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  1. johnjyi

    2020 EcoSport Production Information

    Just don't expect to win any races...even with the 2.0 engine.
  2. johnjyi

    2020 EcoSport Production Information

    Good morning, Ice. Happy New Year! Been a while since I've posted but glad to see things are constantly updated. Recently leased an '18 EcoSport to be the decoy after an idiot rear-ended my wife's '15 Focus and others in my area keep trying to take out my other vehicles. The wife and I actually like the EcoSport. Anyway, looks like the dates you posted show what may be a short run for the '19s or am I misinterpreting this? Is the 2020 model a redesign? I've looked at other posts but didn't find any definitive information on the 20MY EcoSport. Have you seen anything on it? Thanks much!
  3. johnjyi

    2009 MKZ Issues

    Sorry if this was previously discussed. I just saw it on my MKZ. Has anyone else had the instrument panel (the entire dash upper part) warp/shrink out of shape? I have the flap that would normally be tucked between the instrument panel and the dash board pull out as well as the windshield defroster clip being bowed due to the shrinkage. The Lincoln Dealership says that I am SOL. They offered to replace it for me at a price of $3,600. How did you take care of this issue if you had it? Thanks!
  4. johnjyi

    How bogus is this???

    Ahhhh!!!! Perhaps, but definitely not from him. Now, if you can arrange for a whole NFL cheerleader squad, yes.
  5. johnjyi

    How bogus is this???

    Ha! If it was just that, I wouldn't have an issue. I was quoted $250 for the replacement. WTH?!?! My problem is that, personally, there are no Ford or Lincoln vehicles that I find appealing anymore. My daughter just got herself a '15 Mustang GT Vert (and had warranty issues with the top BTW). However, I find the new Mustang to be ugly...just my personal opinion here. Also, it looks like (again, personal opinion) Ford's quality is slipping. Heck! I had to fit the trim around the little C-Pillar window on the '15 Focus because it wasn't properly installed at the factory.
  6. johnjyi

    How bogus is this???

    Hey, akirby. How you been? Here's what gets me. You gotta figure Ford knew of this issue since my 2015 Focus (and I think the 2014 Escape) has metal handles. I think I may be done with Fords now. No, not based on just this one vehicle. Guess I'll sell my stocks as well.
  7. johnjyi

    How bogus is this???

    Okay. This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Notwithstanding the fact that the service dept is unable to find the issue with my MKZ's starting issue, here's something else that really bothers me. The other week, the door release handle on my driver's door cracks and a piece breaks off. With the spring/tension from within, the handle now sits at an angle. I take the MKZ to the dealer for repair. They call to tell me that Ford/Lincoln will not cover it since it's non-warranty. This is on a 2009 MKZ with 7,200 miles. Original owner with Ford Premium ESP. Does this sound bogus? Is there a rep on this forum who may be able to help me with this?
  8. johnjyi

    2009 MKZ Starter Issues?

    But wouldn't such issues related to the fuel supply be detected via OBD? If there is an issue with the pressure, shouldn't his be more of a concern? Already suggested possibly fuel related but was told problem not noted.
  9. johnjyi

    2009 MKZ Starter Issues?

    I alternate vehicles for my commute every two weeks or so. This happens when I've been driving the MKZ for several days. For example: I've drive it to work for a few days. I drive it to work another day in the morning. Around lunch time or after work, I get to the car and turn the key, it happens. After 10 seconds, it stops. I let it sit a few seconds and turn the key again. It fires right up. Possibly fuel pressure going down? The problem is it doesn't happen with any frequency...more randomly.
  10. johnjyi

    2009 MKZ Starter Issues?

    Grrr. Left the MKZ with the service dept for almost a week so they could try to get it to act up. Never did...so nothing they can do for me. No codes, no symptoms, no TSBs, no nothing.
  11. johnjyi

    2009 MKZ Starter Issues?

    Good afternoon, So, I have this odd problem with my 2009 MKZ's tipstart. Occasionally, it would start to crank but not turn over. It would crank for the 10 seconds and cut off...as it's supposed to do I guess. However, it's embarrassing as crud when others see a relatively new Lincoln doing this. I've taken it to the dealer service department a couple of times, but they can't figure it out. This symptom doesn't seem to throw any codes, either. Anyone know what's going on? Thanks!
  12. Good evening! Just wanted to let you know that the Mustang is sitting on the lot. My daughter will take delivery as soon as she comes back from her trip. Thanks!
  13. In case it's finished...thanks! VIN: 1FATP8FF3F5407220
  14. Good morning, I would like to track for her. VIN 1FATP8FF3F5407220 Thank you!