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  1. Time will tell. These guys/gals aren't stupid there are always new discoveries to be exploited. Just not wild of; letting Amazon deliveries have acess to my home, trunk of my car, having ability to lock/unlock my front door via my phone, etc.. Any point of access not necessary but for convenience just isn't valid in my view.
  2. Coming late to the party on this. My thought if my phone can access it, then after a while, a malware, (or some other malicious software), will gain access to my car.
  3. So Ford, in saving money by going old school, "you can have it any color you want, as long as it is black."
  4. American cars of the 60's and 70's did not have great handling. The Mavericks I drove did a pretty good job, at least as good as most. It was a car that was very reliable transportation, I felt good looking, especially the two door model with sport levels, Grabber, Stallion. Heck, even vinyl roof option looked good more times than not. One new w/V8 was less expensive than the 'stangs of the time. Once Ford realised this, they jacked up the price enough to help the Mustang II sales.
  5. Now that is a car that was doing damage to the Mustang II sales on the V8 side. Had the same V8 as the pony for less $$$. Had one that got me through tech school.
  6. 1968 Mercury Cougar the Mature Muscle Car Noticed from their broadcast of last week of October, Motor week had a segment on the Mercury Cougar. Nicely done, for a car that many ignore through the years. Don't know if they will be doing other classic segments in the future. The link is tied to their you tube account. Enjoy.
  7. They also need to work om their dealerships. I got tired of the sas-halfs in the Twin Cities. "Oh you don't want to buy a150? Well wait over there and we'll get to you when we get to you." "Want to a test drive? I have to come along to TELL YOU where to drive and give the sales shtick." Been buying Fords since '76 first time I haven't owned one was '15.
  8. jniffen

    An actual small pickup

    This was a cool version of an unofficial Ranchero http://www.fordpinto.com/classifieds/?sa=viewmore;id=3533 Too bad the Flex is out, it would have made a grand 2 door truck with AWD and a powerful EB V6.
  9. "Germans?" "Forget it, he's on a roll."
  10. So any chance Lincoln will get in on this as well? Jaguar has sport wagon soo.....
  11. I think Musk is going through what I call the 'Ford fever'. Like Henry Ford in his day, after enough people keep telling you 'You're so much smarter, and better and gifted than everyone else.' they start to believe it. So when the crazy/stupid ideas happen, either there is no one around to question it, challenge it or simply the 'gifted person', simply believes only they are correct, we have what is happening to Musk and his problems with the Model 3 production issues. He's even saying they're was a spy who was trying to defeat the success. I mean Henry was a talented and smart guy but when he tried to created a 'Ford-land' in South America, that is when he hit the wall.
  12. Too bad Lincoln didn't pair up with McDonalds Buy a MK-C (Mic-C) get a Mc-Rib.... MkZ (Mic-Z) comes with a Mc-chicken.
  13. jniffen

    MKC = Corsair or Mariner?

    Continental, since they are killing off the sedan, supposedly.
  14. jniffen

    Goodbye Continental

    Just had a horrible thought. The new name for the MKC...... Continental..... Take it away, IT BURNS!!!! IT BURNS!!!! IT BURNS!!!! I Still find it funny we are going to have the styles similar to the autos just before and after WWII, only they are called CUV and SUVs.
  15. Two things that come to mind 1. How much will the 'leaving the car business' affect the sales of the current Ford sedans. I don't know if I would be buying a vehicle that will no longer be manufactured in 1-3 years. 2. Will the American auto (can't say car anymore) buying public swing back to sedans if gas gets above $4/gal, (which may or may not, I'm already paying $3.10/gal for premium). The Truck/SUV/CUVs MPG drops drastically with strong winds, I rented a Escape one time driving down to Des Moines, in a strong cross winds was getting 14 MPG, had to fill up 120 miles down the road with the 12 gal tank, was doing speed limit of 70MPH.