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  1. The 3.5L EB was the replacement for the 6.2L in the F150, not the 5.0L. Compare numbers between apples and not between apples and oranges. The 2.7L is a better comparison for the 5.0L than the 3.5L is.
  2. I don't understand the disdain for EcoBoosts and hybrids. I mean, same or more power, more torque, MUCH better torque curve, and better fuel economy when you aren't using all that power. Why prefer an inferior product? I just don't get it.
  3. Agreed, those are outliers, I was speaking to the general population. Much of that would do well hosted in a VM though, with much better cost utilization for the high powered machines. The main differences are when you need higher-end graphics support. And agreed, the engineering dept should be breaking from the standard IT image here anyway.
  4. IMO, desktops should go away and be replaced with a small dumb terminal with access to a VM running on the server. All of my development machines are VM's.
  5. I would agree with this, as this seems very reasonable. I would increase V6 turbo by 10% and drop HEV and PHEV by 5% each, and maybe take 5% total out of HEV, PHEV, and BEV and give it to the V8. This is much more reasonable than saying the best selling truck will be BEV in a few years. That just ain't gonna happen.
  6. Willing to bet a pint of your favorite beverage on that? Hell, may as well throw in a steak dinner!
  7. fordmantpw

    Bronco Hybrid Cancelled/Delayed

    And at least that many more before we see them on the lot. 👿
  8. fordmantpw

    Bronco Hybrid Cancelled/Delayed

    That's almost 2 fricken years away. Geez!
  9. With current batteries, performance should remain nearly the same throughout the charge level. I would assume as you near minimum charge it would decrease performance to save the battery, but outside of that edge condition, it should remain the same.
  10. I'll take a PHEV F350 with a 25 mile range (unloaded of course) and a 4.5L EcoBoost V8 for support please. Same (or less) cost as the PowerStroke and I'm in.
  11. fordmantpw

    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    I'm just imagining a Caprice/Old Caddy/Town Car rolling on 26's with all the body panels rattling and my rear view mirror making me motion sick from the constant shaking...
  12. fordmantpw

    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    Holy shit...10 hours of that? My gosh!
  13. Western Digital is where it's at! I've had a server running 24x7 for nearly 10 years, and every WD HDD is still going strong. I am replacing it though as I don't want to push my luck...
  14. Well, it's likely cheaper than outsourcing all of their data collection to AWS or the like. And redundant data centers is the norm today. I'm actually in the process of setting that up for my side business that does app dev and web hosting. Hardware is cheap. Losing data or having your system down while customers depend on you is expensive.