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  1. When does this one come out? topic>check out the article https://www.mustang6g.com/4-door-mustang-is-coming-ford-reveals-to-dealers/
  2. 04GT

    4 CRUZEN

    2004 Mustang GT Convert Competition Orange! Only 404 built.
  3. I don't like the shift knob it looked cheap in the Dodges and Ford went and did the same thing. Its ugg
  4. 04GT

    Next Generation Mustang

    I just hope they don't get stupid like they did in the 70's. There is a market segment and they should stay with it.Three of my grand kids can't wait to get a car like grampas' 04 GT Convert
  5. Requesting an X-Plan PIN for 2010 F-150. Thanks for your consideration. Email address in my controls.
  6. 04GT

    Build Sheets

    Geez I will look next spring I have every piece pf documentation except that.
  7. Like your concept. Probably cut down on high speed chases !!
  8. Requesting an X-Plan PIN for 2010 F-150. Thanks for your consideration. My e-mail is in my contact list.. Thanks
  9. Just for curiousity how much does it cost to run a site like that?
  10. 04GT

    production firues for 07 Mustang?

    Ford will not release the numbers to you. I tried for 2 years to get numbers on my rare 04 (Competition Orange GT Conv.) and Ford denied having such numbers, give me a break. Gm and Chrysler can give you not only their own numbers but Ford's also. I got my numbers from a GM dealer friend. Try looking on "TheMustangSource.com" they seem to have information. Good Luck.
  11. 04GT

    Rumoured Mondeo Coupe

  12. 04GT

    Can Canadians Apply

    Thanks for your help I appreciate it but I have already received one.
  13. Need a pin number looking at purchasing an F150 can anyone help. PM me Please thanks.
  14. I am in Canada can I apply for an Xplan PIN number.