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  1. Interesting on the Hino 7s and 8s. And to the F650/F750 for the municipal market, it is a non starter until a heavier front axle is available. For the beating they take around here the price of admission is an 18Kto 20K front axle. Stouter engine and transmission combo would also help. For many municipal trucks around here the mantra is that if it doesn't have an Allison, we don't want it.
  2. Reminds me of the 58 Edsel engine designations - The E400 was a 361 FE and the E475 was a 410 MEL, the numbers were the torque ratings.
  3. I guess I will put this here for the lack of a better place. Recently read a news release on the "Tesla pickup" and it mentioned a 300,000 lb towing capacity ??? Guess they want to cover classes 2 thru 8 and then some.
  4. Around here (NE OH) just about every municipal dump is also a plow/spreader. With a 10 to 12 ft heavy plow, around here an 18K to 20K front axle is pretty much standard. F750 is nowhere near that. And the frames on the SA International plow/spreaders around here are more than a bit heavier than the F750 frame. F750 makes a nice landscaper/contractor dump, but is nowhere near the spec needed for a municipal dump/plow/spreader. Hey even some school districts spec a 20K front axle for the school buses.
  5. I spent some time after the presentation talking with the guy that gave the presentation. From him being from the dealership side he seemed to have the opinion that if you have to do heavy towing where you have a trailer heavy enough to need a 30K + GCWR you need a class 6 0r 7 truck. I tend to agree. And his presentation was limited to the class 4 and 5 units - nothing at all on class 6. And he stressed that the cabs, interiors and engine were GM, frames are international, trans is Allison, axles and transfer case are Meritor and Dana. And the crowd was really interested if/when air brakes and 22.5s would be available. Also, no mention at all on gas engines, he said that initially the Internationals would be disel only.
  6. Well, the presentation yesterday was interesting. These trucks are being built in Springfield, OH, and one interesting thing is that the exhaust aftertreatment system and exhaust piping is from Cummins (surprising to me). One thing the guys attending picked up on was the availability of an engine mounted air compressor, and then there were questions about if and when air brakes would be available - especially in the heavier GVW ranges. Answer was that the option was being considered. One thing the guy from the dealership was clear about was that the frames were not as strong as those in the Ford and Ram class 4 & 5. He said this was because they were concentrating on suitability for the GVW ranges, not towing. To have the highest GCWR was not a priority. Also he mentioned that these would sticker between $48K and $63K for just about all configurations. One of the guys there was from an upfitter specializing in plow and spreader setups. I spent some time talking with him, and he said that in class 6&7 he preferred setting up Internationals to any other brand because they could be ordered with the frames predrilled for the install, and the wiring was easier. He told me that on a 5 ton chassis it would take him about three days to do an International where other brands would take him over a week. An interesting thing is that International provided a feed so that the speed of the spinner (the thing that spreads the salt) could be synchronized to the road speed automatically, so that the driver would not have to monitor and control that.
  7. I was recently invited to an event where the topic is the new International class 4 &5 trucks. These guys must be planning a real push as these are introduced as they are doing this one on a Sunday in just over a week. About all I know other than the topic is that someone from a dealer in Y-town will be there.
  8. There never were FT versions of the 427/428, closest was the FT 391. 427 was an all out performance engine, 428 was originally meant to power large cars and later performance versions evolved.
  9. If I remember right that was done by Seamaster, not by Ford.
  10. In regards to a performance version of the 7.3 gas - ever heard of performance versions of the old 401/477/534? There is a reason some engines are designed for certain duties.
  11. Sometimes a bit more than that. Around here if you cannot get a Cummins in it , the departments do not want it. Sort of like "the Cummins/Allison has worked so well over the years, why change".
  12. A new one - decontenting before the first sale!
  13. Instead of flathead, why not Y block?
  14. When I dove by on Friday, there were six at a display lot, two box trucks added. The dealer is Hometown Chevy. It seem that mediums are a regional thing - either there is an aggressive dealer in the mediums, or just several who will do a medium if a customer specifically asks, and maybe have one of the larger mediums on the lot.