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  1. Is it the dealerships, choices of models, costs or just getting old. Buying a car is just not as fun as it once was... Akirby, I may try the email route in the future it sounds solid process. Any suggestions on the trade in? In the past either the new car was lower or the trade in was higher for me, but in the end it all washed out.
  2. jniffen

    Don’t buy a Ford

    since I'm on the southwest side it's a bit of a drive, how's the service department? Also after I bought my Volvo S60 I went to Bloomington Linc and they seemed to treat one as an adult, not having to go along etc. That was the main reason of buying from Borton, you were treated as an adult.
  3. jniffen

    Ordered 2020 Corsair

    Hope it arrives sooner that you though and it give you many carefree miles. Eyes are getting old, I thought it caption read "Ordered a 2020 Corvair'. 😄 <-- laughing at my mistake, not the car you've purchased. I try to keep mine for 7-10 years before trading, otherwise I'd be tempted for a new Lincoln.
  4. jniffen

    Don’t buy a Ford

    Been a Ford owner, including 1 Merc and 1 Lincoln for 39 years, which stopped in Nov 2015. The Ford Dealers in Mpls/St Paul are arrogant, insulting and won't give a decent deal. I know it's not Ford's fault but it's too bad they can't have more control over who sells their product.
  5. Unless the insurance is different enough for them to have to go with the 4-banger.
  6. Ford Self-Driving Vans to Use Robots for Deliveries Here's another report on this story
  7. jniffen

    Nautilus arrival

    The MPG if impressive and glad to hear you're enjoying the ride. Is it a FWD or AWD?
  8. Still waiting to see my first on the street.
  9. I've heard it takes a simple crow bar/pry bar to pop open a trunk lid, I'm guessing the same goes for the hatch for the CUVs/SUVs. Any more the only time I will order on the Inter-nets is when I can't get it in town. I like the idea of doing my part to keep the shops open. Yea, yea, one person can't make a difference.
  10. I remember on my Lincoln LS battery failed on the Dec 23. Turing the ignition key, (still miss them) and the starter relay started to chatter. Tried again and then the car alarm went off. Was able to turn off the alarm. The next day had the local gas station (which has auto service shop), take me back over for a jump. When we got it to the station, the auto tech was able to pull the sticker off the battery, It was 8 years old. 😄 He asked if I wanted him to test the charging system. I replied, "Naw, just replace the battery." Still miss that car.
  11. I find the 'Alex on Autos' a very well presented, researched and unbiased report on autos. He has over 286,000 followers on you tube. Here' the link for his review on the Nautilus. https://www.alexonautos.com/2019-lincoln-nautilus-coming-out-of-the-shell/
  12. jniffen

    Nautilus arrival

    Nice wheels. The decade i need to trade my current ride, I may lean towards getting a Nautilus. Please provide a few more details, which engine, response/performance of it and any other options etc. Also, what's the current gas mileage you're getting. Thanks
  13. Also, I'm starting to see more Connies with the MN plates for limousine service 'LM'#### . Damn good looking car. Is there enough limo business to warrant Lincoln to keep one car model around? Maybe one that would be inbetween the Zeph and Connies size?
  14. I hope there will be a RWD leaning AWD option for the vehicle. Also as long as the rear seating is better than the current model. The roof line sloped to soon and took the headroom away. Finally, if there is a two door model, call it the Cougar, - yea I had to say it. Unless Jennifer Garner has a copyright on the Cougar brand already. Me-wow!
  15. I simply don't understand the concept of autonomous flying planes. Pilots go through more training than people getting drivers license. The first idea is for the airlines to eliminate one more position on the flight. No, auto pilot is not the same as having the plane completely take-off and land. Simply seen enough times when a computer is doing something 'it can't do that' situation. Like all of a sudden the Caplock and unlock are running backwards. Yea a simple reboot clear it, but it shouldn't do that.