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  1. Ron W.

    Ford mondeo

    The last time I remember station wagons as being a hot item, they had rear seats that faced the rear window. And it was legal to have a gun rack with a rifle or shot gun in the rear window of your pick--up. Dont think either of these would be acceptable now days. Dang I miss the "old days"
  2. Sorry gentlemen didn't mean to cause a stir. I should have been more specific and stated may void some parts of your warranty.
  3. That turbo repair was warranty until .......... Enough not going to argue.
  4. Some do, not looking to argue but KN air filters "dusting" the turbos on diesels in the south west is one example. I was at one time a warranty admin. at a Ford dealer.
  5. Thanks for the update, I can quote again.
  6. Agreed, just doesn't seem right to name a CUV? after what was for all intents and purposes a sports car. Just another opinion.
  7. Those of us old enough to remember the Maverick would not.
  8. Ron W.

    Is Ford in trouble?

    For Petes sake, the only company without problems has already folded.
  9. Ron W.

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Makes you wish Blue II was still posting here.
  10. Ron W.

    New Slogan? Ford Proud?

    Built Ford Tough still works for me.
  11. Deanh, did you just describe a Timberline series ?
  12. Ron W.

    150 MPH Cop Explorer

    Agreed, didn't mean to imply a sharp turn at 150mph.
  13. Ron W.

    150 MPH Cop Explorer

    My first thought when I saw 150mph Explorer was holy shit that's fast. My second thought was rollover if it has to manuver quickly, top heavy ? I rolled my 66 E100 ...... no fun.
  14. Ron W.

    Peugeot E-Legend Electric Concept

    Fix the butt ...................................................... please.