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  1. I wouldn’t consider this the all new Ranger. This is a nice stop gap measure until the actual new Ranger comes is two to three years.
  2. tbone

    Chicago Auto Show

    Well you have a new generation that doesn’t care that much about cars, so that doesn’t help.
  3. tbone

    2019 B&O sound system

    Consider yourself lucky then!
  4. tbone

    2019 B&O sound system

    I see what you did there, nice🤣🤣
  5. tbone

    2019 B&O sound system

    Tell her it’s because bass makes the music😁 I love bass, and I listen to all types of music.
  6. tbone

    Tailgate wars heating up.

    That’s a lot more than I paid for mine.
  7. tbone

    Tailgate wars heating up.

    They may be subsidizing the actual cost of the tailgate with the requirement of the spray in liner. You know it doesn’t cost $475 for a spray in liner.
  8. tbone

    This car is trying my patience

    I wouldn’t have shed a tear either. Glad you got the new ride.
  9. tbone

    Tailgate wars heating up.

    Well, that helps with the appeal of the price. The Ford tailgate step is $375 as a stand-alone option for comparison.
  10. tbone

    This car is trying my patience

    I don’t blame you. That Focus transmission was a major misstep for Ford, which I don’t think was handled well by Ford. They didn’t mitigate it in any significant way IMO and it will cost them in repeat customers, reputation, and financially.
  11. tbone

    Tailgate wars heating up.

    OK, that’s better than nothing. However that small step wouldn’t work well for me. I haul my motocross bike in the bed of the truck and i usually haul it with the tailgate down and bed extender out. That is also a really small step for me to hit when I’m running the bike up into the bed with the ramp. There aren’t really a ton of ways to innovate on a tailgate, so there has to be compromises in various ways to create something useful. So far you can’t have your cake and eat it too. I will be interested to see what the take rate is on that option for Ram. At $1300 for the tailgate and step, it isn’t cheap.
  12. tbone

    Tailgate wars heating up.

    Perhaps. I would like to use it to see how useful I thought it was. I’m not really knocking it. I like this more than I like the GMC tailgate, but there does not appear to be a step option for this tailgate, which is a huge deal to me. I’m also curious to know how it holds up after two years of use. I can appreciate Ram’s Innovation, and in my opinion they are Ford’s most dangerous competitor.
  13. tbone

    Tailgate wars heating up.

    The trailers I have had it has never been an issue and I could put the tailgate down. Apparently others have this issue.
  14. tbone

    Tailgate wars heating up.

    It does. I’m just trying to understand the value of swinging one side or the other of the tailgate out to access the bed of the Ram verses just putting my tailgate down on the Ford. I don’t know, I just don’t quite get it I guess.
  15. tbone

    Tailgate wars heating up.

    I would have to use the Ram tailgate to determine the usefulness. For longer loads I use the tailgate for additional support so it seems like that would defeat the purpose of the split gate. I guess we will see what people think after they have lived with it for a while.