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  1. I just want to say thanks for all the hard work you and the rest of the assembly crew is putting in on the Ranger. I know you’re all putting in a lot of overtime to build a high quality product and I’m sure things will only get busier as your production numbers increase. I’m not sure when I’ll get my ‘19 Ranger SuperCrew XLT FX4, but hoping by May. With that said, I’ve owned 9 Ford vehicles and the last 5 have been purchased or leased new. Out of all of them I am the most excited about the Ranger. The wait is so hard! Anyhow I just wanted to say thanks!
  2. Considering there's a younger generation of Fords pretty involved in the company I doubt that's the case. Elena Ford, Calvin Ford and Henry Ford III all hold positions in the company and I'm sure they are not the only ones. Elena Ford Interview Calvin and Henry Ford III interview If the younger generation didn't want anything to do with it maybe it would be different, but I'm sure the older Fords like Edsel II or Bill will do all they can to keep the company independent and the family in control. Family control for almost 120 years is actually one of the neatest things about Ford. If you do much research the family is very proud and protective of the Ford Motor Company. I don't see that changing anytime soon unless something goes completely wrong. Controlling the company Henry Ford founded is about a lot more than money for that family. That makes me proud to be a Ford driver. I don't know if it's still the case, but for generations a lot of Ford employees would tell you they work for "the Fords" not for just "Ford."
  3. I’ve heard people say the room you have back there is closer to an Escape or Focus, but I haven’t been in one myself to check it out. Adults can sit in the back or those, but it’s definitely tight. Now the SuperCab Ranger? Yeah that’s 10 and under only. 😄
  4. If back seat room is a big concern in a pickup I’d be buying an F150 SuperCrew. The midsize trucks are always going to have a tighter back seat unless they stretch them out a few more inches. If you did that you’d end up with a full size wheelbase. With that said, from every review I’ve seen the Ranger Super Crew can fit rear adults just fine. Maybe not someone who’s 6’5” 250+ lbs. but certainly a lot larger then a 10 year old girl.
  5. Yes I understand there are probably several reasons why they had to cut some corners and rush it a bit to get it to market. I will give them credit for doing a good job with the power train combo. Just the fact that they are using an F150 transmission in it gives me a lot of confidence that won’t be a weak spot. Hopefully they will learn some lessons when it comes to future product planning. Reacting to market changes quickly has never been a Ford strength. Hopefully going forward that’s something they can improve on.
  6. The 2015 Colorado launched at the LA auto show in November 2013. Ford had to have some idea by that point they really needed to get into the midsize market unless they still had the “we’re gonna put everyone into loaded F150 SuperCrews because the Ranger is about the same size and we can make mega bucks selling everyone an F150” idea. After seeing a current F150 parked next to a new Ranger I want to have some of the stuff that Ford Exec Derrick Kuzak was smoking at that time when he said T6 would not come to North America because it’s about the same size as the F150. 😄 Although the new Ranger is much larger then the old one it’s still a lot smaller then the F150. The reason I bring up this back story is it’s evident that Ford had a lot of time to make T6 just right for our market, but it still seems to be a rushed effort. It’s like they tried everything they could do not to enter this market hoping it would fizzle out and then at the eleventh hour decided to jump in. It’s not that the new Ranger is bad. I wouldn’t order one if I felt it was bad even though I’ve been waiting forever for this size of truck from Ford. It’s just not what it should have been with years and years of time to get it right. Toyota will soon be launching a redesigned Tacoma and you know a new Colorado is coming soon. It sounds like Ford will also be doing a major update in 3-4 model years, but many times you get judged by your first effort. The Ranger will sell well. There is a lot of pent up demand from Ranger or Ford loyalists, but after you fill them up you’ve got to get conquest customers. Is the Ranger good enough to get that Colorado/Canyon, Tacoma, Ridgeline owner to leave those models and buy a Ranger? I’m not sure at least not with the current model. I’m excited to get my Ranger because I’m a Ford guy and the size of my F150 drives me crazy living in a mountain town with narrow streets and small parking spaces, but I wish they would have done a little more with it. Did a little more with the styling, interior and suspension tuning. It wouldn’t have taken much just to give it a little more refinement. GM took those little extra steps with the Colorado and Ford didn’t. It shows from the styling of the sheet metal and slightly larger interior space to the ride and handling.
  7. To be honest the Colorado/Canyon are more refined than the Ranger or Tacoma. I not so “pro-Ford” that I can’t be honest about these things. Even though I’m not a GM fan I can give credit where credit is due and they deserve credit for putting a lot of effort in totally re-doing that truck for the North American market. It’s a class leading midsize if you leave the Honda Ridgeline out because I don’t really consider it a real pickup truck. If you can take the blue blinders off you can easily tell GM put more effort into making a North American friendly truck versus the Ranger. Now with that said, I ordered a Ranger because I’m 100% brand loyal to Ford. I wouldn’t consider buying anything else. If someone was not brand loyal and asked me what midsize they should check out first I’d tell them the Colorado/Canyon. Although I’d give Ford the advantage as far as power train is concerned, I’d give the Colorado/Canyon the advantage for packaging, ride and handling, and overall aesthetics.
  8. 2005Explorer

