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  1. This topic seems to move from a discussion of the wisdom of an electric car policy to a battle fo the states, maybe should be closed
  2. Sounds like sour grapes from those parts of the country that can't stand see how a less rigidly defined society excels (btw not from Cali so have no skin in the game).
  3. I don't understand the popularity of the RAV4. I have had 2018 RAV4 for the last three weeks since my car was tboned. It is loud, slow off the line and handles like a piece shit compared to our older 2015 escape. I think the two vehicle concept that ford is trying in this segment will pay of with the more urban sleek escape and the more outdoorsy Maverick. I believe the Maverick will do well in New England where are all wheel drive Suburus have a devoted following. If they make Maverick all wheel drive standard It would cement it's more adventure minded persona,.
  4. I think that was what he was implying, as the Edge is to Escape, the Bronco is to Maverick
  5. As for the softer look, it seems to have a upscale Audi Porsche sense to it. I think it will do well with people looking for a more sophisticated styling. The more rugged look of the elusive maverick will appeal to those who like a more old school SUV design that the gen 1 escape personified.
  6. My Audi was broadsided Friday and I got an Rav4 as rental today. What a piece of shit compared to our Escape. Soft handling, lack of pick up and unengaged driving. Cant understand why the RAV is so popular. Must be cost. It does have very annoying safety features though that keep telling me when I cross a line.
  7. The problem is the design language of Infiniti. MB moves a quite few of what is essentially the same vehicle in the Boston area. Infiniti tries to stand out in the crowded lux and near lux field but ends up looking garish. I think the new corsair will find space in the market because new englanders appreciate a more understated design language.
  8. Not to mention NASCAR, 😉
  9. I am currently on vacation on Kauai and see that with the locals the midsize pick up is king. Tons of Tacos and Fontiers, not so many of the GM twins. Still a fair number of old sport tracs and rangers. When I come I always rent a crew cab pick up. Looking forward to the day I can get a ranger crew cab when I come. This time I got a Frontier. Not bad but certainly not the most modern of vehicles of I have driven in the last 10 years. Interior is boring, acceleration is only adequate and fuel economy is so far poor but it is a new truck with less than 1000 miles on it. Kinda of off topic but related to the the 2.3 engine and speed. Seeing tons of rental mustang convertiables on the road, 90% or more are non GT. Every now and then you see a GT. I hope that are not paying more for the joy of all that power. The max speed limit I have seen on Kauai is 50 mph with lots intermittent drops to 35 mph or slower in the larger towns. Here anything greater than the 2.3 would a waste of engine.
  10. Bet this a mining company or such and not the local pest control or NAPA dealer, 4x4's are generally need to deliver parts
  11. But but but it is a car that will sell in the dozens for beucoup bucks, not a vehicle for 99% of the US population. Interesting, but ultimately a toy for the ultra rich and it’s relevancy to general trends non existent.
  12. Saw one of these I the neighborhood, lots of presence in that color. It's common heritage with edge is very will hidden.