I had leased a 2016 Edge for 3 years I probably wouldn’t go lease a 2019 because it’s basically the same vehicle. Same for MKX/Nautilus but at least Nautilus gets a new grille. If the new stuff is as great as expected then it’s probably a good business decision. If not then it’s a big miss. Won’t know for 2-3 more years.
  16. That was a general statement about Mr. Perez, not specifically about model numbers.
  17. THIS Edge is on an old platform. The NEW Edge should hit the bullseye (new shared platform, electrification). Sometimes you have to choose between giving Edge a new interior for 2019 (which would be effectively thrown away in a few years) and funding new stuff like hybrid trucks and SUVs and BEVs. IF they let the new vehicles (Ranger, Explorer, Aviator, Bronco, Maverick, Escape, Corsair, new Edge/Nautilus, etc. etc.) languish without significant updates for 5-6 years or more then I will agree with you 100%.
  18. Because GM and Jaguar never do anything wrong.
  19. Yes, sales and profits. Say what you want about RAM and Jeep but they’re setting sales records and turning a profit doing it.
  20. They've been successful with Escape and Corsair - haven't seen hide nor hair of them yet and job 1 is just a few months away.