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  1. blksn8k2

    Ford launches the Supercars Mustang

    Looks like the Holden boys have been eating sour grapes: https://www.motorsport.com/v8supercars/news/supercars-mustang-better-reynolds-holden/4346954/
  2. blksn8k2

    Bronco mule

    Maybe it's a new Sport Trac. j/k
  3. Hasn't been updated since the Thursday night Duel's at Daytona....budget cuts?
  4. blksn8k2

    Magnaflow Exhaust

    Here's the system with the new resonator installed. And no, the sky is not falling.😛 Short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XAz...ature=youtu.be
  5. blksn8k2

    Magnaflow Exhaust

    Others who have installed this and similar aftermarket systems report no such corrosion issues. The only truck I am aware of that Ford used a similar system on was the 2nd gen SVT Lightning. I don't know what type of coating they used on those wheels but if it wasn't any better than I have experienced on other Ford factory wheels from that era it wouldn't surprise me at all if all four wheels had the same amount of corrosion. A lot of it also depends on the environment including the type of conditions the truck was used in and did it get driven on roads treated with salt, etc.
  6. blksn8k2

    Magnaflow Exhaust

    Several weeks ago I installed a Magnaflow 19054 cat-back system on my '18 5.0L. Based on a video review I watched from a reputable parts house and my experience with the Magnaflow system I had on my V8 Sport Trac I assumed it would not be much louder than the factory system. Wrong. This is a dual outlet system that exits in front of the passenger side rear tire. It uses 3" pipe from the flange behind the cats to a single oval muffler with two 2.5" tailpipes with 3.5" polished, angle cut tips. The entire system is made from 409 stainless. Looks great IMO but I assume the mid-truck exit probably contributes to a lot of the interior drone around 2000 rpm. This system does not include a resonator like the factory system but it is actually pretty quiet at idle once you get past cold startup and it sounds absolutely amazing at WOT. My biggest complaint is that it is just annoyingly loud at cruising speeds. My first attempt to quiet it down was to add a small 3" straight through resonator directly in front of the muffler. Didn't make a damn bit of difference. I now have a longer stainless resonator with the same 3" pipe size but with a larger body diameter on order. Hopefully that will make it more acceptable. There is only about 21" of length between the flange and the muffler to add a resonator and some of that space is used up by the transmission crossmember. Squeezing in a resonator any longer than about 14" would be impossible. Ultimately I suppose I could reinstall the factory resonator which is 14" long but that would only be as a last resort short of just putting the entire factory system back on and calling it a failed experiment. The factory system used 3" pipe through the cats to the flange and then it was necked down to 2.5" from the flange through the resonator to the muffler and then back up to 3" after the muffler and out a single tailpipe that exited behind the passenger side rear tire. Putting the factory resonator with it's 2.5" restriction back into the system seems like defeating the whole purpose of changing the system in the first place. The only "gains" would be the smaller Magnaflow muffler and dual outlets in place of the huge factory muffler and single tailpipe. Would probably still sound and look better than the factory system but not much of an improvement in efficiency. Stay tuned...
  7. blksn8k2

    Jimmy Johnson Wins The Clash

    Seems like the Hendrick cars have had good single car speed the last few years but they don't play well when they get close to other cars. They are putting too much emphasis on winning the pole. Unfortunately, plate racing is all about pack racing which means your car needs to handle well in that pack. Hendrick cars obviously do not. Oh, and that might explain why Knaus never let JJ practice with other cars...
  8. blksn8k2

    Bronco news?

    Really. Ford, along with the other domestic manufacturers, made every possible effort to kill the midsize truck market because they wanted to force customers to buy what they wanted to sell - full size trucks. I get it they make much greater profits that way but they didn't make a single penny from me for years and probably thousands of other potential buyers who kept what they had or went elsewhere (Toyota) to get what they needed. When they finally did decide to get back into the mid-size market they made a half-assed effort by bringing a nearly ten year old design to North America with the base engine from the Mustang. Not impressed. It smacks of still being afraid to lose a single F-series sale to themselves.
  9. Not sure who picked the old Bronco footage to use in this video but whoever it was I think they really missed the boat. I didn't see a single photo or anything of the original Bronco and from everything I have read the new Bronco will have more of the design language from the original than it will from the '80s and '90s full size models that were shown in this video. My guess is that they couldn't find any footage of the original Bronco so they just used stuff from the later, full size versions because that's all they could find. Either that or they have no clue. Lazy journalism.
  10. blksn8k2

    Ford launches the Supercars Mustang

    Either the driver sits really low in the car or that windshield is a helluva lot easier to see out of than it looks.
  11. blksn8k2

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    When I asked about provisions for FUTURE DI I was not questioning why it isn't there now, only if it could easily be added if needed in the FUTURE without a major redesign of the heads. That is exactly what was done with the Coyote.
  12. blksn8k2

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Has there been any mention of provisions on the heads for adding DI in the future, similar to the Coyote? That would allow for higher efficiencies from increased compression ratio while still running on 87 octane, again, similar to the gen 3 Coyote.
  13. Anyone else having a problem opening the Ford Media link in the original post? Probably not much of anything new in this article. Good to see the block has deep skirts and cross-bolted main bearing caps like most newer Ford V8 engines. Shades of the original 427 FE. Other than being much shorter, the exhaust manifolds also resemble the cast iron headers from the 427. Also interesting to see the heavy amount of external ribbing on the block. https://www.fordnxt.com/news/the-ford-pushrod-returns-with-the-new-godzilla-7-3l-ohv-big-block/
  14. blksn8k2

    Bronco news?

    That's pretty much what happened to me. I kept the Sport Trac until I knew the Ranger wasn't going to fit my needs. Had Ford brought the T6 Ranger here six or seven years ago I probably would have traded the Sport Trac for one and then when my needs changed a few years after that I might have traded up to the F-150 I have now. As it was I kept the Trac for twelve years and Ford probably lost an extra sale.