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  1. 92merc

    GM Considering electric Hummer

    That's pretty much the way I see it as well. On one hand, they try something new. But it's more of a "lets throw that up and see if it sticks to the wall". IE new Silverado, Bolt, etc. But then they do stuff like keep churning out the same basic Cadillac car packages thinking some little change will make all the difference. It makes no sense.
  2. 92merc

    GM Considering electric Hummer

    OK, that's a good analogy. Except I can't recall the last time I've seen anything to be what I would consider a "wonder" from GM. More like, "I wonder what the hell GM what thinking this time."
  3. 92merc

    GM Considering electric Hummer

    Yeah, but AM General has the trademark on HMMWV and by extension "Humvee". GM only owns the Hummer name. So it would have to be Hummer-E or AM General could sue.
  4. 92merc

    SuperCab w/ 5.5' box

    When I built a house in 2008, I added depth to 28 feet on my garage. I have a 7x9 door, and a 7x16. I had enough height in my garage, I now wish I would have done 8 foot high doors. And I would have gone from 2 doors to three. Make all three 8x10's. Would have added 5 feet of width to my garage. But I could have done it. If I could go back in time and get to change only one thing about my house build, that would have been it.
  5. 92merc

    Buick Enspire Spied

    Looks roughly NG Escape sized to my eyes. Don't care for the long flat hood. Should be shorter and front wheels pushed forward more. Even comparing to the Corsair, that hood just looks like its the wrong proportions.
  6. 92merc

    Ford/FCA Merger?

    Granted. Jeep has history. But the Ford Bronco has almost as much history there. Ford matched or even beat Jeep with the original Bronco. If Ford does this right, they can capitalize on their existing history and expand. I don't think any other manufacturer has as good a chance to take on Jeep's following like Ford. IF done properly...
  7. You're missing the obvious. Lincoln Mark E-Mark
  8. 92merc

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Ford could have gold plated the dash and MT would still have found issue with it. I can't recall the last time MT gave Ford a fully good review.
  9. I think Ford realizes they will be losing some sedan sales. Yes, not everyone that was interested in a sedan will move to a Ford utility vehicle. Ford's plan was to limp along a bit with the Fusion. Then have the Focus and the longer Focus Active pick up the "cheap" sedan sales. But the whole China deal has thrown that plan out the window. Ford was probably hoping the tariff's would go away sooner rather than later. Since it hasn't, that's why the Fusion has been extended. I thought in a couple of years the Focus was slated to come to NA for manufacturing. But if that was going to be a Mexican plant, that plan too is probably screwed.
  10. This is a Ford enthusiast site. There are no Ford official representatives here. So there isn't anything we can do for you other than say "Sorry, I feel your pain".
  11. 92merc

    Cadillac puts "truck engine" in CT4-V

    What makes Cadillac think competes with BMW?
  12. 92merc

    Cadillac puts "truck engine" in CT4-V

    Cadillac still thinks it can make money if it comes up with just the right recipe for a sporty luxury car.
  13. I agree. I'm just stating that the average buyer won't be able tell the difference between the old 1.5 and the new.
  14. If the Euro numbers hold, the 1.5 EB 3 banger will be within 2 HP of the previous 4 cylinder, but gain 10-15 ft/lbs of torque. And with cylinder deactivation, it should get better mileage.
  15. I saw a study of the manufacturing of one of the Tesla's. I want to say Model S, but I'm not sure. Long story short, Tesla made a lot of the parts of the car out of 5 different pieces which are later connected together at assembly. The reviewers stated that larger volume companies would have made that out of a single part. Cheaper to build that way and quicker to assemble. Tesla has a lot to be desired for mass assembly and design. I wouldn't be holding them up to the gold standard. I would say their Model 3 issues reflect that.