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  1. 2005Explorer

    Oldie but a Goodie!

    I find the 2019 Ranger’s styling more reminiscent of that generation of F-150 than the current one.
  2. I’d say it’s pretty much a tie for interior between the Ranger, Tacoma and Colorado. Each one just has their own style, but I wouldn’t say any are more modern then the other. The only thing the Tacoma and Colorado have on the Ranger are the HVAC buttons. I don’t know if Ford forgot about the ergonomic design of buttons they used to be known for, but those things are way too flat and all look the same. You have to take your eyes off the road and take a good look at them to use them. I know there are redundant buttons in the Sync3 system, but hard buttons are quicker for me especially things like heated seats, cabin temp and fan speed. The Nissan is way behind the others and looks like it was designed in the late 90s early 00s.
  3. 2005Explorer

    Ford reports 2nd quarter 2019 sales

    I enjoy their videos and they seem to be pretty pro-Ford. They are one of the few YouTube channels that have been pretty fair to the Ranger. Many other reviews have trashed it up and down.
  4. 2005Explorer

    Ford reports 2nd quarter 2019 sales

    I just went and looked at the FCA numbers and they sold 68,098 Rams in June. Ford sold 79,426 F-Series. So the difference was actually 11,328. Still a decent margin, but something Ford needs to keep an eye on.
  5. 2005Explorer

    Ford reports 2nd quarter 2019 sales

    I had read the numbers on TFL Truck and they must have just done an average number for the 3 months in Ford's second quarter. That average showed Ram was only 9,000 behind in June sales versus F-150's average. If the actual June numbers show a 25,000 difference then that's a good thing.
  6. 2005Explorer

    Ford reports 2nd quarter 2019 sales

    I dislike GM, but I'll give them credit for restraint on Silverado/Sierra discounts even after they have fallen behind Ram. Heck Ram was only 9,000 units behind the F-Series last month. Will Ford show the same restraint if the F-Series 42 year sales reign is threatened? Personally I don't think FCA cares whether they lose money or not with their insane discounting on Ram trucks. I think they want to make it No. 1 at all costs. With things so competitive in the truck market maybe it's time for Ford to just let GM and FCA have all those fleet and lower margin XL and XLT sales and only offer luxury F-Series Lariat and above. I mean sales numbers don't really matter and imagine the insane ATP average they would have on luxury models only?
  7. 2005Explorer

    Ford reports 2nd quarter 2019 sales

    I'd love to see the actual numbers on all this money people around here claim Ford loses on the Fusion. Heck average hourly pay for auto assembly in Mexico is somewhere between $3.50 to $7.00 an hour. It also could be given a pretty decent economical refresh without a new platform. We saw Ford do this a few times when money was tight back in the late 00's. Anyhow it's a successful nameplate and they should build on that. Will these new vehicles they have planned going up against tough competition with more respected nameplates in their segment will do well? So far the new Ranger isn't selling very well so I hope things go better for other new models they have planned. I sure like my new Ranger, but it seems to have fell flat on it's face in a tough midsized truck market. Hopefully generous incentives and more promotions will get it moving off the lots.
  8. Oh I think it's safe to assume the 5.0 V8 will continued to be offered in the F150 long term.
  9. But it doesn't seem to pose an issue with the F150, unless the 3.3L NA V6 and 5.0 V8 are pulling in those "I don't trust that EcoBoost tech" buyers. If they do offer a V6 it'll probably only be a 2.7 EcoBoost so that won't help with the buyers that don't trust it long term. Sure they could offer the 3.3L NA V6 as an option, but would that really make a big difference? Idk
  10. Well that would help as well. I've heard so many comments around the internet that the Tacoma and Colorado are better because they have a V6. No matter how good the power is people don't seem to believe it and think it must be gutless compared to the Tacoma or Colorado because it has a 4.
  11. 2005Explorer

