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  1. tbone

    Finally saw a new Chevy Silverado Z71

    The Z71 is certainly the best of the bunch, so your assessment isn’t unreasonable.
  2. Just call it the Model E. It represents Ford’s first legitimate long rang electric vehicle, which will usher in the next generation of Ford vehicles.
  3. I was pleasantly surprised on how well the Waze pass through works. A very nice addition.
  4. tbone

    GM Unveils Mid-engine Vette....Sort of

    I think the car looks pretty good. I can’t imagine the car will have a bunch of exotic materials in it at the price points mentioned here though.
  5. What a scam from a government and corporate perspective.
  6. tbone

    What is this

    Ford PASS is very useful, especially during the winter.
  7. tbone

    Seen Any Rangers on the Street?

    Very nice! I like those steps. I’ve Seen some pictures of the Ranger with the 2.5” leveling kit that really look good. I put a leveling kit on my Raptor and it took away that bit of wallowing feel that it had and the handling felt more precise.
  8. tbone

    Jeep gladiator starts at $35k

    I don’t find this surprising for a brand new model such as the Gladiator.
  9. Agreed, I was personally not a big fan of the split wing. The new grills have much better presence and premium look.
  10. tbone

    1 day / 105 miles and onto a flatbed

    I had 700 miles on my second Raptor, when I stopped at a friends house. Came out later and it wouldn’t start. Had to call roadside assistance to pick it up. Ended up being a bad fuel pump from the factory. It was annoying but they fixed it and, I had 50k trouble free miles after that.
  11. My F150s have been sealed up pretty nicely so I know Ford is capable of addressing it.
  12. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in California over the last few months and it sure appears Cali May be the Tacoma capital of the US. There are tons of Tacos out there. With that said, it may well be the foreign car capital of the US as well. It sure felt like a 5:1 ratio or more foreign verse domestic. Kind of unfortunate really.
  13. I was wondering about this complaint, so I checked out my friends Ranger and I can understand why people complained. I think it’s a small oversight on Ford’s part, since you can see right through. I don’t see it as a body panel quality issue, more like a trim issue, which doesn’t seal the box up well. If you put a tonneau cover on it to keep the elements out, that would be an issue. Seems like a real opportunity for the aftermarket.
  14. tbone

    Seen Any Rangers on the Street?

    My fellow lacrosse coach has a burnt orange Ranger like above with the FX4 package, and he loves it. He hasn’t had a bad thing to say about it.
  15. tbone

    Jeep gladiator starts at $35k

    They are JKs. I have not experienced the JLs yet, so I can’t comment on their ride.
  16. tbone

    Jeep gladiator starts at $35k

    This will be interesting to see how the Gladiator does. I like Jeeps and the Gladiator is pretty cool, but Jeeps are not smooth riding vehicles. The ride in my friends Jeep is quite awful, with the caveat that it is lifted with 35’s. My sister’s unlifted Unlimited is only marginally better. I’m guessing it will depend on people’s willingness to accept the compromised ride, unless they have somehow managed to make big improvements in the ride quality.
  17. Agreed, regarding the epas repair cost. The amount range akirby quoted is the amount I recall being quoted. The price you were quoted sounds excessive.
  18. How many miles are on your Explorer? Unlike aKirby, pending on your mileage, I think it is reasonable to expect the power steering to last more than 36000 miles so I understand the frustration. I had the EPAS go out in a 2013 at 65000. I don’t recollect it was going to be that expensive to fix so perhaps there is something else going on. Nevertheless, I would ask for repair support from your dealer to see if they will help cover a portion of the repair. I was able to get my dealer to pay for part of it, and I paid $600. They get money from Ford to pay for portions of repairs to help people out.
  19. That was pretty impressive. Amazing detail.
  20. tbone

    Rivian R1T electric pickup

    Good point! I never did like any of the chrome laden models of the new Chevy, but I didn’t mind the monochrome versions. With that said, I have now seen a number of them in the wild and I have since changed my mind. But in person, It is a very oddly proportioned vehicle with weird lines. If I were a Chevy guy, I would have to pass up the Chevy dealer and drive straight to the GMC dealership. The Sierra is at least tolerable.
  21. Well, I guess since I’m a luxury make owner I’m qualified to have an opinion about it then, and that opinion remains that it is dumb and unnecessary. And I can vouch for my mother, whose last four vehicles were Cadillacs, the last being an XT5, could care less about a power designation on her vehicle. Especially one that is specified in a measurement our country doesn’t even use. Doing something just because someone else is doing it, doesn’t make it a good idea.
  22. Such a fun movie back in the day, lol.
  23. It’s a dumb, unnecessary idea. I’m not sure why you would want to defend that.
  24. tbone

    Rivian R1T electric pickup

    I’m a Ford truck guy through and through, but I find this truck to be interesting, and it has some pretty nice features. It will be interesting to see Ford’s response to this truck. I could see GM trying to buy them out to catch up, since you never hear anything about their electric truck plans.
  25. I don’t mind the look of the vehicle until it gets to the front fascia, then it is ruined for me. I find the front fascia to be awful.