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  1. Also, I'm starting to see more Connies with the MN plates for limousine service 'LM'#### . Damn good looking car. Is there enough limo business to warrant Lincoln to keep one car model around? Maybe one that would be inbetween the Zeph and Connies size?
  2. I hope there will be a RWD leaning AWD option for the vehicle. Also as long as the rear seating is better than the current model. The roof line sloped to soon and took the headroom away. Finally, if there is a two door model, call it the Cougar, - yea I had to say it. Unless Jennifer Garner has a copyright on the Cougar brand already. Me-wow!
  3. I simply don't understand the concept of autonomous flying planes. Pilots go through more training than people getting drivers license. The first idea is for the airlines to eliminate one more position on the flight. No, auto pilot is not the same as having the plane completely take-off and land. Simply seen enough times when a computer is doing something 'it can't do that' situation. Like all of a sudden the Caplock and unlock are running backwards. Yea a simple reboot clear it, but it shouldn't do that.
  4. Too bad they didn't do suicide doors on the Corsair.. Oh wait, I guess it is April Fools Day.
  5. jniffen

    Seen Any Rangers on the Street?

    Congrats on the new rig. Except for the TC auto show and dealer lots, I have yet to see a Ranger on the street.
  6. I remember seeing one case where they were blaming Ford on a Explorer rollover . From the crash site photos, you can clearly see they had different manufacturer brand tires on the front vs the back. I mean, yea you have to confirm if the manufacturer has done any wrong, but the person has to take some responsibility. Ever since that one murder trial we all know of from the '90s my conclusion there is no right, wrong or justice, mainly who has the better attorney and if the Judge has favoritism. Maybe it was always that way and I didn't notice.
  7. Everyone join in COUGAR! COUGAR! COUGAR! BY Lincoln...
  8. Just give the thing some damn headroom and legroom for the back seat and it might have slight chance. Also include AWD as an option.
  9. Are you sure you were following the conversation correctly? May be they were looking for a different type of escort... 😂
  10. Not thinking of a cruiser style but like the Doge Dakota of the late 90s. Maybe not that drastic but subtle hints of the'53-56 F100.
  11. Duplicate post and couldn't determine how to delete this one.
  12. jniffen

    Seen Any Rangers on the Street?

    It may be a bit early to ask but, seen any Rangers on the street?
  13. jniffen

    Ordered a Ranger Lariat

    Congrats, hope the wait won't be too long and it will be as good as you expected. Any chance of giving a list of the chosen options? Color etc. ...