    Why no crew cab long bed?

    They might offer one depending on how things go for the first year or two. They probably just wanted to focus on the most popular configurations to start with and if the model proves to be successful more configurations will likely be offered.
  9. Over on gmi I saw it posted they sold 2,153 Rangers in January.
  10. So I’m guessing somewhere around 600 +/- a few is about what you can get to on one shift right now if everything is running smoothly?
  11. I also am waiting on an order. It is actually a dealer allocation stock order, but they made a couple changes to the order for me and it’s the Ranger I’m going to lease. It was put in around January 15th. I’m expecting it no sooner than April. My current lease is up on April 27th, but Ford Credit said I could ask for a lease extension if necessary. I’m sure the pace of production will continue to increase and with Ford announcing massive overtime at the Ranger factory starting this month I think stock will start showing up at a quicker pace over the next 2-3 months. Maybe someone that has more insight into the Ranger production can chime in.
  12. 2005Explorer

    Ranger Keypad Delaying Builds?

    I think you'll be able to add the keypad after you purchase because it looks like they are just sticking it on and it's not an integrated one like some of the other models. I might be wrong about this, but it's listed under "accessories" in the order guide and from what I have read it doesn't appear to be "built in" to the vehicle. Maybe someone who has seen it in real life has more to add.
  13. It’s interesting that pickup models are still referred to as 1/2 ton (F150), 3/4 ton (F250), 1 ton (F350) when in reality the new Ranger is actually somewhere between a 3/4 ton and 1 ton in payload capacity. The F-Series models are way above their classic designations and have been for a VERY long time.
  14. 2005Explorer

    TFL, Ranger at Moab

    My dealer just ordered me a Ranger XLT SuperCrew 4x4 FX4 302A package in Magnetic with a medium stone interior. I think it's going to look very cool with the matching magnetic wheels. I also got the tow package. This will be replacing my F150 SuperCab 4x4 which the lease runs out Apr. 27th. I have not even seen one in person, but I'm so excited for this pickup. I live in a mountain town and everything is so "tight" up here from parking to the streets in residential neighborhoods. I've enjoyed the F150, but it's been a real pain living day to day with it up in the Black Hills. There are guys driving F350 SuperDuty crew cabs up here, but what a total pain trying to maneuver a vehicle like that around here. When I go back and look at old "bring T6 to North America" forums from a few years ago it's funny to read all the people that doubted it could ever be built here. They made a mockery of people who said there is a place for a new Ranger to slot in under the F150. Well Ford is late to the popular midsized pickup segment, but I'm glad they are back and am really looking forward to my new perfectly sized Ranger!
  15. 2005Explorer

    Ordered a Ranger Lariat

    I just had my dealer order one for me last evening. My lease is up April 27th on my F150 which is a long ways off, but with how popular the preorders seemed to be I don't expect it much before then. He is just ordering as dealer stock allocation so no money down and if something changes they would just sell it to someone else. I am getting an XLT SuperCrew 4x4 in Magnetic, FX4, 302A, medium stone premium cloth, sport package with Magnetic wheels, tow package, interior tray liners, block heater. I think that's about everything.