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  1. Huh? What's that all about? I just got a new Ranger and it's an excellent midsized pickup and Ford should not have left it buried. There are a few minor things they should have addressed like a split-folding rear seat and maybe spent a little more time on suspension tuning, but those are easy fixes. The powertrain is excellent, it looks good and feels well built. I've owned several new Ford vehicles and several late model, low mileage vehicles and the Ranger is my favorite one I've ever gotten. For how I use a pickup I like the Ranger way more then the '16 F150 SuperCab I had before. It's quick, nimble, easy to park and more fun to drive. It's also better off road then a stock F150 with it's smaller size. The box is smaller for sure, but I'm just a homeowner and we have larger trucks I can use when I visit the ranch. The only mistake Ford made is this Ranger should have been ready to roll a couple years earlier in the US, but it is what it is.
  2. I'm hoping the next Ranger doesn't grow in size. If it continues to grow it'll be almost an F150 so then the next F150 will have to grow more and after awhile we might as well all be driving Super Duties around. The current Ranger is just about the perfect size. Cab space could be a bit more optimized, but outside dimensions do not need to grow.
  3. Thousands of those young Tacoma buyers will likely be older Tacoma buyers someday unless their life changes enough they want a full size truck. If they do many will probably choose the Tundra, but Ford, GM and Ram will likely pick up some of those buyers because generally domestic pickups are viewed more favorably then domestic cars and CUVs by this group. Ford does need to steal away sales from Tacoma and Colorado/Canyon to be successful with the Ranger because they’ve been out of this segment for a long time. I think they also will sell Rangers to people that are loyal Ford truck buyers who settled for an F150 before because that’s all they offered. I’m one of those people who downsized and as a daily driver I enjoy the Ranger much more than the F150.
  4. 2005Explorer

    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    I took it in today and it reported an error with the #1 fuel injector. While they were working on diagnosing the problem the light went out on it's own and the error went away without them erasing it. He said it's a bit of a job to tear into the injectors because the intake has to come off. Anyhow he's going to leave the ticket open for a little bit to see if it comes back on and needs an actual repair. Fingers crossed.
  5. 2005Explorer

    MKZ to be Renamed Zephyr, go RWD

    I like the Zephyr name. It sounds better and makes more sense then MKZ. Glad to see all that MK nonsense dying off.
  6. 2005Explorer

    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    Well it didn't take long to have a problem... Under 400 miles and the Check Engine light is already on. 😕
  7. I just got a new Ranger and I love it. Of course I wear blue glasses and bleed blue blood and simply refuse to buy anything without a blue oval so I might be biased. 😁I blame it on my father. 😋 Funny thing is my brother and sister-in-law got a new Edge last winter and I just got my new Ranger and it’s driving him crazy. He’s 82 and wants to trade his 2007 Fusion on a new Fusion now. So I suppose I’ll have to take him car shopping soon. Anyhow with that said, I’d say if you were a completely unbiased midsized truck shopper the Colorado/Canyon are hard to beat in this segment right now. You can criticize GM for a lot of things, but they put 100% effort into those trucks. I can’t say the same about the 2019 Silverado. They dropped the ball on that one. The Tacoma benefits from a lot of loyalty and they never left the market, but honestly the Colorado/Canyon are better then the Tacoma. With all that said, I love my new Ranger and I find fit and finish to be top notch for what it is. I love the style. It’s very cute in a “boyish” way. The powertrain is excellent and I think it rides very nicely other then being a tad bouncy in certain road conditions. I blame the FX4 shocks for a little of that. It also has a little more nosedive then I prefer on hard braking, but other than that it rides very nice. It’s quiet on the highway and handles very well. Ford might not be able to do much to compete with the Tacoma. A lot of that has to do with them foolishly exiting this segment for almost a decade, but with aggressive marketing, some incentives, and continual product improvement they can definitely sell a lot of Rangers. Who knows GM might “2019 Silverado” the next Colorado and Ford can take them out for second place.
  8. 2005Explorer

    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    I just did a Sync version update for my truck and what you said is correct. It loaded up the nav version based on my VIN. Anyhow I just LOVE this little truck. It’s my favorite vehicle I’ve ever gotten so far.
  9. 2005Explorer

    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    I believe the only real advantages to factory nav is you don't need to use data from your phone and it still works in an area without a good cell signal. If you live in the mountains or rural areas with spotty signal it still works.
  10. 2005Explorer

    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    Thanks for the insight about how this might have happened. I'm sure over the years other errors in the ordering process made it through the system creating a few unique vehicles. Anyhow I love the truck and am happy about the navigation suprise.
  11. 2005Explorer

    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    Oh here is the truck... 😊
  12. I just picked up my new Ranger yesterday. I LOVE it! It is my favorite vehicle I’ve ever purchased and I’ve only had it a day. Anyhow it is a 302A XLT without the tech package, but I have factory nav! I’m not sure how this mis-build happened, but I have a theory. When I was looking to order a Ranger in January to replace my leased F150 I sat down with a salesman and we spec’ed out a Ranger. He called me the next day and said they already had a dealer order in for an XLT 302A in magnetic with the FX4 package. They could still modify the order so he changed the ebony interior to medium stone, added a block heater, added the rubber floor tray liners and deleted the tech package with adaptive cruise and factory navigation. Anyhow when the window sticker showed up there was no tech package on it, but it still had nav listed as part of the Sync 3 system. I thought it must just be a misprint. You can’t get nav without the tech package. Somehow the nav remained on the build even though the package and adaptive cruise was deleted. It’s a rare one with standard cruise and factory nav. The unicorn of 2019! 😀 Anyhow I was very vocal about Ford not originally bringing the T6 Ranger to the US so I put my money where my mouth is. Love the truck! Thanks to everyone who took part in building it! BTW I have attached the picture where you can see the standard cruise controls and the factory nav pulled up. Go try to build one like that... bet you can’t!😁
  13. 2005Explorer

    2019 Ford Ranger Track

    I picked up my new Ranger today! It is just perfect for me. Love it! Thanks again for tracking my order!
  14. But people aren’t rushing out to buy ‘76 Pintos these days. It needs to be compared to products in it’s class that are on sale right now and compared to them it is a mediocre offering. Hopefully the next generation product is much better. The current one is a poor value compared to its competitors. This humorous ad by Subaru back in 2011 is exactly how I see the current EcoSport.
  15. Well I hope their efforts in those other vehicle lines are better then the EcoSport sitting on dealers lots right now because that thing is the definition of mediocrity. Puma? Maverick? I hope those are “code names” only and it’ll take years to establish new nameplates so I hope they come attached to world class products. The new Escape looks decent, but it’s going up against competitors in it’s segment that are much more popular and respected like the CR-V and RAV4 so it’ll have a hard time breaking out from the pack. We’ll see how it all shakes out. Only time will tell.