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  1. Is there any way of finding out what the spring rates are for my 2014 Flex? Some mags used to provide that info in their road test article in the 60's. I'm specifically wondering why my Flex feels so FIRM. F-150's feel like a limo by comparison.
  2. ford-boy

    Ranger sales estimate

    If the old Ranger had many years near the 300,000 mark, why would the new Ranger estimates be so low. ? This table didn't copy well. Ford Ranger sales (1985-2012)[48]Calendar yearUS sales1985 247,042 1986 269,490 1987 305,295 1988 298,579 1989 184,125 1990 280,610 1991 233,503 1992 247,777 1993 340,184 1994 344,744 1995 309,085 1996 288,393 1997 [49]298,796 1998 [50]328,136 1999 [51]348,358 2000 330,125 2001 [52]272,460 2002 [53]226,094 2003 209,117 2004 [54]156,322 2005 120,958 2006 [55]92,420 2007 72,711 2008 [56]65,872 2009 [57]55,600 2010 [ 58]55,364 2011 [59]70,832 2012 19,366
  3. ford-boy

    Ranger sales estimate

    Tacoma then, is by far the sales leader. Maybe 200,000 per year. I'm hoping the Ranger steals some of the Tacoma thunder and challenges for sales leadership.
  4. ford-boy

    Ranger sales estimate

    My experience is that the 1997 Merc I have was/is the BEST car I've ever owned. It required almost nothing from me and STILL runs like new. It never bothered me that lateral acceleration was a tad behind other cars because I never used it as slalom racer. It was a daily driver and tow vehicle that dragged a 5500 lb trailer and '62 Galaxie for many years. I absolutely LOVE this car.......but it looks like crap now. Paint faded, dirty interior. I just think it belongs in the CAR HALL of FAME for service above and beyond the call of duty! LOL
  5. At 74, I have NEVER owned a pick up. I've always been a car guy. I'm so anti-pickup that I've towed my Maverick bracket car with a Merc Grand Marquis (185K, no engine or trans trouble ever) . I constantly get flak for towing with a car. That Merc has been all over the east coast, up mountains in 1st gear, etc and it is, IMHO, the BEST car ever made. However, it is getting old and I considered getting a newer Merc until I saw the new Ranger. Now I am probably going to get one this spring. Would anybody care to estimate how many Rangers Ford is expecting to sell monthly and would it be more prudent to wait for a time while all the bugs of a new vehicle launch are ironed out?
  6. the same on the Flex when ordering new........... WITH or WITHOUT the tow package? Also, would anyone know when the Ranger will start to arrive at dealers? Thank you.
  7. Looking for some help in understanding the shifting process of a 4 cyl. 6-speed automatic Fusion. The engine flares between gears, mostly on the 2-3 shift. This happens at around town modest acceleration. At WOT, the shift is much more crisp and the engine has no time to flare. My question is, are there any computer controls that cut back engine power during the shift? My wife's 2014 Flex feels as though power is moderated during all shifts but not so with my Fusion. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. what would an X-Plan reduce the sticker price by?
  9. Like to buy a new Fusion but very unsure of which engine to go with. I'm sure the base 175 HP engine would last forever but not sure how long the 2.0 Ecoboost turbo would last. I don't want to be spending money to replace the turbo in 7-8 years. Does the turbo shorten engine life? Is torque steer a problem with the ecoboost? This will be my first new car since 1991 so I'm choosing carefully, as I'll probably keep this car for at least 10 years.
  10. ford-boy

    The Alien in the White House

    I didn't know about the Winston Churchill bust. That IS shocking. Bizarre. I fervently hope Obama is a one term president.
  11. ford-boy

    Hyundai Fullsize Pickup?

    I hope you are right because NOTHING makes me happier than to see Ford SPANK Toyota every month. There are lots of stupid people out there and we all know ya' can't cure stupid.
  12. ford-boy

    Hyundai Fullsize Pickup?

    I believe after a modest start and a heavy TV ad campaign, they actually reached 199,000 their first year. WAAAYYY more successful than Titan. Then the economy ran aground and everything slowed down. But they were on their way to being VERY competitive with F150's, much to my dismay. If the economy starts pulling some higher rpm's, I fear the Tundra will again start selling in MUCH greater numbers, more like HALF of F-series and not like the one fourth or one fifth that the Tundra is doing NOW. Just would like to add that how many Tundras are sold in the future will, in part, be tied to what the 9 (on loan) NASA scientists say about Toyotas unintended acceleration this summer. If the report is negative and it's shown that the Toyota drive by wire is a problem, then that will impact Toyota's reputation and cause a bashlash.
  13. ford-boy

    Hyundai Fullsize Pickup?

    I'm not sure the Tundra failed, I think it was more the fault of the economy that kept their numbers down. If I remember right, the Tundra was selling at 25,000 a month for a time. If the economy didn't fall into the crapper, I think the Tundra would have been a much bigger headache for the F-150.
  14. I wonder how this will play in the 100's of court cases. I think lawyers will have a field day with this, especially if Toyota sent alerts to many OTHER countries but somehow, didn't think to include the USA.
  15. ford-boy

    A true story about my neighbor

    Tension from a neighbor is never good, but this guy sounds like a real jerk. Him not talking to you is his loss. Next time you see him, tell him you saw an ad for a Corolla rear bumper mounted PARACHUTE. In case of unintended acceleration, just pop the chute. Guaranteed to keep a Corolla below 50 mph at wide open throttle while the driver figures out how to shut the damn thing down. Be polite and tell him you're just looking out for his safety. LOL