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  1. I know what your saying but to me as long as you are being respectful it is good. The Cleveland Indians got flak not for their name but the cartoon mascot, the KC Chiefs and the Atlanta Braves have no problems but the Redskins do because the name is a derogatory term and has been used that way. As long as you show respect to other cultures ( and Native Americans have a rich and proud one) most won't have an issue. Besides I wouldn't play up the theme I was just explaining why I thought the name would connect with "Scout"
  2. I agree but don't really understand why. The car not continuing does not change the car you have purchased. So why would you care. Yes you can't buy another if you like it but when any car gets replaced by an all new model yes the name is the same but the old car is no longer being made. So what is the difference?
  3. Styling is obviously subjective and you are certainly entitled to you opinion but to my eye that is an ugly mess.
  4. That's funny i missed the part where the article said they were selling none. There is still a V8 or nothing crowd, it is just getting smaller and will continue to shrink. It's sad but inevitable as not only the technology erases the performance gap but fuel gets more expensive and less people care about the V8's biggest and best advantage the "SOUND".
  5. The front looks to be pretty spot on to the teaser image Ford released. So I guess the rest was a guess is is wrong.
  6. Torino works for me.
  7. I think the Escape styling is to grab as many sedan buyers as much as to be different from Maverick.
  8. So it is a possibility it will be Mustang Mach E. I can't believe they are really considering this, just not needed. Mach E alone has the Mustang connection needed. I also think they should change the logo to a unique horse from the Mustang if they just use Mach E. Hopefully they make the right decision IMHO anyway.
  9. I would prefer the Mach E or whatever it will be called not be called Mustang. They could be using the pony badge to get the connection in people's minds but not use it on the actual car. We shall see. If it is called Mustang I will not like it but won't pretend it would stop me from buying another Mustang as my next car.
  10. I wonder why? Especially without Focus ST it would be a nice addition. Oh well. I guess my wife will be looking at Maverick, wonder if there will be a sport version of that?
  11. Exactly, there is no benefit to creating a Mustang sub-brand that can't be achieved by incorporating Mustang styling cues into other vehicles and a lot to be lost for Mustang if it was created. Ford can make more new and exciting vehicles without having to dilute the Mustang name. There is just no reason or benefit to it.
  12. I don't understand the logic of this thought process. Why would Ford dilute what the name Mustang stands for when the could have "styling cues" from mustang the Mach E and get the same result. It is even shown with the Mustang running horse on it, although if they would produce it that way or not remains to be seen. I would prefer another horse themed like Bronco with its bucking horse. As for the other stuff, 4 door coupe I doubt we see at all, cross over coupe: the Mach E and possibly a Fusion replacement, traditional crossover we already have the Edge and Escape.
  13. I Like it, I think the C pillar could use some work though, something a little less typical sedan. Did you use the Taurus for this render?