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  1. http://fordauthority.com/2019/06/ford-and-lincoln-sit-in-top-five-in-j-d-power-survey/ "Two Ford vehicles ranked at the top of their segments including the Ford Ranger for midsize pickups and the Ford Fusion for midsize cars. It’s still surprising that considering how well received the Fusion is, in general, the car is being discontinued in the States." It's good to see Ford is doing well with launch quality on the new Ranger. That has not always been their strength with new models in the past. It's also sad to see Ford giving up on one of their highest quality and most respected nameplates the Fusion.
  2. 2005Explorer

    Anyone Remember the Notorious Posters?

    I remember a little of the political debates back in the day, but I also recall that this site used to be critical of Ford for Crown Vic fuel tanks and other issues. That was way back in the early ‘00s. I think the site owner made a deal with Ford and then it somehow turned into a more positive enthusiasts site. I think that’s why some of the legacy posters were more negative.T-Stag... wasn’t he from Australia or Britain or something like that?
  3. I am not the most active around here, but I have posted on and off since 2005. Anyone around here still remember the notorious members? There was the OtisFordSucks guy, the dude with a lemon Taurus, the world's biggest Ford hater I think his name was Matt, but can't recall the screen name. There was also the Sheriff dude whow was in love with Panthers. 😄 Anyhow I just started thinking about the old BON days. I hope Richard Jensen is doing well these days. I sort of miss him. He had a hell of a job trying to keep that group moderated! Any other old members good or bad that used to be active but are gone now?
  4. 2005Explorer

    Autoblog’s Midsized Truck shootout

    As a Ranger FX4 owner suspension stiffness is not an issue. It actually rides pretty soft for a truck. The biggest thing I have had to get used to is the floaty-ness of the ride. The front will squat and bounce quite a bit when you come to a stop. It also feels a bit too soft in corners. It’s almost like they overcompensated in trying to get a smooth ride. The more I drive it, however the more I get used to it’s ride and handling. The non FX4 models might ride differently and have less float. I don’t know because I’ve never driven any other Ranger but my own.
  5. 2005Explorer

    Another Bronco mule sighting

    It sounds like my Ranger starting so it’s probably the same engine.
  6. 2005Explorer

    Full size Bronco mule?

    If it's a full sized Bronco based on the F-150 why wouldn't they just run a few down the line with F-150s in Dearborn or KC? I can't imagine this thing selling in huge numbers. Anyhow if it happens it would be really cool.
  7. 2005Explorer

    Ford Drops 325HP Fusion Sport

    I'm starting to think no one around Ford even knows what the plan is with the Fusion. First it was supposed to be cancelled after the 2020 model year. Then the story was updated to say production will continue to "at least" 2021 which means a 2021 or even a 2022 model year. Then other sources at Ford have said it'll continue until 2023. 😀 Why not just make a statement like... "We plan to keep building our popular Fusion sedan for the next few model years focusing on quality and value for midsized car shoppers." That is always better for selling current products even if you have some internal EOL date. Ford has stretched other much older and less competitive products then the Fusion in the past. I'm guessing sales numbers will hold pretty steady on it for the next couple years or so being it's the only 4 door sedan Ford offers after the Fiesta is gone.
  8. That’s actually one thing I wish my Ranger had. I like the column shift in a pickup and it would open up the console for more storage. When I first got my Ranger back in April and turned in my ‘16 F150 every so often I’d grab for the column shift and just grab air. 😀 It’s funny how our brains get trained.
  9. The only assembly issue I see on my Ranger is fit and finish as far as body panels go could use some improvement. Front and back door seam on the drivers side at the B pillar is a bit off. The hood is flush on the passenger fender, but overhangs ever so slightly on the drivers side. I'm not concerned enough to put it into a body shop to try and fix it, but it's noticeable enough it should have been caught by a quality control inspector.
  10. 2005Explorer

    Full size Bronco mule?

    Maybe it's just the big tires making it look that way, but it seems the wheelbase is even shorter then a single cab short box F150. If that's the case it could easily be a full-size Bronco mule. Edit: Never mind after watching the whole video it is a shorter wheelbase then anything currently offered as an F150.
  11. 2005Explorer

    Ford Drops 325HP Fusion Sport

    Bill Ford himself has stated Ford will still have affordable vehicles to fill the gaps and compete in price sensitive markets so there still has to be some benefit to getting young, less wealthy customers into your dealerships. True the sedan market is saturated and doesn't make huge profits, but the same is true with the compact CUV and subcompact CUV market. Small affordable vehicles is just a tough market, but one that a full line automaker needs to compete in to build a future customer base. I guess we'll see how it all plays out in a few years. I don't question their decision to drop the Taurus or Fiesta, but I do with the Focus and Fusion. I also know if market conditions change they can bring them back, but I've also seen how slow Ford moves when there is a hot new segment.
  12. 2005Explorer

    Ford Drops 325HP Fusion Sport

    White space vehicles? That sounds like vaporware to try and lessen concerns that Ford is shrinking from a full-line automaker to a large pickup and full size SUV builder with a couple unremarkable small CUVs thrown into the mix. I guess that's fine if it's profitable, but it puts them into the same corner FCA now finds itself in and no one would consider FCA healthy from a product standpoint. Anyhow walking away from a sedan like the Fusion that did a lot to promote a positive image for Ford is ridiculous. Toyota doesn't walk away from successful brands and that's one reason they are so strong today.
  13. 2005Explorer

    Ford Drops 325HP Fusion Sport

    Well if the President goes forward with the Mexico tariff plan that'll create an even bigger mess for the automakers.
  14. 2005Explorer

    Ford Drops 325HP Fusion Sport

    Ford is basically doing the same thing here that they have done in the past with other segments and that is just abandon them. Sedans could easily come back in style again and if so I expect Ford to re-enter the market about 6-8 years after the fact. That's generally how far they traditionally have been behind the curve whether we are talking downsizing cars in the 70's, FWD midsized sedans in the 80's, Full sized 4 door SUVs in the 90s, economical, modern compact and midsized sedans in the 00s, or a modern mid-sized pickup in the 10s. Ford has always been behind on most things and although they have produced some good products when they finally come out with them they have always had to play catch up.
  15. 2005Explorer

    Ford Drops 325HP Fusion Sport

    My dad wants to get a new Fusion. He's always owned a Ford car since he was young and he's 82 now so he said it'll probably be his last new car. The CUV/SUV stuff does not interest him at all no matter how much I tell him how easy they are to get into for older people. Nope! He likes sedans and pickups. That's it! Old people can be stubborn, but his 2007 Fusion has been a great car and is still mint condition. I think he'll probably pretty much just give it (sell it cheap) to his grandson for college. Anyhow as I was helping him look at them I was blown away by how good of a value the SE is for the equipment it offers. Maybe if Ford would have made stripped models that turned people off at the lower end they'd sell a few more higher trim ones. Anyhow he doesn't need a real "fast" car and wants good MPG. He also has an F150 4x4 so he doesn't care about AWD. I told him the basic SE with the 1.5 EcoBoost is a good value for a nicely equipped car. It's probably the model I'd recommend to anyone wanting a Fusion who also wants a good value.