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  1. The front looks to be pretty spot on to the teaser image Ford released. So I guess the rest was a guess is is wrong.
  2. Torino works for me.
  3. I think the Escape styling is to grab as many sedan buyers as much as to be different from Maverick.
  4. So it is a possibility it will be Mustang Mach E. I can't believe they are really considering this, just not needed. Mach E alone has the Mustang connection needed. I also think they should change the logo to a unique horse from the Mustang if they just use Mach E. Hopefully they make the right decision IMHO anyway.
  5. I would prefer the Mach E or whatever it will be called not be called Mustang. They could be using the pony badge to get the connection in people's minds but not use it on the actual car. We shall see. If it is called Mustang I will not like it but won't pretend it would stop me from buying another Mustang as my next car.
  6. I wonder why? Especially without Focus ST it would be a nice addition. Oh well. I guess my wife will be looking at Maverick, wonder if there will be a sport version of that?
  7. Exactly, there is no benefit to creating a Mustang sub-brand that can't be achieved by incorporating Mustang styling cues into other vehicles and a lot to be lost for Mustang if it was created. Ford can make more new and exciting vehicles without having to dilute the Mustang name. There is just no reason or benefit to it.
  8. I don't understand the logic of this thought process. Why would Ford dilute what the name Mustang stands for when the could have "styling cues" from mustang the Mach E and get the same result. It is even shown with the Mustang running horse on it, although if they would produce it that way or not remains to be seen. I would prefer another horse themed like Bronco with its bucking horse. As for the other stuff, 4 door coupe I doubt we see at all, cross over coupe: the Mach E and possibly a Fusion replacement, traditional crossover we already have the Edge and Escape.
  9. I Like it, I think the C pillar could use some work though, something a little less typical sedan. Did you use the Taurus for this render?
  10. So do the front wheel motors get info from the computer on how fast to turn based on the rear wheel speed? Awesome because this can still be a stick. Wonder if the front motors would get power from plug in batteries as well as electric generated from the gas motor
  11. Probably won't happen because they all want their feature to sound unique and better than everyone else's. I doubt they will get together for a meeting and decide on what to call each feature. Although most have common generic names now and it should be pretty easy to just start using those.
  12. tzach

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I love the profile too, just very sporty. Haven't seen anything that mentioned a white, black or silver roof. When I saw the crease on the C pillar I thought that would be an option like on Flex.
  13. tzach

    Electric 1967 Mustang

    While you are correct with the cars being different 65 - 73 are pretty universally referred to as the first generation Mustang.
  14. tzach

    Ranger sales estimate

    That is the problem, I don't want an imitation I want the real thing!