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  1. 92merc

    2020 Escape...will it be flat-towable?

    I don't think that has been announced.
  2. 92merc

    Nissan Titan diesel is dead.

    Depends on what you call "decent". Reports I've read state that the engine got about 1mpg better than the Ford 6.7 diesel. And a lot less torque. So not much of a savings of going full on Super Duty.
  3. 92merc

    2021 F-150 Spotted

    From a MPG point, I thought NA engines were better in a hybrid setup than EB. So that's why I thought they may do a 3.3 NA plus a 3.0EB.
  4. 92merc

    2021 F-150 Spotted

    I'm curious what they are doing to use for hybrid model gas engines. I'm guessing a 3.3 NA engine. But I would be possibly interested in that model. It depends if they are going for a gas saving model, or a power model like the Aviator.
  5. 92merc

    F150 w/generator,,,,

    Only reason I can think they would be needing to air condition something on a mule truck is maybe they are testing some battery EV powered F150??
  6. No, you are correct. They also dropped the 5 speed manual as well about that time. Shame...
  7. That appears to be correct. I remember the 1.0EB manual is a 6 speed instead of the 5 speed. The auto trans is also a regular slushbox. https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a15100602/2016-ford-focus-sedan-10-liter-turbo-automatic-test-review/
  8. 92merc

    2020 Corvette revealed

    There's going to be a lot of collectors that want the "first of this generation". No matter what build they can get.
  9. 7 years ago, our case management vendor we were switching to didn't support VMware and virtual machines. They said it wasn't tested and reliable. We went ahead and did it anyway. It's saved our bacon more times than I can count. Our vendor would randomly switch the specs on the servers needed. With VM's, we could add/remove cores, memory, and HD space at will. If we had gone pizza boxes, we'd be constantly replacing them. Not to mention reliability. Of course now our vendor likes to use us as their "success" story as to why VM's can work. Never mind they have no idea how we've deployed our blades and storage array's for maximum utilization.
  10. The one story I saw was that Ford had considered gas tanks with bladders in them for puncture resisting. I thought the cost was closer to $5 at the time.
  11. I can't believe we've gone 4 pages and no one has posted this meme!
  12. Only on new construction. And even then, it's not as common as you think. On a higher end home yes. But on a basic middle class home, 150 amp is still the norm around here. I had opted for a 200 amp right away with the thoughts of possibly using dual fuel for heat. IE gas/electric combo. I didn't go that route. But I wanted the option to. In the end, I'll probably utilize it more for a charger in my garage, "someday"...
  13. Or, how many homes are going to be able to handle more than one car charging at a time? If it takes a 50 amp, most people won't have a panel in their homes that can add another 100 amps to charge 2 cars at once.
  14. Another thing to consider is the pollution created in the processes needed to make and support electric vehicles. The mining of the rare earth metals for batteries typically strips an area of all good soil, or it contaminates it. On top of it, many of the "new" generation of electric motors are using rare earth metals for their magnets. SO more strip mining. There was an article I had read awhile ago that the Tesla S used a different magnetic field generating via standard copper. So that was better. But the Model 3 uses the rare earth metals. Plus, take a look a "clean" energy wind farms. Guess what? They too use rare earth metals in the making of their magnets. Here's an article looking at carbon created for a vehicle life to death. Guess what was #1? https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1096381_2015-ford-f-150-has-lowest-lifecycle-carbon-footprint-study