    Ford reports 2nd quarter 2019 sales

    Ford won't talk about it, but go Fusion! Up almost 25% from 2nd quarter last year.
  12. Sadly the Ranger is struggling to compete in the midsized market, but it's a very competitive segment and it's still a pretty new product. They are going to need to throw some cash on the hood to get it moving. I will say that my Ranger is my favorite vehicle ever. I just don't think people are giving it much of a look or a chance when midsized truck shopping. Ford also needs to do more marketing on it.
  13. So far my Ranger is my favorite new vehicle I’ve ever gotten, however there are a few things they need to improve on with the assembly. Today I decided to give it a waxing and the paint job on the roof has a few imperfections like something was stuck to the sheet metal when the paint was applied. They are small and it’s the roof so you don’t really notice it, but I think one should expect a perfect paint job in 2019 on a 40k vehicle.
  14. I just saw some posts over on the Ranger forum with some pretty good incentives including rebates, lease specials and low interest financing so I think think around 9k in June is possible. If they throw enough cash on the hood sales should improve. The Ranger is a good little truck, but it's nothing so special that it'll sell well without discounting.
  15. I'm sure the bean counters said NO to replacing the Powershift with a conventional 6 speed auto when it started having problems to save engineering costs, but doing that probably would have saved them millions in the long run. Not to mention the cost of losing your reputation with customers.
  16. 2005Explorer

    Ford Ranger IIHS crash test

    I don't think the IIHS is useless. I might not always agree with their shifting of goalposts, but they have helped push the industry into building safer vehicles. The moderate and small overlap tests are a good test that probably have more real life relevance compared to the old just crash it into a wall test. I also like that they test roof strength because on trucks and SUVs rollover is still a concern. Anyhow it was nice to see that the Ranger has done well in these tests.
  17. 2005Explorer

    2020 Explorer production video

    Yes. It's not a major deal, but at night when you compare the front lighting to the rear it looks inconsistent. I will say, however I love the LED backup lights on my Ranger. It's like turning a couple bright white flood lights on when you back up!
  18. 2005Explorer

    2020 Explorer production video

    Ironically on the Ranger XLTs it's the opposite situation. All of the rear taillights, turn signals and back up lights are LED, but everything at the front is incandescent or halogen. 😀
  19. 2005Explorer

    Camaro may go on hiatus.

    The Blazer basically looks like a CUV version of the Camaro so maybe they figure most of those buyers will just move to the Blazer since CUVs are a hot item these days.
  20. http://fordauthority.com/2019/06/ford-and-lincoln-sit-in-top-five-in-j-d-power-survey/ "Two Ford vehicles ranked at the top of their segments including the Ford Ranger for midsize pickups and the Ford Fusion for midsize cars. It’s still surprising that considering how well received the Fusion is, in general, the car is being discontinued in the States." It's good to see Ford is doing well with launch quality on the new Ranger. That has not always been their strength with new models in the past. It's also sad to see Ford giving up on one of their highest quality and most respected nameplates the Fusion.
  21. I am not the most active around here, but I have posted on and off since 2005. Anyone around here still remember the notorious members? There was the OtisFordSucks guy, the dude with a lemon Taurus, the world's biggest Ford hater I think his name was Matt, but can't recall the screen name. There was also the Sheriff dude whow was in love with Panthers. 😄 Anyhow I just started thinking about the old BON days. I hope Richard Jensen is doing well these days. I sort of miss him. He had a hell of a job trying to keep that group moderated! Any other old members good or bad that used to be active but are gone now?
  22. 2005Explorer

    Anyone Remember the Notorious Posters?

    I remember a little of the political debates back in the day, but I also recall that this site used to be critical of Ford for Crown Vic fuel tanks and other issues. That was way back in the early ‘00s. I think the site owner made a deal with Ford and then it somehow turned into a more positive enthusiasts site. I think that’s why some of the legacy posters were more negative.T-Stag... wasn’t he from Australia or Britain or something like that?
  23. 2005Explorer

    Autoblog’s Midsized Truck shootout

    As a Ranger FX4 owner suspension stiffness is not an issue. It actually rides pretty soft for a truck. The biggest thing I have had to get used to is the floaty-ness of the ride. The front will squat and bounce quite a bit when you come to a stop. It also feels a bit too soft in corners. It’s almost like they overcompensated in trying to get a smooth ride. The more I drive it, however the more I get used to it’s ride and handling. The non FX4 models might ride differently and have less float. I don’t know because I’ve never driven any other Ranger but my own.
  24. 2005Explorer

    Another Bronco mule sighting

    It sounds like my Ranger starting so it’s probably the same engine.
  25. 2005Explorer

    Full size Bronco mule?

    If it's a full sized Bronco based on the F-150 why wouldn't they just run a few down the line with F-150s in Dearborn or KC? I can't imagine this thing selling in huge numbers. Anyhow if it happens it would be really cool.