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  1. Are you actually driving the stock price up or are you just wasting our bandwidth?
  2. I agree with this, although, Fields may have been part of the 'old network'.
  3. I actually like the fact that Ford is bringing in outsiders with little or know automotive experience. It brings a fresh set of minds who should be able to think outside the box. Ford's problems for years have been that they continue to revert back to their old ways. Hopefully the new blood can avoid that.
  4. He's just talking about the look from the outside.
  5. I know we're 'arguing' over details that don't matter, but the back door may have stayed the same. The front door did not...it was lengthened several inches, and therefore had to change.
  6. I've brought this up before, it's just not viable today. However, by the time that BEVs become maintstream, it may be more viable. Utility companies are expecting it, and are making investments now to ready themselves for the future. More of a problem, I see, is that coal is going to be going away, so energy is going to need to come from other sources. The benefit to this, though, is that the "power plants" can be scattered a bit more to produce the power closer to where it is used, helping many parts of the grid. I work for an energy company (they don't want us to say 'power' or 'utility' anymore) and we are making major investments in infrastructure, wind, and solar energy products. We are also working to add charging stations along major highways through the state to support BEVs. Changes will come, but it takes a LOOOOOONG time for that to happen. I'm thinking the 2030-40 timeframe will be where we see major inroads from BEVs.
  7. I'm only 42 and can't remember last week. Ain't no way I can remember what happened when I was 3!
  8. Just to clarify, the '09 F150 did NOT use the same cab. That's the year it got the extended doors up front and the larger crew cab. I think they did away with the extra doors on the regular cab trucks that year too.
  9. The TX State Fair is usually the Super Duty, but it was shown early this year (likely to upend GM).
  10. I thought the next gen F150 was a 2021 model? That means it will show up next year. It has always been shown off at Detroit, so it'll be interesting to see what happens next year. Wow, when was the last time we've heard that about Ford reveals? That's a great problem to have!
  11. Well, they can't do much about it for union workers during a contract, they have to wait until a new one.
  12. EVERY company is doing that. And really, healthcare costs are completely out of control.
  13. fordmantpw

    Howdy from New Mexico, USA

    Welcome! Enjoy your new ride when she finally shows up!
  14. fordmantpw

    New light & medium duty news

    450 and 550 chassis cab trucks are aluminum-bodied. I think he meant chassis cab truck bodies, not the frame.