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  1. 92merc

    What is this

    If I had to guess, they put a horn somewhere that can't be disabled from the outside. If a thief can cut the wires from the outside before breaking in, not much use for an alarm.
  2. 92merc

    ‘20 Escape Impressions

    Yeah, the longer hood. The lower stance appearance. Fairly straight belt-line. Almost bordering on wagon like the the European models are following. That's what the Escape is slant towards. The last kick up in the belt-line of the Escape is the only thing that doesn't follow the Euro models. Just look at VW/Audi as well. Same over all shape.
  3. New Escape will compete against the Japanese and Equinox more so. What I would call the vanilla mild offerings on the market. These are more attractive to those who would be coming off the car market going to a CUV. Maverick will compete against the more rugged look of the Jeeps.
  4. Look at their torque numbers. Until you jump up in the AMG Merc or M series BMW, no one comes close to the torque figures the current 2.3EB puts out.
  5. Car and Driver has a report up. Nothing in the text new compared to what Ford already stated in the News section. But video in action shows a lot. I was hesitant after spy shots. Not so much now. Looks good. I noticed the roof rails are snug up to the roof compared to previous gen. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a26996233/2020-ford-escape-photos-info/
  6. Why buy a Cadillac when a Buick fulfills all of his needs. The brand differentiation just isn't enough to justify the move up.
  7. Especially since you have Buick, Caddy, and GMC sharing similar vehicles. I have a buddy that buys Buick. He wouldn't consider a Caddy. Has GMC only because he inherited it. He'd never go up to a Caddy even though he could afford it. So even in the GM crowd, many won't move up to Caddy when you have plenty of other offerings in a lower price point that get the job done just as well.
  8. The only way there will be a 9 inch longer Mustang is if Ford would move forward with a 4 door version in addition to a 2 door. Which I don't agree with.
  9. 92merc

    Huge rebates on Chevy 1500s

    Yeah, I screwed that one up. How about this one? From Who's Line is it anyway. "Chevy, where the rules are made up and the sticker price doesn't matter".
  10. 92merc

    Huge rebates on Chevy 1500s

    Only months that end in Y are Truck month. As in "why" are we constantly throwing money on the hood to get people to buy our trucks.
  11. The other thing I've noticed is that I could find some used SE's near me, that were loaded with almost as many options as my Titanium level. Including the 2.0EB. When you can do that, why pay for a Ti? They need more level differentiation.
  12. I'd be satisfied with the 9300lbs the Expi can do, if they offered it on an XLT. If I had to move up to Lariat to get IRS, I could live with that. But it should be optional.
  13. i should add the Infinity: Infinity QX30: HP: 208 TQ: 258
  14. Let's face it, the majority of the Euro Buyers won't cross shop to a Lincoln. The models you've mentioned are specifically made to be performance models. The Lincoln isn't. If it was, it would have the Focus RS drive train in it. Current MKC 2.3EB: HP 285 TQ:305 Caddy CT4: HP 237 TQ: 258 Accura RDX: HP 272 TQ: 280 Lexus NX: HP: 235 TQ: 258 Audi Q5 Standard: HP: 248 TQ: 273 Volvo XC40: HP: 187 TQ: 221 A bit more of a stretch, but: Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk: HP: 271 TQ: 239 Kia Sportage SX Turbo: HP: 237 TQ: 260 So nothing currently in the luxury, or even the near luxury small SUV market outperforms the MKC.
  15. It's the new "small" overlap test. IIRC, it's hitting the vehicle with a cross section of less than 30%. The old overlap test was a 50% of the front surface being hit. My numbers may be slightly off. But that's what popping out of my 50 year old brain at the moment.