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  1. But but but it is a car that will sell in the dozens for beucoup bucks, not a vehicle for 99% of the US population. Interesting, but ultimately a toy for the ultra rich and it’s relevancy to general trends non existent.
  2. Saw one of these I the neighborhood, lots of presence in that color. It's common heritage with edge is very will hidden.
  3. You must sit in a lot of traffic or have a lead foot, ours does 23 in Boston traffic or 26 on hiway trips.
  4. I do think that the engine wouldn't cut it here in NA. It will need to wait for HiPo Six. We are spoiled
  5. pictor

    Focus Transmission Question

    I am curious, folks at work complain about electrical gremlins and oil burning engines. They still drink the cool aid.
  6. It had been years since they sold 300000 Fusions
  7. A saloon is a sedan in the uk, sorry, a station wagon is an estate
  8. I think Brucelinc has hit upon the most compelling reason why a high performance DCT makes so much sense. If one was going to spend that much money on a high performance vehicle, shouldn't it be state of art?
  9. My A3 has a seven speed DSG transmission, and I really enjoy driving it in manual mode. But when lazy in traffic it operates just fine in the automatic normal drive. The sports mode can also be a kick in the pants for a smaller car such as the A3. An 8 speed DCT in the mustang 500 GT will be fine.
  10. The cup holder complaint sounds a little overblown, a minor irritation at best. Kinda like complaining about the on off switch on an electric razor.
  11. I was thinking the same thing, it would make more sense as a four door mustang off shoot rather then a mini escape
  12. pictor

    So Cars Don't Sell?

    From Reuters today for April 18, new Honda Accord down 19.5%, down 14.4 % for cars in general, brand new Camry, down 5%, -12 % for cars in general., Nissan Passenger car sales down 35%. It not just Ford. Fiat did OK,(+5%) but mostly on the back of rental car sales.
  13. Here in greater Boston I see many of the BMW and MB CUV styled car things, even a fair number of the Honda Crossturd.