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  1. kepfordj

    2019 Ranger Production Information

    No, the dealer has some paperwork to complete, mine needed my drivers license.
  2. kepfordj

    2019 Ranger Production Information

    yes it was, I put the order in on the 15th of Aug. and went though the verification process I think in Sept.
  3. kepfordj

    2019 Ranger Production Information

    Ford must be doing something different, my retail order has been scheduled for the week of Jan. 7th and I have the VIN number. 1FTER4FHXKLA03988
  4. kepfordj

    2019 Ranger Production Information

    Thanks! I was budgeting my new truck arrival for March, but if it didn't get here til the second quarter that would be just fine. I am really in no hurry.
  5. kepfordj

    2019 Ranger Production Information

    My pre-order sheet I got from my dealer had pricing on it including all the plan prices. I really do not expect to get it before Lat feb or march.
  6. kepfordj

    2019 Ranger Production Information

    Received my preview order from the dealer today for my Ranger 4x4 crew cab lartiat wit 501a trailer tow package and chrome package. retail 42565 my xplan price was 40852.
  7. kepfordj

    Shelby GT gets beaten by Subaru

    The stock rubber does seems to wear like iron. I get a kick of how far I can push the TC in snow before it over rides me.
  8. kepfordj

    Shelby GT gets beaten by Subaru

    I just park the stang and take the Taurus when the weathers back.
  9. kepfordj

    Unleaded Fuel $22 a gallon BPs new caviar for your car

    I just want to know how you got 21.9 L motor to fit in that thing........
  10. kepfordj

    Fix Please

    I followed that one pretty close, it look to me like dealer bought it back to make the guy happy. Fixed the quarter and is reselling it. Nothing about this is that odd. I've fixed a lot worst damage that that on new cars coming in.
  11. It's been around here since 1980, so ya it's been around the mid-west for a while now. Cars have been using Ethanol resistant rubber and fuel system parts since the mid-80's. It will not harm your car.
  12. kepfordj

    Ford - Goodbye Forever

    I have had my 2003 Taurus for 3 years now it has about 70,000 miles. I can say it has been one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned. The only problem it had was a cam postition sensor at about 64,000.
  13. What's this, some more run in circles scream and shout? I've been doing this to motorcycles and more than a few cars going back to the 60's. Done right it's fix that's better than new.
  14. Wow, talk about over kill. Stripped threads on spark plugs is not that uncommon, the fix is to repair the threads. Below is a link to a thread repair kit. http://www.timesert.com/index.html