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  1. tbone

    2020 Silverado HD

    I really don’t get Chevy’s take on the bed steps. The steps are in line with the lower edge of the truck so they aren’t any lower than the hitch area of the bumper. They aren’t really low enough to give you an easy step up. The steps in front of the bed may be of some use since you can grap the bed side easily to pull yourself up, but I’m not sure if I like them esthetically. I have watched a couple recent Chevy fan videos on YouTube, and there is definitely some apprehension about the style. They are trying to justify the new lok without saying it’s ugly. I get it, as a Ford fan, I would be trying to do the same thing probably. I remember when the current generation Super Duty pics were leaked I was a little concerned about the look, but once I saw them in person it was a lot better looking to me.
  2. No, because that is normal wear and not a defective product. I know you really don’t believe that is a comparable example.
  3. Slvrsvt, I understand your point of view, but if my name was on the badge I would care. That’s just me.
  4. That’s good business. Glad they stepped up.
  5. Isn’t their current slogan “Built Ford Proud?” Shitty logos with your name on them really doesn’t convey that message. If I were Ford, I would consider at least offering the customer new logos on late model vehicles if the vehicle came in for service, even if it was out of warranty.
  6. Yes, this does make it Ford’s problem regardless.
  7. tbone

    GM Novenber 2018 Sales

    If you aren’t at least matching your competition you may as well not even play, so I hope you are wrong.
  8. tbone

    Police suv cockpit

    I’ve been in all of the police vehicles and the Explorer is the best of the current vehicles if you’re wearing full kit in my opinion. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect though. As far as I’m concerned, If you want real room, you have to go all the way back to the Crown Vic.
  9. That’s about the age range of the vehicles I have seen it on.
  10. tbone

    FCA opening new assembly plant?

    Whether or not this proves to be true, I must admit I’m impressed with FCA’s progress. When they started dumping their cars I really thought they were on the ropes, but it appears they were more forward thinking than I thought. Old Sergio wasn’t crazy after all.
  11. I have seen several trucks with this issue, and I have always thought that it shouldn’t be happening as well on such expensive vehicles. I see it as a poor reflection on the company bearing the name plate, and felt Ford should have replaced them. It only seemed to affect a few model years, as there are many much older vehicles where the emblems look fine, and I haven’t really seen it on the newermodels. It must’ve had something to do with the manufacturing process during that time.
  12. tbone

    2020 Silverado HD

    Agreed, this version is less offensive. It’s interesting that Chevy has chosen to go with such polarizing styling.
  13. I saw that. Good to see them respond to the market and try to take care of their employees at the same time.
  14. tbone

    2020 Silverado HD

    I have a Chevy friend that says he is switching to Ford. I suspect this truck will kick a lot of Chevy fans over to GMC. As others have stated the 3/4 view is ok, but that frontal view! Whoever approved that design should be fired.