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  1. I didn't realize the Modeo got it, but yeah, like akirby said, it won't plug the hole in the sinking ship.
  2. Putting the 8 speed in would likely cost more than updating the interior, and have less return. Most people don't care if their car has 6 or 8 speeds, and I doubt the fuel economy is going to be more than 1 or 2 MPG better with the 8, but they do want a nice interior.
  3. fordmantpw

    Standard vs. Quad Beam LED Headlights

    Absolutely! I agonized over spending the money on mine, but they are definitely worth it!
  4. fordmantpw

    NEW 2021 F150

    Nowadays, absolutely nothing.
  5. fordmantpw

    NEW 2021 F150

    Agreed! Loved my '99!
  6. fordmantpw

    F150 0-60 with a camper

    I think you are right-on. Order was 5.0 first, then 2.7, then 3.5. 3.5 launch seemed rather relaxed compared to the other two.
  7. fordmantpw

    F150 0-60 with a camper

    He didn't brake torque the 3.5L before launch.
  8. I didn't know the details of the Nissan and Toyota, so said maybe on those. True, but that's not in the same class as the others.
  9. Which truck offers a simple NA V8? Ford has dual injection systems, TiVCT, etc, Ram and GM have displacement on demand. None of which is 'simple.' OK, maybe Toyota and Nissan.
  10. fordmantpw

    Regional Sales Data

    Didn't Ford just have a recall on engine block heaters too?
  11. fordmantpw

    Regional Sales Data

    Wow, the new Silvererra is tanking horribly!
  12. fordmantpw

    Security Cameras/Doorbells

    Overall, we are pretty happy with our Ring doorbell. It hasn't been flawless, but their customer support is great. It has been replaced free of charge 3 times, twice outside of warranty. The issues were with the power from our doorbell transformer. We have two doorbells (only have the Ring on one) and the transformer wasn't big enough to run them both, even though the voltage was within Ring's spec, so it was causing the Ring to fail. I bought a bigger transformer and it fixed the issues. Ours is wired into the doorbell so we don't have to worry about battery, but I believe they have a wireless option. Network connectivity is WiFi. Cost is $30/year/device for cloud recording (though I think more than 3 is $100/year total no matter how many). You can get the free option, but then you only get live and can't go back and view your videos, so it's rather pointless without cloud recording. We are looking at adding a couple of the spotlight/cameras for the back of the house as well, and we will likely go with Ring there too.
  13. I didn't realize you had done them. Didn't mean to offend you when I said the one is ugly, so I apologize if it came across that way.
  14. That top middle picture is almost as ugly as the Gladiator. The proportions just look all out of whack with that tiny bed.