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  1. Yup! Hats off to ALL you factory guys. During my 74 years on this planet, I have NEVER wanted or had a truck. Been a car guy forever. But....the Ranger has just put a burr under my a$$ and I have to have one. This is going to SHOCK all my friends when they see me towing in to the drag strip with a TRUCK and not my Mercury Grand Marquis!!!
  2. Did a second shift begin? The hope was 1200 per day with the added shift. I was hoping I'd get my factory order before 2020!!! Also. is it just me or do you think the color choices are poor. The F-150 can be had in almost ANY color but the Ranger has such limited choice. The blue is way too electric for me. Just a regular blue would be fine. The HOT PEPPER RED is likewise too bright for this 74 year old. The wife hates the orange (saber). I finally chose Ingot out of that paltry group.
  3. how long this will take to arrive at dealer. I told salesman that as of now, the factory was making under 400 per day. At that rate, it will be 2020 before it arrives. He agreed with me about the slow production now but said he had info that the pace will go to 1200 per day very shortly. My prediction will be very end of April or early May. I hope it doesn't stretch out 'til JUNE!!
  4. You think it will take longer than 10-12 weeks?
  5. To those that suggested I call the salesman....... I did. He said that it was the last day of the month and that it gets very busy. He was just swamped. We made another appointment for tomorrow, Friday. It WILL be ordered then. I've checked with two other dealers what their "dealer fee" is and in both cases it was $795. Sheesh. Years ago "dealer prep" was $150 or less. Is it possible for me to get an X-Plan? And if so, would it be better than what the dealer will offer? The dealer is cutting about $1900 off MSRP for Lariat so I'm guessing that a $35,000 MSRP XLT will lose about $1500, maybe $1600. Any advice? They are saying delivery will take 10-12 weeks. Thanks for your help.
  6. I have already bought my wife's 2014 NEW Flex from HIM 5 years ago using FORD CREDIT. I haven't given over anything to them yet . He didn't WANT anything. I had already told him I'm coming in to place the order.... I just need to know HOW MUCH? I gotta tell ya, I've never had an experience like this trying to buy a new vehicle. If I don't hear anything from him tomorrow, I will go to a nearby dealer and see how they work it. I'm ready to order.
  7. I was all ready to sign the order form for a Ranger, get my credit score, interest rate, hand over a $500 deposit, etc., etc. The salesman spent all of 5 minutes with me. I told him what options I wanted and he said he would call me with the cost of the vehicle. Two days later, I still haven't heard from him! What the heck. I don't get it. I'll give him a little more time but I'm almost out of patience. Am I too harsh?
  8. I can't believe I'm gonna say this. I think I need a shrink. I don't like change. My '97 Grand Marquis has been with me for 14 years (186K). Paint is gone, cloth interior FILTHY. It's towed a 5500 lb. race car and trailer but I'm having a difficult time contemplating parting with the Mercury. What's wrong with me? I drove a Ranger at the Charlotte auto show and it was REALLY GOOD. I was very impressed with it. There was, literally, nothing I didn't like .........but...... alas.......The Mercury is in the way. This is not about $. No problem at all. Do any of you know a good VEHICLE psychologist?????
  9. Two things...... is the new Ranger nearly a half second slower to 60 than the Colorado as Motor Trend states? Everything that I have found suggests that they are about equal in acceleration. Second, does the ecoboost 4 have balance shafts to smooth out vibration?
  10. All of the dealers near me have only fully optioned, 4WD Lariats. I'm looking for an XLT, 2WD. I'll wait to test drive one until a 2WD comes in. I'm wondering if the dealers are actually ordering this way or Ford is requiring them to take the Lariats for bigger margins.
  11. are the various numbers for trucks determined? This one tows 6800 lbs, that one tows 7500 lbs. This one hauls 1450 lbs, etc. What is the formula or metric that yields these numbers? Do the manufacturers just pull a number out of their hat?
  12. ford-boy

    TFL Ranger/ Taco tow test

    Much more to do with the power curve of the turbo. Peak torque is reached much lower in the rpm scale than the naturally aspirated Taco. The Taco NEEDS RPM to make power while the Ranger is closer to diesel torque peak.
  13. ford-boy

    TFL Ranger/ Taco tow test

    They should have also included a quarter mile drag race with that 5000 lbs in tow. How quickly does each get up to speed would be more important to me than how many times the driver had to tap the brake going DOWN the mountain. Glaring omission to me. I think the Ranger would have won the drag race contest.
  14. ford-boy

    Do turbo's last?

    Thank you all. No more fretting here.
  15. I'm on track to get a 2019 Ranger, however, being rooted in the 60's, 70's, I have reservations about turbos. They did not have good reputations. I'm assuming today's turbo is better but............. If given a choice in the Ranger, I'd buy the naturally aspirated engine for sure. Am I worrying needlessly? The Ranger will be a daily driver and used for towing about 50 miles per month.