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  1. blksn8k2

    Thoughts on Active Exhaust

    Probably a little but I doubt it is any more restrictive than the factory system which had a 2.5"ID resonator as well as a 2.5"ID pipe between that and the muffler. Even with one of the tailpipes on this system closed I still have a 3"ID resonator before the muffler and one 2.5"ID tailpipe. When I push the button on the remote any restriction caused by the shut-off valve is gone and it gets much louder. I can also set the position of the valve anywhere between fully opened and fully closed. I also assume the Magnaflow muffler is less restrictive than the stock piece. I know for sure that it is a helluva lot lighter. I assume you lose a little power on the Mustang GT system as well in whatever they call their quiet mode. The whole point of these systems is that you are not stuck with one sound. 😉 Here's a short video so you can hear the difference. Disregard the fogging camera lens (LOL). It's not that much quieter outside the cab, especially at idle, but inside is much more tolerable than without the valve. Unfortunately, I don't have any videos yet of the interior sound level with the latest setup. Not sure how much difference you could tell anyway. What I do know is that it is now much easier to carry on a normal conversation with the valve closed.
  2. blksn8k2

    Thoughts on Active Exhaust

    I created my own version of an active exhaust on my 2018 F-150 with the 5.0L V8. The stock exhaust is probably very efficient but it is also very quiet. Too quiet for my taste. After all, one of the reasons I went with the V8 and not a V6 EcoBoost was because of the V8 sound. Not long after I purchased the truck I replaced the factory exhaust with a Magnaflow stainless cat-back system. I had the same brand on my V8 Sport Trac and was extremely pleased with it on that vehicle. It had just the right tone and no ill effects. Not too loud and not too quiet. Just right. And, that system was on that vehicle for well over 150k trouble free miles. The Magnaflow system as purchased for the F-150 consisted of a 3"ID straight pipe between the flange behind the cats and the oval shaped muffler with dual 2.5"ID tailpipes that exit in front of the passenger side rear tire. Very similar to the 2nd gen Lightning. I also think it looks much better than the single factory tailpipe. However, that system was also way too loud IMO. So, I started by adding an aftermarket resonator. I kept replacing each resonator with a larger one but after three different resonators never really got the noise under control. The resonators I tried were located in front of the muffler in the same location as the factory resonator. Unfortunately, none of those seemed to make much difference. The best I could get was to go back to the factory resonator but even that was still too loud. The real issue was an annoying interior drone at about 2000 rpm. The other problem was that the factory resonator has a more restrictive 2.5" ID while all of the aftermarket pieces had a 3"ID. After watching several videos of vehicles with active exhaust, including the Mustang GT, I decided to try something similar, but slightly different, on my truck. What I did was to add an electric shut-off valve in one of the tailpipes. I can now regulate the sound level with a remote control. I can close the valve completely or have it partially or fully opened. With it fully closed all of the exhaust exits out the other 2.5"ID tailpipe and that works because this system uses a single muffler with dual outlets. I also went back to the largest of the aftermarket resonators which is a Magnaflow 3"ID x 6"OD x 14" long can with steel mesh packing, thus reducing the restriction that was added when I tried the 2.5"ID factory resonator. Problem solved. With valve closed there is no more interior drone and my neighbors are happy but with it open I can regulate just how much of that sweet V8 sound I want. 😲
  3. Don't all of the T6 variants and the Colorado use six lug wheels? This thing only has five....
  4. And if the EV market and supporting infrastructure never takes off or takes longer than expected to become viable Ford will have less invested if it sources at least some of that product from VW. There is already a more established market for the trucks and vans Ford will be building for VW.
  5. Will be interesting to see if they have done anything on this engine to address the oil pump gear issue.
  6. blksn8k2

    2020 Shelby Dealer Enrollment

    The 2007 reference is obviously the first year of the modern era Ford produced Shelby Mustang series and I'm guessing the first year for the Dealer Enrollment Program. The Boss 302 and Bullitt were probably included because they were/are also limited production Mustang models and dealers had to be enrolled in this program to get them.
  7. blksn8k2

    Joey Logano Dominates Michigan Race

    While I would like to see Harvick or anyone at SHR win at least one race this season they still seem to be self destructing. They have been slow to keep pace with Penske and JGR after the debut of the new rules package for 2019. They seem to have the speed now but the execution still sucks. Harvick's attitude certainly doesn't help either. Almost painful to watch his interviews. Speaking of (or too much like) the Busch Baby... Anyone know what's up with Bowyer's hat? In the post crash interview he was wearing a Ford blue hat but the logo was just the letter "F". Although it was a Ford script F. LOL.
  8. blksn8k2

    NEW 2021 F150

    Question for you: Some websites are speculating that the 5.0L could be replaced by a 4.8L in the next gen F-150. Any truth to that?
  9. blksn8k2

    F150 shootout

    The one thing missing from this article is any mention of the axle ratio in each truck. Were they all the same? If you are only interested in acceleration times the steeper the ratio the quicker the truck will be, and that's especially true with the V8 which makes it's power higher in the rpm range than the EB's. The fact that these trucks were all provided by the maker of the tunes makes me a bit suspicious of what they might be trying to promote. For example, if there is a bigger market for EB tunes and if that's your intended target then you might not do anything to make the V8 look more competitive, like adding a CAI kit which they mysteriously did do on the 3.5 EB. Most consumers who are only interested in acceleration, which is probably not why they bought a truck in the first place, would probably option their truck to get the best acceleration. In the case of the Coyote, that means a 3.73:1 axle ratio.
  10. blksn8k2

    Cup Qualifying

    I'll admit I was on the phone while most of today's qualifying was ongoing but from what I did see I'm starting to think this is becoming a real cluster. Just my opinion but on tracks where the fastest times are totally dependent on drafting they should either run heat races or do single car qualifying. I would be shocked if the results of the race on Sunday look anything like today's qualifying results. The guy who won the pole today was two laps down at the finish of last week's race. Granted, totally different types of tracks but seriously? The best pit stall might actually be the one behind the pole sitter's. Might not be anyone pitted in front of you after the first stage...
  11. blksn8k2

    Ford launches the Supercars Mustang

    Looks like the Holden boys have been eating sour grapes: https://www.motorsport.com/v8supercars/news/supercars-mustang-better-reynolds-holden/4346954/
  12. blksn8k2

    Bronco mule

    Maybe it's a new Sport Trac. j/k
  13. Hasn't been updated since the Thursday night Duel's at Daytona....budget cuts?
  14. blksn8k2

    Magnaflow Exhaust

    Here's the system with the new resonator installed. And no, the sky is not falling.😛 Short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XAz...ature=youtu.be
  15. blksn8k2

    Magnaflow Exhaust

    Others who have installed this and similar aftermarket systems report no such corrosion issues. The only truck I am aware of that Ford used a similar system on was the 2nd gen SVT Lightning. I don't know what type of coating they used on those wheels but if it wasn't any better than I have experienced on other Ford factory wheels from that era it wouldn't surprise me at all if all four wheels had the same amount of corrosion. A lot of it also depends on the environment including the type of conditions the truck was used in and did it get driven on roads treated with salt, etc.