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  1. fordmantpw

    GM Sales Q2 & June 2019

    That's just ridiculous. I hate when they do something different just for the sake of being different. It's not better, or more efficient, or better looking, just different. Stupid.
  2. fordmantpw

    2020 Corvette revealed

    Ditto! That view looks great! I think it hides how messed up the rear is from that view. Overall, not bad. The front half looks great, while the rear is a mess. The interior wall of buttons is just a big WTF? $60k for a mid-engine sports car seems like a bargain.
  3. LOL! True dat! Just don't tell the boss and we can all live happily ever after!
  4. If you ask my wife, her Flex is NOT a station wagon!
  5. fordmantpw

    Train wreck,,,,,

    Interesting, I've never seen that before.
  6. fordmantpw


    We talked about this before. I equate this to the Escape/Maverick Bronco Scout where one can be a bit more extreme than the other with a bit more bold styling. Built on the same platform in the same plant, additional costs for a new top hot shouldn't be that high.
  7. fordmantpw

    Train wreck,,,,,

    I bet those were headed to Mexico. Those black wheels on the GM trucks aren't standard fare here.
  8. fordmantpw

    RIP Nick... Passed away 7/15/14

    5 years ago today. You were a big part of the group here, Nick, and are still missed. RIP buddy!
  9. fordmantpw

    GM urges patience as Silverado falls to No. 3

    Another ditto! Am I considered a 'driveway owner' if I use mine for "play" work. I mean, I would think towing a 13k lb fifth wheel qualifies as work for my truck. Even though it doesn't even break a sweat.
  10. fordmantpw

    Chevy Colorado Bronco mule WTF

    Handling mule. Those things fold down and keep the truck from rolling over in extreme turns/evasive-type maneuvers during testing. That's my guess anyway.
  11. fordmantpw

    Chevy Colorado Bronco mule WTF

    That had to be what happened here. You wouldn't see that driving down the road and say "Hey, that's the Bronco with a Colorado on the top!"
  12. fordmantpw

    Chevy Colorado Bronco mule WTF

    Creating the top hats for these mules has to be a fun job. Hey Joe, whattaya say we slap a Colorado on it? Ha ha, let's do it!
  13. Dude, it was a joke. Lighten up.
  14. So your girlfriend is a hot blonde with a sugar daddy in the middle of a mid-life crisis?
  15. fordmantpw

    RAM June Sales

    So yeah, just comparing total number of trucks sold, yes, GM wins. A pretty shallow victory considering they sell 4 times as many models (or did before the Ranger).