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  1. TomServo92

    My New Mustang!

    That's a sweet Mustang! Sorry about the fender bender though. I've had my 2015 GT for 3 years now and I'm still in love with it.
  2. I like the 2017 MKZ update. The new face is clean and of course, the new engine is incredible.
  3. TomServo92

    New Ford GT officially official

    I've always appreciated any engine no matter the cylinder count. I find the GT absolutely amazing. The current EcoBoost 3.5L has a great torque curve and I'm sure the 2nd generation will also. I bet this will pull off the line like a locomotive and power to weight ratio should be excellent. I can't wait for actual performance numbers.
  4. I had a '95 SHO. It's still one of my favorite cars.
  5. Video of the interior: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uepphwwv_fo
  6. TomServo92

    2015 Mustang engine Sounds

    It sounds very similar to the V6. The V8 sounds intoxicating!
  7. TomServo92

    RIP Nick... Passed away 7/15/14

    I'm shocked and saddened. It's tough losing a friend and a good guy like Nick.
  8. How much do you want to bet that those in power and / or influence would be able to retain private ownership if it was decided that private ownership was deemed unacceptable and inefficient? It always seems to be a "do as I say not as I do" proposition.
  9. Go hang out in RV forums. There are plenty of guys talking about towing their RV's with an F150 Ecoboost.
  10. TomServo92

    Suddenly Lois Lerner's Emails Are Lost.

    Cooperative or complicit?
  11. TomServo92

    Suddenly Lois Lerner's Emails Are Lost.

    It seems to me that the IRS is "Enron-ing".
  12. TomServo92

    Suddenly Lois Lerner's Emails Are Lost.

    Wow. I was joking. I didn't expect they would actually do it.
  13. TomServo92

    Suddenly Lois Lerner's Emails Are Lost.

    Perhaps they should ask the NSA. I bet they have copies of the emails archived. :-)
  14. TomServo92

    Suddenly Lois Lerner's Emails Are Lost.

    An Outlook mail system (which is what the IRS uses) that uses Microsoft's design model, shouldn't lose emails from a system crash due to system redundancy. If they used a different design model without the redundancy then it's possible.
  15. TomServo92

    Suddenly Lois Lerner's Emails Are Lost.

    Kind of reminds you of the "accidentally" erased Nixon tapes.