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  1. Everyone join in COUGAR! COUGAR! COUGAR! BY Lincoln...
  2. Just give the thing some damn headroom and legroom for the back seat and it might have slight chance. Also include AWD as an option.
  3. Are you sure you were following the conversation correctly? May be they were looking for a different type of escort... 😂
  4. Not thinking of a cruiser style but like the Doge Dakota of the late 90s. Maybe not that drastic but subtle hints of the'53-56 F100.
  5. Duplicate post and couldn't determine how to delete this one.
  6. jniffen

    Seen Any Rangers on the Street?

    It may be a bit early to ask but, seen any Rangers on the street?
  7. jniffen

    Ordered a Ranger Lariat

    Congrats, hope the wait won't be too long and it will be as good as you expected. Any chance of giving a list of the chosen options? Color etc. ...
  8. Wont' happen, but I'd like to see the next Ranger Gen have a bit of the '53-'56 F100 influence. Those are the best looking Ford Trucks ever.
  9. From the angles of those picts, it looks more like a wagon than an SUV.
  10. In the last live action Spiderman, Tony Starks' limo was the new Connie, had to look for it in the interior.
  11. Time will tell. These guys/gals aren't stupid there are always new discoveries to be exploited. Just not wild of; letting Amazon deliveries have acess to my home, trunk of my car, having ability to lock/unlock my front door via my phone, etc.. Any point of access not necessary but for convenience just isn't valid in my view.
  12. Coming late to the party on this. My thought if my phone can access it, then after a while, a malware, (or some other malicious software), will gain access to my car.
  13. So Ford, in saving money by going old school, "you can have it any color you want, as long as it is black."
  14. American cars of the 60's and 70's did not have great handling. The Mavericks I drove did a pretty good job, at least as good as most. It was a car that was very reliable transportation, I felt good looking, especially the two door model with sport levels, Grabber, Stallion. Heck, even vinyl roof option looked good more times than not. One new w/V8 was less expensive than the 'stangs of the time. Once Ford realised this, they jacked up the price enough to help the Mustang II sales.